Xbox Game Pass is Changing, and Prices Rise Again

Microsoft is once again making changes to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, with new tiers, new benefits, and new prices taking effect from today.

The biggest and most fundamental change comes with the entry-level of subscription, with Xbox Game Pass for Console being discontinued for all new members.

Players who currently subscribe to this service, will continue to have access to it so long as their subscription does not lapse — and any pre-purchased codes can be redeemed and stacked for up to 13 months.

Xbox Game Pass for Console will be replaced with a new base tier called Xbox Game Pass Standard, and there’s two crucial differences between them. Firstly, Standard includes the “Core” online multiplayer service subscription, but more notably it also lacks the day-one access benefits for new titles. The full Game Pass library is still included, but without the access to brand-new games at launch.

It’s priced higher too, at $14.99/month rather than $10.99/month, but that does represent a saving over buying the two former subscriptions separately. You won’t be able to immediately make the switch though, as Standard is set for introduction “in the coming months” — which we’re expecting to mean September 2024, just in time for the next Call of Duty title…

If you want to retain access to the Game Pass library in the intervening period then, that means you’ll need to subscribe to the top-tier Game Pass Ultimate — which is subject to a price hike for new members from today too. Existing members will continue to pay the $16.99/month cost up until September 12 2024, whereupon prices will change to match the price for new members from today of $19.99/month fee.

Either way, the Ultimate tier will continue to include all of the benefits of Game Pass, with the full, 500-game library, day-one access to new titles from Microsoft and all the studios it has been buying up recently, and the Core subscription for online multiplayer access.

Speaking of Core, prices for that will also be rising from today. A 12-month subscription — the only option available — will increase to $74.99 from $59.99, representing a $1.25/month change equivalent to a rise from $4.99/month to $6.24/month. Subscribers also retain access to a smaller library of titles.

  • Xbox Game Pass Core (12 months): $74.99/€69.99
  • Xbox Game Pass Standard (monthly): $14.99/€TBA
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (monthly): $19.99/€17.99

PC Game Pass, which includes the Game Pass library and launch-day access to new titles, will also see a price rise. Players will now pay $/€11.99 per month, up from $/€9.99.

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