Bugatti’s Vision GT Revealed In Full


After a couple of weeks of extreme close-up teasing, the covers are finally off Bugatti’s Vision GT car due to head to GT6 in September.

i1PmHW68dbpJSzAt first glance this VGT seems to be a steroidal Veyron, but this seems to be only superficial – the car is more like a silhouette racer that just happens to look a little like the Veyron.

Peering through that first-teased rear deck, the engine seems to be mounted far lower, but the exposed rocker covers still bear the EB and 16.4 branding. This hints that the extremely complex and thirsty W16 quad turbo engine from the Veyron be found powering this Vision GT car so you can expect north of the Supersport’s 1,200hp and appropriately dismal fuel economy even if there’s a hybrid system such as we’ve seen on most other Vision GT cars. It’s unlikely to be a car suited to endurance racing, despite the La Sarthe track map you see on the interior.

There’s myriad little details that mark this car out as merely being Veyron-inspired rather than Veyron-based. The body is narrower, along with a wider roof and higher shoulderlines, suggesting a completely different shell – hopefully one that is a little lighter than the 1,888kg Veyron.

We can see little nods to Bugatti’s past too. The colour scheme itself resembles the Type 57 Tank cars of the 1930s – a car that saw both highs and lows for Bugatti, winning Le Mans in 1937 and 1939 and the car Ettore’s son Jean Bugatti was killed while driving in 1939. Having the car’s racing number picked out in white on the arch grille is also a trait from Bugatti’s past.

Bugatti will take a full sized show car to the Frankfurt Motor Show, where it will be on display across the ten days of 17th-27th September 2015, at the Bugatti exhibit in hall 3.0. If you don’t happen to be in Germany to drop in and sample the ‘real’ thing, we’re not anticipating a huge wait for the Gran Turismo version to be unveiled.

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  1. DSUjoeDirte9

    Rear end looks nice but from side and front, it looks too much like the veryron, which is one of my most hated cars.

  2. RL8791

    Yay – more Batmobiles. How about some actual production cars more recent than the half-decade old cars in the original launch? The BMW i8, the 4th gen MX-5, (GT used to have a fetish for these) The Alfa-Romeo 4C, the new Jaguar F-type, the SRT Challenger Hellcat, the Huracan, the LaFerrari…

    1. Progress823

      Somehow, I doubt it. Most likely it will fall under a lot of scrutiny as it has not actually raced on a track in real life, just as they probably would be banned in most race rooms online.

  3. biftizmo

    Those of you who use cock pit….news for you! you ain’t seen anything yet.
    At launch, amongst other stuff, Kaz talked about major updates to interior graphics.
    Then months of VGT’s with no interior…..also a few months in an update including new dash bourd instruments.
    its obvious now their saving them all for GT7-VR
    it’s a big thing and we might just be getting a teaser of what’s to come….
    So we all see the Circuit de la Sarthe Visulized on the dashboard.
    It’s gonna be real handy that in GT-VR….with a 360 all round view your dashboard instruments will be very much needed….this car is gonna be great in virtul reality. Can’t wait to flick those big red switches

    1. Whitefalcon63

      I’ve always driven from the interior view. Having detailed interiors is just a bonus in my opinion. I’d trade an interior for a track maker and crash damage any day of the week. On topic though this car looks so damn cool. Can’t wait to give it a blast.

    2. TomBrady

      We don’t need super detailed interiors or cars. Look at GTA 5. The interiors are low detail but they’re plenty good enough. I wish PD could get interiors like that for the standards and VGT’s. Anything is better than just blacked out interiors and the only thing that is worse, is not having them at all

  4. TomBrady

    OH MY GOD!!!!! COCKPIT VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!!! I’m so happy.

    I was just about to comment how it looks like the race mod Bugatti Veyron from NFS Shift 2 (kind of) but too bad it doesn’t have a cockpit vi… WAIT IT DOES!!!! Awesome. Thank god Bugatti, unlike the rest of these idiot manufactures, decided to put in a cockpit view. I have been getting so sick of these new cars coming to GT6 incomplete. For once we get a full car and we’re not stuck looking a stupid black interior. Thanks Bugatti. Car looks awesome besides.

    Can’t wait to drive it.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Don’t get your hopes up. That’s most likely a test render. Chances are they won’t have one in the game.

    2. LfcIceman

      Like teamCZR said, don’t get your hopes up. Also, a couple of VGT cars have posted pictures of their cars interior that haven’t been implemented into the game. It’s mostly promotional stuff from the manufactures!

    3. Manasseh257NSX

      But remember, Kaz claimed the only reason why they could not implement interior in a lot of the VGT’s was due to time. Now I know, Kaz’s actions really contradict his statements but I believe that this VGT might have interior due to the time PD took to even announce the Bugatti VGT.

    4. TomBrady

      I didn’t know there were any VGT’s that had cockpits designed but not put in the game. If that’s true, I’m even more pissed off at PD. I always thought their excuse was that the designers didn’t make an interior. If that’s not always the case PD can go do something that’ll get me banned for even saying

    5. Johnnypenso

      I think the reason they held back the interiors that were ready, is because they weren’t all ready and Kaz didn’t want a sort of 2 tier VGT program, those with and those without interiors.

  5. FosterG

    Very true another_jackhole, timed to release with the F6 demo it seems. I like the car but it is way too little at this point for me as the full version of F6 will be dragging me around Lime Rock in …something. I think I would trade the Ford for it though!

  6. HKS racer

    a car that make sense to race against a Citroen GT Race Car
    IF that was possible in this game
    Maybe only but not offline

    it’s amazing to have 1200 cars and not being able to use them how you want, truly amazing and efficent. :)

  7. TheStratGuy

    This looks REALLY cool. I hope it has that incredible interior and isnt another cookie cutter piece of **** like most of the others have been.

    1. TheAnimeDude

      @HKS racer: Maybe lol
      @RealWood: I hope so :p
      @TomBrady: I did see it,but that don’t mean it’s going to be in the game for sure,but I hope it is. That would make my day. :D But the Hyundai VGT seem like it got no interior. :(

  8. Sinyster

    I don’t know if anyone has done some looking into these pictures, but when you glance at the interior, you see a detailed map of LeSarthe. Is this a hint it’s supposed to be a LeMans racer? :D

  9. jhw93

    Had a great time playing GT6 but like a lot of people I’m more interested in the arrival of GT7. The stuff about that ex turn-10 sound designer/engineer (forgot his name) now working at PD gives me a reason to expect engine audio to be better than before and hopefully the simpler architecture of the PS4 will allow PD to raise the quality bar.

    1. TomBrady

      The sound already has been a lot better. Just drive any of the cars that came out as DLC. VGT, the senna cars, etc. They all sound awesome and keep getting better too. The Mazda LM55 is one of the best sounding cars I’ve ever heard in a game. That note is so sweet it’s perfect.

    1. ttfn

      About as relevant as your name then, i still play and i still see plenty of others online who do… Don’t like it ? well go play the arcade racer on your pc based arcade machine …….

    2. GranTurismoFive

      No need to get aggressive man. Lol

      It was a legitimate question. I question whether you’d have much to say if PD were still supporting this game after releasing GT7.

      Heres to hoping the next GT game offers a more immersive and challenging experience

    3. GranTurismoFive

      Hasn’t “this game” been out on the market for longer than any racing title currently out on the PS4 and XO?…..

  10. SavageEvil

    Finally a Veyron that can turn corners fast and not just go fast in straight lines. I like the look, looks like it’s testing the Citroen GT for the savagest looking car in GT contest.

  11. XSRacing111

    Don’t see people calling this a fake Bugatti. Hmm… I wonder why… Anyway, I’m always looking forward to more VGTs. I’m guessing this will have a race tuned Veyron engine having a top speed hovering around 250mph. And with those aero parts, maybe, I might be a bit too optimistic, but maybe, just maybe, this won’t handle like a barge.

    1. infamousphil

      The thing looks to be a proper race car. So, it should not weight more than 1450kgs. And with the engine tuned down to about 600 – 700 (max) in stock form. Nothing silly looking here so it should drive marvelously. Even if it didn’t, hard would it be to tune some sensitivity into it? It can’t be harder to tune than a RR car from RUF. Worst case senario is sans a tune like the Toyota VGT. Now that could be disasterous. Oh, ok. Now the hype is gone. Thanks a lot XSRacing111 ;)

    1. SavageEvil

      Yes it was confirmed by Kaz a year ago, that the wait for GT7 won’t be too long. Also the slow down in GT6 weekly seasonal updates points to GT7 development cranking up more or less the online community, might tie into Sony’s community based update for the PS4.

    1. another_jakhole

      They have to add the interior. For a car like this, it would be silly not to. Anything can happen though.

  12. D.Kadettdriver

    “and the car Ettore Bugatti himself was killed while driving in 1939”

    Ettore died in 1947. It was his son Jean who was killed while test driving a Type 57.

    1. H.Keslijinen

      “the car Ettore’s son Jean Bugatti was killed while driving in 1939″…had to read it a few times myself before I got the grammar sorted out but it’s accurate.

  13. infamousphil

    GT3? Naaah. I hope to run this with the FXX and Zonda R or the LM55. Is that an interior!? Sweet ;)

    Check it out yall… it’s FREE

  14. JohnyPiston

    Stunning. Best looking one for me. That colour scheme is the best looking I have seen on a Bugatti. The front with the “16” is the stuff of sweet dreams.

  15. racezilla

    This is horrifying. Nothing to do with the typical french style. At least let it have interiors and an appropriate amount of power.

  16. BrunetPaquet

    Definitely gonna drive it. I’m gonna prepare to create No PP limit lobbies with kicks for griefing. This way everyone will be able to drive it in my lobby… Gonna be fun…

  17. ElGreco

    I really like the Le Man track at the center of the interior !! I was expecting something more fresh from Bugatti , but even with this I am totally satisfied!!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Indeed.. You would have thought that this would be the best opportunity to show what PD have up their sleeves in the sound department as of late too.. But as always arrogance will proceed with ignorance.. I really do hope that I stand corrected though.

    2. Magic Ayrton

      The car does look amazing though.. I appreciate all the hard work that went into this so big thanks to PD and Bugatti.

    3. SavageEvil

      @Magic Aryton, what this about sound? Have you not noticed the cars that use PD fully simulated sound generator? There are cars that do not use sound samples at all, but generate the audio on the fly using PD’s ADS system. It’s still a work in progress but I have a feeling it will really get it’s showing on PS4 where there is enough muscle to run all these systems without having to sacrifice quality. The system on PS3 doesn’t seem to have all the required schematics included like intake but it seems like the others are shaping up well, including bore/header sizes, firing timing and sequence, exhaust size and length. Griffith knows a lot more about it than I do, but PD’s idea if done well will be able to realistically create sounds as a car would naturally.

    4. Magic Ayrton

      @Savage, Yes I really hope so.. That system does indeed sound incredible.. A small part of me deep down still believes in PD 110%, I really think that they will go all out for GT7 somehow. Or it’s the end.

  18. cheesyisgod

    “This hints that the extremely complex and thirsty W16 quad turbo engine from the Veyron has been dispensed”

    The top down image provided still has 16.4 on the engine cover, think that rules out a downsized engine.

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