GT4 Complete PAL Used Car Cycles List

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by Famine, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Cedar

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    Alright, I understand that the Mitsubishi GTO MR is called the 3000GT in Britain, but which version are we talking about?

    According to the car list on GTP, there are three 1998 versions it could be: the VR-4 (J), the MR (J), and the SL (J).

    Oh wait... I'ma dumbass. It's the MR (J) isn't it?

    If that's the case, I've probably already passed it like 20 times looking for "GTO MR" instead of "3000GT MR (J)". Wow... :dunce:
  2. KingB84

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    Is there a live version of the "Usedcars" list for the U.S. version of GT4? All the ones I've clicked on go to advertisements.

  3. Bopop4

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    Welcome the GTPlanet.
    And yes there is a used car cycle list for GT4 NTSC, I don't remember where though.
  4. BobK

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    Quickly browsing through the stickies, this one in particular, brings you here.

    There is a tremendous amount of information on GT4 in the FAQs and other stickies. It's a great resource; please remember it's there next time you have a question.

    Note: the first link above takes you to question #2, which in turn takes you to the list. It would be nice if a moderator could edit the post so question #7 refers to it as well.