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The Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Is Your Rotary Powered Dream Machine

The Skoda Octavia vRS 245 Now Holds the World Record for Catching an Arrow in Flight

The Skoda Octavia Combi vRS 245 is the holder of a new, very specific world record. However, unlike Jaguar, it’s not on the Nurburgring. Instead, the Octavia is now partial… Read More »

Toyota's President Uses a One-Off GRMN Tuned Century to Cruise Around

Being at the helm of a major, multi-billion dollar automaker has some perks. For Akio Toyoda, the current President of Toyota, those perks include a very cool one off car.… Read More »

The Wednesday Want Goes Two-Wheelin' With the Lotus C-01 Sport Bike

While the Wednesday Want typically revolves around cars, for this week’s edition we are mixing it up a bit. Instead of the traditional four (or six) wheel creations, this time… Read More »

Own Romano Artioli's Personal 650hp Bugatti EB110 SS America

Bugatti has several awe-inspiring cars on its resume. From the Art Deco era Type 37 to the modern day Chiron and Divo, pretty much everything is amazing in some way. The… Read More »

Relive a Modern Day Classic Film With the Peugeot 406 From Taxi

There’s something cool about movie cars. In fact, we’ve featured a few in previous Wants such as the Land Rover Defender from Spectre or the 350Z from Tokyo Drift. This… Read More »

Meet the $350,000 Lancia Delta "Futurista" Restomod, By Automobili Amos

It might be the best hot hatch ever made, but it’s about to get better — if you can afford it. Italian coachbuilder Automobili Amos has created a new version… Read More »

LEGO Makes a One Million-Piece Bugatti Chiron... And Then Drives It!

It was only in June that LEGO released its model of the Bugatti Chiron. That 3,599-piece kit looked like a bit of a challenge, but LEGO has already one-upped it… Read More »

GT40's Gorgeous Successor Was The Fastest, Most Fragile Ford

When you’ve just stuck two fingers up at Maranello, what’s the next step? In one of the most famous stories in world motorsport, Ford, fresh from a rebuffed attempt to… Read More »

AAR Eagle Indy Racer Wins 2018 Gran Turismo Trophy at Pebble Beach

Another open-wheeler could be coming to the Gran Turismo series in the future. No, not a modern Formula One machine, but a 51-year old Indy 500 competitor driven by motorsports… Read More »

Why You Need to Visit Mosport (Otherwise Known as Canada's Best Race Track)

Canada’s favorite word is “sorry”. It’s so pervasive we literally have a law on the books that uttering it isn’t an admission of guilt. But you wouldn’t know it at… Read More »

Badge Engineering: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Weird

Badge engineering, for better or worse, is commonplace in the automotive world. Commonly seen when two otherwise unrelated manufacturers hook up, badge engineered cars come in all shapes and sizes.… Read More »

Volkswagen is Using "Hail Cannons" in Mexico, And The Locals Are Most Upset

Car manufacturers spend billions ensuring that our cars can withstand the worst the weather can throw at them. They take prototypes to the world’s hottest and coldest places and wring… Read More »

Own Japan's First Supercar With This Rare US-Spec 1967 Toyota 2000GT

Over the years, the Japanese auto industry has given us some incredible cars. However, one of these cars stands out to us the most. That’s why for this week’s Want… Read More »

Classic Australian Touring Cars Honored in Special Coin Collections

Australian Touring Car racing is quite simply some of the best racing you could ever watch. The V8 Supercars series features four-door, family sedans packing naturally aspirated, five-liter V8 engines.… Read More »

How I Drove New Zealand's Very First 24 Hour Race (And Lived to Tell the Tale)

24 hour endurance races are quite simply the pinnacle of circuit racing. Man and machine are pushed to their very limit in the ultimate test of finding the perfect balance… Read More »

Own a Pair of Vector Prototypes and Help the Company Fund Its New Car

The 1980s and 90s saw some rather strange cars hit the roads. The emphasis was on the future and it showed in nearly every radical new design. Supercars were no… Read More »