Assetto Corsa Competizione Update 1.2 Adds Livery Editor, HDR, and More

It’s that time of the year where things go out with a bang, and Assetto Corsa Competizione is no different. A new update is now available for the PC racing sim on Steam.

Weighing in at 2.9GB, the last major update of 2019 packs quite a punch. With it comes brand-new features, fixes, and the usual improvements. This is sure to be a hit with the community, so let’s get right into things.

The star of the update is, without question, the new custom livery editor. As the video above shows, players can customize their cars using set templates, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. With such options as sponsor decals, body and wheel colors all at your fingertips, things are going to heat up in competitive racing.

Two things are worth pointing out here as a result. Custom cars can only be used in Quick Race, Custom Race Weekend, and Multiplayer game modes. Due to licensing restrictions, customization efforts will vary on a per-car basis. With that said, the team at Kunos Simulazioni will continue to add more livery templates in future updates.

The new update will also see the introduction of High Dynamic Range (HDR) to the sim racer. With an HDR-capable monitor, players will have two options: REC2020 (standard color gamut for HDR), and DCI-P3 (colors are more saturated). Virtual photographers will benefit from this addition as well with the added support HDR screenshots when the option is on.

Another major feature is the addition of chassis flex. With this new feature, players may find themselves behind the wheel of a better behaved machine. On the other hand, the feature may force drivers to work harder to be precise through a corner, or when correcting an error.

Other changes to the game’s physics include a new altitude simulation model on all tracks, and brake pad and disc wear which adapts to your choice of brakes, assists and driving style. There’s also tweaks to the damage system, with a higher threshold to allow ‘reasonable’ side-to-side scrapes, and a larger effect for repetitive small impacts.

A slew of bug fixes, netcode changes, and alterations to Safety (SA) rating scoring complete the update. There are far too many to include in this article, but you’ll find a full list of patch notes in the thread below.

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