Help with 650pp b-spec race !

Discussion in 'GT5 Seasonal Events' started by GUILHERME28, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. guyr1

    United Kingdom orpington

    Use the Zonda Race Car available in the online dealership, destroys the opposition. I used a lvl 27 bob.
  2. guyr1

    United Kingdom orpington

    I will try and win with my Chevrolet Race Car, when I raced it finished second. So I will tune it and try.
  3. Addixted

    United States USA

    Yup. My driver won by about 25 seconds.
  4. superkootje

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    Please tell me exactly the way you downgraded it.

    What car and how did you downgrade?


    Chaparral 2J Dominated all. I had mine maxed out. I lowered PP by upping the weight to 900 Kg also removed HP to reach 650PP. Up your top speed on the transmission to 236. My BOB is at level 39.
  6. GTdarjan

    Croatia Krapina

    I used Lamborghini Aventador with PP650. Easy win...
  7. Zonda LM Race car, Ford GT race car & spec II worked very well, combined with bob lvl 36 all took the lead within five minutes
  8. Jakob79

    Germany Mainburg

    BMW McLlaren LM did it for me with L 30 Bob took the lead when entering "dötinger Höhe" aka the long straight on first Lap easy win.
    as a Sidenote a Guy called S.Vettel was also in the race driving the raybrig NSX he finished 7th.

    Won also with "style" in a Ford GT Mark IV '67 by .87 seconds :)
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    2j ,,had to babysit bob though
  10. Dazmeister22

    Ireland Dublin

    What level is your driver?. Mine is 38 and he won easy. I think any driver over level 30 should win this without coaching. If your driver is lower you may need to keep pressing increase pace until the bar is almost in the red, don't let the bar go to 100% red though because that's usually when the driver makes mistakes.
  11. Kwicko

    Austin TX USA

    Zonda LM, downforce turned all the way down, Racing Hard tires, and then use the engine limiter to lower the engine's power until you get down to 650pp.

    I know it's a stupid question, but what tires are you using?
  12. TayTheDay

    Scotland scotland

  13. robisme

    England West Yorkshire,

    Hi, Done the race 4 times now with the 2J won each time with my bobs lvls 29 to 33, had to give them the hurry-up on lap 2 because of the fast Ford GT LM, once past it was not a problem from that point to finish.
  14. Kwicko

    Austin TX USA

    Oh, trust me - you ain't the first one to do that. You might be the first to admit it here, but I've done it too, and I'll bet we're not the only two! :lol:
  15. DigitalBaka

    United States IL, USA

    Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car is dominating this race right now. Lvl39 Bob, with a down arrow, took first faster than I've seen any other. He was on the tail of the second place Lister by the end of the GP course and in first well before the first checkpoint of the Nordschleife. No input from me at all. Just passed the line for the first lap with a 32+ second lead.
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  16. superkootje

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    Fully upgraded?
  17. Feralshooter

    Australia Queensland

    It wouldn't be. With no stage 3 tune and default turbo (as in stock) at full downforce it needs detuning. It has 549(?)pp as you buy it.
    I found it best to max downforce front and back, add weight at the front and limit the engine a bit. 2-3 seconds quicker than with no ballast and aero turned up 1 click to get 650pp. Only need about 280km/h top speed but default (350) wasn't much slower really (for me - not a great driver and using DS3).

    Edit: just noticed Kwicko said aero turned down, if that means to lowest as it sounds, then there's definitely room for a bigger turbo or stage3 tune.
  18. Lvl 11 Bob, Stock R35 TC. Took 1st place at the long straight on 1st lap. Though I coached him through the 1st lap.
  19. Gejabo

    Netherlands Arnhem

    Did this with the R35 TC and a level 39 Bob, no easy win though.
    Main rival was the Ford GT LM test car II.

    Won by 0.174sec :sly:

    side by side down the long strait :nervous:
  20. HaylRayzor

    Phoenix, az

    Similar experience here. My Bobbie in the R35 traded paint the whole second lap with the F1. When the F1 drafted by her on the straight I didn't think she was going to make it. Won by 0.5 seconds.
  21. kogunenjou

    United States West Virginia

    It's been said already, but the BMW McClaren F1 makes this race a spectator sport. I didn't touch the controller and Bob still almost lapped the opponents.
  22. mattmflok

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    Won it with a Lv 21 Bob, an F1 GTR with just the rear suspension softened in the compression department and some coaching work, by around 24 seconds

    But it is not a good idea to have your opponent F1GTR in your draft area, otherwise you will need to pace up the Bob and risk crashing spectacularly at the exit of the chicane leading to the 24H finish line (to which my Bob did at the end of lap 2 on the first attempt of the 650pp)
  23. JohnBoyyy

    United Kingdom west yorkshire

    Honda NSX LM Road car and a top level bob easy win :)
  24. Kwicko

    Austin TX USA

    Yup, I had the downforce turned all the way down, as low as it would go. Not something I normally go for, but it worked great in this instance. I generally prefer more aero, less weight, and less power as a good starting point, but this one I figured I might need some extra power and lower drag for the longer straights, so started there and it worked beautifully.