Wreckfest Comes to PS Plus for PS5 Owners This May

Fans of vehicular mayhem and destruction are in for treat this May, as Wreckfest is coming to PS Plus as a free game for PS5 owners.

Wreckfest — or to give it its full name, Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last — is demolition derby brought to the digital world. Players take part in races with just one goal: to be the last car going at the finish line.

That said, it’s not all about cars, as the vehicles in the game include buses, trucks, combine harvesters, and even a couch on wheels. There’s around 70 vehicles (some as paid DLC), which you can upgrade, and 15 circuits.

The game features impressive driving physics, combined with a soft-body collision model to allow rapid vehicle disassembly in real time. Originally a PC title, Wreckfest released on consoles in August 2019 too.

Interestingly, the version of the game coming to PS Plus is the PS5 upgrade. Bugbear Entertainment very recently announced this, and it’s due to launch in June for PS5 as a $9.99 upgrade. This means that PS Plus subscribers effectively get a month to grab the title for free before general release.

The upgrade adds graphical enhancements, including higher resolution textures, particle and shadow improvement, and dynamic dirt on vehicles — and naturally 4K graphics and 60fps. There’s also a 24-player online, up from 16 on PS4, and faster load times. We don’t yet know if there’s full support for the DualSense controller, but it seems likely.

Wreckfest joins PS Plus on May 4 and will be available for free through to May 31 — along with Battlefield V and Stranded Deep, which are also avalable to PS4 owners. It’s worth noting that you don’t actually need to own either console; so long as you have a PS Plus subscription, you can add the games to your library during the offer window and download them whenever you wish.

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