What is the worst song ever?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Curveball, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. I Love GT6

    Netherlands Right here

    Why do you guys do not like Dubstep? Or Skrillex?
  2. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus

    Because it's dubstep and because he's Skrillex.

    Or, to put it in terms you might appreciate, it's just noise.
  3. Bopop4

    Canada Guelph, Ontario

    It's kind of weird with dubstep and Skrillex.
    I sould normally not enjoy it, but when you're in a car with friends it just works.
  4. Tesla

    Australia Sydney

    Go to about 20 seconds. Notice how there is only one drum pattern?
  5. AJ11

    United States NY
    PSN:just_cant win1

    Thank you! Its not that I think he's the best of anything or that I even buy his CD's. Cuz I don't he's barely talented but he gets you in a good mood! And last time I checked that was the whole point of music.
  6. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots

    This has given me a great idea! Play every terrible pop song that's currently on the radio over each other and make something much better! Or even better, play all of Radiohead's songs over each other, or all the Cardiacs' songs or Pink Floyd's songs or The Sex Pistols' songs or maybe even all of them at the same time! Then see what happens...

    Back on topic:

    I love The Beatles, but I can't stand Yellow Submarine. If Yellow Submarine wasn't on Revolver then Revolver would be way higher in my books. (I don't like Taxman either, not sure why, just don't.)
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  7. Camaroyenko

    United States Indiana

    I agree with you!

    But hows come when I said almost the exact same thing, I got flamed? -_-
  8. Skython

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Then you haven't listened to much new music, or even 90's stuff. Think Edguy (released their first album in 1997 at the ages 17... Roughly. Or Coheed and Cambria, since 1995. All you have to do when finding good music now is just look. Funnily enough, both of these bands I first heard when watching Youtube videos of PC racing sims last year.
  9. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots

    I just played all the songs off Kid A over each other, amazing. The interplay between the melodies is surprisingly, umm... Not as discordant as you may expect.
  10. Bopop4

    Canada Guelph, Ontario

    Skrillex could market that new all together song.
  11. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots

    If you're talking about the one that's all the songs off of Kid A played over each other, that would be to good for Skillrex, but if you're talking about the one that was all of his songs then he definitely should.
  12. GlennGolfer1

    United States Knoxville

    I never in a million years thought I'd hear a song worse than the Barney song, until my kids came home wanting me to play this one, I've swore to never listen to it again, and had the volume on mute while posting this, just incase:nervous:
  13. RJS

    Portugal Lisbon

    This is the worst music ever made.

    I never though I would hear anything worse that Justin Bibber, but I was very, very wrong...

    PS: I'm not responsible for any brain damage after hearing the song
  14. RikkiGT-R

    Northern Ireland Nordschleife.

    RJS - I honestly can't argue. That is.... just... horrific, or something. Speechless.
  15. Robin.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    ^^ Oh god, that's truly horrifying. Is it another one of those 'rich kids parents pay for a studio to make a song for them' type things?
  16. Encyclopedia

    Sweden Gothenburg

    That was incredibly bad. They haven't even changed their voices electronically so it sounds like that can sing like they usualy do. :lol:
  17. RikkiGT-R

    Northern Ireland Nordschleife.

    Check out this version of it :D

  18. PureHeavyMetal

    United States Emerald City

    Worst would be any dubstep. It's an acquired taste that I don't wish to acquire.

    Or possibly that terrible Rebecca Black song...
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  19. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots


    There needs to be a ban on those things. It's humiliating for the child (Just look at Rebecca Black) and offensive to people like me who actually try hard to learn to play an instrument and (attempt to) write good songs that chances are only 100 people will ever hear.
  20. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    Made in Mexico - Yes We Can
  21. Bopop4

    Canada Guelph, Ontario

    The Skrillex one.

    That teenager one is just a joke, I can't sing, but I can sing better than them.

    And even though I think "Call me maybe", is a horrible song, it's not TOO bad when you and three other friends are sitting in the very front of the 7th tallest roller coaster and you are all pretty much yelling it, takes your mind off of your impeding doom.
  22. mySLKwilleatyou

    United States METALLAND!!!!!

    oh my god :crazy:

    I think I killed 4 of my brain cells while watching that. :yuck:
  23. Skython

    New Zealand New Zealand

    :lol: Someone told me it was bad, so I expected it to be so bad it's funny... But this still surprised me! It's like being hit with a shovel with a crudely drawn genital on it.
  24. LBJE


    Well I don't know about worst song but the worst music 'artist' is LIL WAYNE! Guy sucks... just a wannabe/poser!
  25. mySLKwilleatyou

    United States METALLAND!!!!!

    Tell me about it! Have you seen him play guitar before? He is AWEFUL :yuck::yuck::yuck:

    here's an example:

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  26. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots

    He was actually playing the best guitar solo ever, but nobody heard it because he didn't plug his amp in. :ouch:
  27. LBJE


    Hahaha, you should watch the video of him skating!
  28. prisonermonkeys

    Staff Emeritus

    Would somebody please call all of the ambulances?

    Dubstep is disqualified from this thread on the grounds that thie is the "Worst Song Ever" thread, and nothing dubstep has ever produced could reasonably be called a song.
  29. Zona

    United Kingdom Gloucestershire

    Basically any death metal song were you can't here the lyrics.
  30. Bopop4

    Canada Guelph, Ontario

    How could this song be put in this thread!?! His pimpmobile is awesome bytheway.
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