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GTPlanet Member Recreates an Entire Issue of Evo Magazine in Forza Horizon 4

We don’t think we’re going too much out on a limb when we say GTPlanet has a whole lot of creativity within our membership. One only has to look at… Read More »

Test Your Badge Knowledge With Our Car Logo Quiz

Earlier this week, Korean car brand Kia updated its logo. Don’t worry, it still spells out “Kia”, it’s just in a slightly newer and funkier font — but it got… Read More »

You Can Buy David Hasselhoff's Own KITT, And He'll Deliver It To You

KITT might be the most famous Pontiac ever made — it’s certainly GTPlanet readers’ favorite ever television car — and now you have the chance to own it. We’re not… Read More »

Why Mount Panorama is One of the World's Greatest Circuits

Car Culture 32 Dec 30, 2020 by Jordan Greer

This is a trip report from February 2020, before the global lockdowns began. As a motorsport enthusiast, I have been incredibly fortunate to visit many of the world’s great racing… Read More »

Here's a Chance to Buy the Oddest Racing Car Ever: Peugeot's 806 Procar

Car Culture 28 Oct 26, 2020 by Andrew Evans

If there’s one thing that motorsport history has shown us, it’s that anything can be a race car. A phrase often used is that the first race happened when someone… Read More »

Gran Turismo's Tom Brooks Gets Racy in his Latest "Lad and Dad" Vlog

Car Culture 26 Oct 4, 2020 by Andrew Evans

You might remember a little while back that Tom Brooks, the Voice of Gran Turismo Sport, was starting out on a motorsport career. Tom, who not only provides the narration… Read More »

Mazda's Frey Museum is a Celebration of the World's Weirdest Car Brand

Car Culture 19 Sep 24, 2020 by Andrew Evans

2020 marks an important milestone. It is 100 years since Jujiro Matsuda founded a company in Hiroshima, Japan, that would eventually become the Mazda Motor Corporation. Understandably, Mazda is celebrating… Read More »

Aston Martin Unveils the $90,000 AMR-C01 Racing Simulator

Aston Martin has revealed its AMR-C01, a driving rig created by the brand and technical partner Curv Racing Simulators. Curv, headed up by Aston Martin works racing driver Darren Turner,… Read More »

Ford Reveals the "Ultimate Virtual Racer": Team Fordzilla P1 Concept

You may recall earlier in the year that Ford wanted help from the gaming community. The brand, through its Team Fordzilla esports team, asked gamers to help it put together… Read More »

Bentley's New Continental GT is an Incredible $9,000 Custom Scale Model

Car Culture 13 Aug 7, 2020 by Andrew Evans

British luxury sports brand Bentley is offering up an unusually inexpensive brand-new car. For two-thirds the price of a Chevrolet Spark — or the same money as a Dacia Sandero,… Read More »

BMW Wants You to Design a Real Race Car Livery, With $3,000 First Prize

Car Culture 7 Jul 10, 2020 by Andrew Evans

BMW Motorsport has launched a livery creation competition with a difference. The winning design will become available as a selectable livery in iRacing, but also appear on a real-world race… Read More »

Lamborghini's 63 is a 4,000hp, Twin-V12 Superyacht

Car Culture 17 Jun 30, 2020 by Andrew Evans

You’ll need a very different kind of driving license if you want to take Lamborghini’s latest offering out for a spin. Officially going by the name of “Tecnomar for Lamborghini… Read More »

You Can Help Restore Toyota's Famous Tom's Castrol Supra JGTC

Car Culture 30 Jun 23, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Renowned Toyota racing outfit Tom’s has set up a rather unusual crowd-funding appeal. The goal? To fund a complete rebuild of one of its most famous cars which was recently… Read More »

LEGO and Lamborghini Reveal 3,700-piece, $380 Sian Kit

Car Culture 9 May 28, 2020 by Andrew Evans

If you’re after one of the 63 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 models, but can neither afford the price nor the wait for Sant’Agata to actually start building them, there’s a… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Reveals How Ruf Came to Gran Turismo

Famed niche German car manufacturer Ruf has released a new documentary film covering its 80-year history. The “Love at the Red Line” film tells the rather unusual story of the… Read More »

Bugatti Designer Reveals a Shelved Second Vision GT Concept

Gran Turismo’s ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ project has provided us with many weird and wonderful cars. Since the scheme first started, back with 2013’s Gran Turismo 6, we’ve seen automotive brands… Read More »