Car Culture

The Bugatti Vision GT Concept Makes Its Home in California

We’re sure many of you want a Vision GT. They’re unique, out of this world, and truly one of a kind. Well, one California man made this dream come true… Read More »

The Best Way to Sell a Used Honda Accord Is With a Luxury Car Commercial

If you’ve ever sold a car you know what a hassle it can be. Between low ball offers, scam e-mails, and even some shady buyers, it’s not an experience most… Read More »

The Grand Tour Returns for Season Two on December 8

Despite repeated attempts to throw the schedule off through death, The Grand Tour will be back on our screens early next month. The show has released a teaser trailer for… Read More »

Apple Founder Steve Jobs' BMW Z8 Hitting the Auction Block

With the exception of Bill Gates, no one man revolutionized the computer industry as much as Steve Jobs did. Now you have a chance to own his 2000 BMW Z8.

Three Lego Car Models We Want Right Now

Back in August, we showed you a handful of Lego cars that were sure to bring out your inner child. Now we’re back with another crop of vehicles that are… Read More »

Forget Driving an Aston Martin, You Can Now Live in One in Miami

Automotive branding is something that’s common among luxury automakers. Everything from shoes to watches to theme parks gets logos on them. Now Aston Martin is taking it a step further… Read More »

Wednesday Want Whale Tail Edition: Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth

Perhaps the most famous of all the fast Ford cars from the ’80s is the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. Now you have a chance to own a piece of Ford history…

Criminal's Amazing Seized Film Car Collection Heads to Auction

Movie cars often hold a special place in our hearts. Sometimes they’re iconic and other times they are downright ridiculous. But, they’re almost always memorable in some way. For many… Read More »

Flat Out Annoying! 28% of New Vehicles Sold Without a Spare Tire

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck on the side of a road with a flat tire, you know the pain. However, nearly a third of automakers are now going to… Read More »

This is the Prettiest and Most Expensive Car Crash You'll Ever See

A bucket list for many auto enthusiasts is taking a supercar through a twisty mountain road. What’s probably not on that bucket list though is wrecking it while doing it.… Read More »

Meet The Like-New McLaren F1 That's Been Kept In Its Box For Twenty Years

It’s not every day a super rare car comes up for sale. It’s even rarer when that car is still factory fresh. But this is exactly what a recent McLaren F1 offered up for sale features.

Canadian PT Cruiser Fan Banned From Driving His Car — and Not Just Because It's a PT Cruiser

If your only mode of transport was a PT Cruiser, what would you do? Most of us would probably just walk, but one Canadian man thought turning it into a… Read More »

Is a VW GTI Really Worth a Packet of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce?

How much do you think a 2004 Volkswagen Golf GTI is worth? Assuming it’s in decent condition with relatively low miles for its age? We’d guess somewhere in the $5,000… Read More »

When Excess Isn't Excessive Enough: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6

Welcome to Wednesday Want. Each week, our team will pluck a car from our thousands-strong Car Suggestions forum and give it some time in the spotlight. From the weird to the wonderful, we’ll… Read More »

GTPlanet Heads to Silverstone With Porsche and Microsoft

We’re on the road! The home of British motor racing is the destination, and we want you to come along for the ride. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kyle Patrick, is currently traveling… Read More »

We Drove a Nissan GT-R With a PlayStation Controller — And It Worked

It’s a discussion that comes up time and again. Some people will swear up and down that the only way to get realism from a driving game is to use… Read More »