Bugatti Reveals $300,000 Pool Table for Your Luxury Yacht

The Bugatti name is inextricably linked with extreme opulence, and the latest product from Molsheim is testament to that. In partnership with carbon-fiber specialist IXO, Bugatti Lifestyle has revealed a new pool table.

Of course this is far from an ordinary pool table. Rather than using wood, the Bugatti Pool Table is carbon fiber, with aluminum and titanium structures beneath. The pockets are stainless steel, lined with leather, and attach to the table with titanium fittings — and bear the famous Ettore Bugatti logo branding.

There’s special drawers for all the accessories — which includes a full set of Aramith Tournament Pro pool balls in a Bugatti leather suitcase — with machined, brushed, anodized aluminum. You’ll also find the table’s production number in one drawer.

A pool table needs cues, and the Bugatti’s are naturally carbon fiber, with machined aluminum ends to match the buttons you’ll find inside a Bugatti Chiron. They fit into a special wall support, also made from carbon fiber, which features a 13-inch touch screen for the scores. An LED ceiling light, also made of carbon fiber, completes the look.

The table’s real party piece is underneath. An optional system with a gyroscopic sensor is capable of adjusting each of the four legs individually, just in case you want to install your Bugatti Pool Table on your yacht. It can respond to movement in just 5ms, and it does so silently, to keep the playing surface level if the seas beneath you aren’t.

Bugatti and IXO will make just 30 tables in total, and only five this year. First deliveries are expected in June, and the table is priced at €250,000 ($300,000).

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