Are Xbox One Slim and Xbox 1.5 Inbound?


New patents filed by Microsoft seem to indicate that the much-rumored hardware revisions for Xbox could become a reality, with signs pointing toward a slimmer model and possibly an upgraded model. Picked up by NeoGAF user Mike R, the first patent known as ‘Part 1683’ has strong ties to the existing Xbox One’s WLAN Module filings that were registered when the first console was unveiled. These ties are a user manual of the exact same size and the designated model number of “1525” indicates a user manual that is not yet available – practically guaranteeing some sort of new Xbox model will be on the way very soon. Crucially to speculation, the NDA for this patent officially expires on the 25th of June – Just after E3 closes its doors.

Patent ‘Model 1683’ indicates a new version of the Xbox user manual not yet accessible.

The other patent known as ‘Part 1682’ shares a similar structure, however it notably has a lot more attached ‘exhibits’ that suspiciously link to its own user manual as opposed to the 1525 user manual. This patent also documents that it utilizes a new wireless chip being registered and tested. The NDA for this model expires late in July as opposed to just after E3 – indicating that this model would be launching later than the slim.

To understand what this means, it’s important to look at Microsoft’s hardware history. In the past a new Xbox hardware slim revision typically goes on sale practically right after the announcement, being marketed as the new model and pushing the older, chunkier model out the door. This matches up with ‘Part 1683’ as the NDA is a week or so after E3 closes up. Part 1682’s patent gives a little more time and also seems to have it’s own specific manual which gives reason to believe this could be the Xbox with expanded capabilities.

All eyes will be on Phil Spencer when the head of the Xbox brand takes to the stage in June

As E3 approaches interesting developments are sure to arise that could change the console landscape, and this latest news further suggests that we could be looking at some hardware revisions very soon.

Would you buy an Xbox 1.5/Slim model? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments (14)

  1. Tenacious D

    It’s inevitable, since MS can’t be left in anyone’s dust.

    “We have no plans to come out with a 360 featuring HDMI, there’s no need for it.”

    “PS3 will feature an HDMI port, and games will be able to display at 1080 HD resolution.”

    “360 will too!”

    I fully expected this.

    1. Tenacious D

      Well, and rather than leave it sounding like nothing but a dig at MS, the technology is advancing so fast now, a three or four year mid-boost in performance shouldn’t rain on anyone’s parade. PS5 and XB2 will still have a tech boost making it worth the price of admission even with these beefier modified pieces.

  2. BoneSawTX

    If they’re gonna roll out new Xbox one after another I’ll jump to PC oonky since Foza will be available now.

  3. SolidRacer

    Cool let them roll.. I want games to look and perform better… I mean everyone wins, from console gamers to pc gamers, since nowadays 90% of games made to take in mind console hardware, heavily impacting pc performance..

  4. Mickeman

    Nah, I’m holding out for the XboxCD or Xbox32X. I hear it will run 480p which is much much more better than 480i

  5. KiroKai

    If anything these rumours currently cause lower console sales. I found a decent offer just yesterday, Xbox with Horizon 2 and FM6 at a fair price. Rumours like this hold me off buying it. If it’s simply the slim consoles arriving, that’d be no problem, but the persistent hints at more powerful versions make me want to wait and see what’s exactly coming first.

    I guess it’s better this way than not knowing about future plans at all though.

  6. MrWaflz55

    I’m writing a new guide now, It’ll be called “How 2 video gaem crash a second teim for dummies”

  7. Fat Tyre

    I hope it’s not an Xbone 1080p, I’m quite happy with my Xbonemostly900p and would have no problem on them making this gen last only 5 or 6 years and then launching a whole new Xbox 2 but this intermediate 1.5 versions just as the rumored ps4k sucks IMO. Part of the joy of using consoles for me was that you had a massive jump from gen to gen, this half assed jump? no thanks!

    1. Daffyboo

      I’m in complete agreement with you Fat Tyre. It hasn’t even been two months since I got my XB-One and now MS decided that the current version isn’t good enough to keep up with the masses? I will also say “no thanks” to the upgraded version, because I would much prefer waiting for the next generation Xbox console rather than a “half assed jump” as you put it.

    2. Grippy

      I think if MS follows Sony and makes it so buying the new 1.5 is not necessary, it would still make the 1.5 more desirable and thus reducing value of Xbox1, of course until Xbox 2, which would hopefully mean even lower Xbox 1 prices. Good for people looking to just play next gen games without the fancy upgrades.

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