Ferrari 296 GT3 Comes to Assetto Corsa Competizione on April 19

Kunos Simulazioni has finally revealed that the new Ferrari 296 GT3 will be coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione on April 19, becoming the first 2023-season GT3 machine to appear in the game.

It’s a car we’ve been expecting for a little while now, having been confirmed as one of the three new cars on both the real grid and the virtual one in a special presentation back in July 2022. The Ferrari was identified, along with the new 992 911 GT3 and the updated Evo 2 Huracan, as a car that would be coming to the game during the event.

However, today’s teaser makes no mention of the other two vehicles, with the Ferrari alone starring in the video posted by the official game social media accounts.

Notably though, the video does make mention of the Ferrari Esports Series. Ferrari seems to be teasing that event for a reveal soon, with plenty of social media activity featuring the 2022 winner, Jonathan Riley, ahead of his competitive debut for the team.

That’ll likely come at the SRO Esport Sim Pro Series at Monza on April 22, a date which handily ties in with the 296 GT3’s debut in the game.

We’d anticipate the Lamborghini and Porsche to come alongside the Ferrari, but for now we have no official word on either car. That’s also the case for the six GT2 category cars that were accidentally revealed alongside them back in July.

One additional point to note is that the Ferrari will only be coming to the PC version via Steam on April 19. There’s no word yet on whether any console versions of the game will get the car, or cars, so watch this space for more.

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