Curse of GT5

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  1. Izain


    The new TM 458 Italia wheel looks like it has potential to be the midrange solution, except for one question.

    Granted it's new at this point, but I seem to be having a hard time confirming one particular point about it.

    Is it force feedback or not?

    There's an awful lot of flashy marketing language in the Amazon description that seems to deftly avoid the point, which makes me think it isn't......
  2. Patrick

    United States California

    I believe there isn't FFB. I'm not 100% sure though.
  3. posimosh

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    "Force feedback" is trademarked by M$. They 'bought" it some time back as a technology and implemented it as a term used to describe Wheel and flightstick movement using automated responses to user imput using motors inside controller devices. A generic term for it is "rumble".. In any case, any wheel that is powered (via usb or plug) and responds to imput argueably makes driving and flying game experience better for a variety of reasons. However the quality of the controller feedback varies and should be researched before purchase
  4. Izain


    I don't really care what marketing label MS or anyone else wants to put on it. I'm not interested in a toy wheel that vibrates. I want a motor-driven wheel that generates resistance in turns.

    TM is insane if they are going to charge $180 for a non-motorized wheel, not to mention missing the niche for an Xbox DFGT equivalent in the market.
  5. Ps360

    Australia Queensland

    Has anyone heard of or used a xcm f1 converter? I have on ordered and will be trying my g27
    With forza 4, race on, and others ASAP have seen grid and forza 3. It had a deadzone issue
    Which is now sorted with a firmware update. Anyway will post more after I have tested it.
  6. mykem


    I don't know who owns "Force Feedback" but as far as I know, Immersion Corporation is the company responsible for most Force Feedback technology. If you know your gaming, you would know this is the company that sued (and won) both MS and Sony for infringing on the use of rumble feedback in gamepads. It's the reason why there was no DS3 when PS3 was first release.

    Also Logitech works closely with Immersion for most of their haptic based product including all their FF steering wheels. I don't what's behind MS decision to not use the same Directinput API (which it developed with Immersion) on the 360 instead of the more limiting Xinput. Actually, I do know: Money.
  7. BarronGeddon

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    That's not true.
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  8. ncbF430


    I have heard these are fine with a controller but with a wheel not so much. Because all that the device is doing is replicating the inputs from the xbox controller sticks. So when you turn the wheel left the xbox thinks it's just someone pushing a stick left.

    I think insidesim MAY have done a review, but I can't remember if it was them.
  9. Mike0105


    They did do one, wasn't great and the FFB is not real, it basically tried to convert rumble to feedback. The simulation steering in FM4 might mean that it works better than in 3 though. Look toward to hearing more about this from someone who bought one.
  10. Ps360

    Australia Queensland

    Ok got my xcm f1 converter no plug and play support using it with g27. Time to add a CSR to the wish list...
  11. badeddy

    St. Charles MO. America

    Any of the wheels from fanatec are AMAZING!!!. I ordered the pwts when forza 3 released and while it was expensive it is worth every penny. There is nothing like the force feedback and tuning options that this wheel offers plus it spans all platforms.
  12. Starfirebird

    United States Tennessee,USA

    I heard that the new Madcatz wheel will be using the Immersion technology.If this is true Madcatz may actually have a decent wheel now.
  13. jergto


    Definitely a learning curve for me, I'm used to driving GT since PS1.
    Now on some races I feel up to driving with a Manual/Clutch, certainly a learning experience.

    Also a lot of fun in drag races. Forza has since been my love for racing games!