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Alpine Reveals Full Tech Specs for New A110 at Geneva 2017
Automotive News Mar 10th, 2017 by Matej

The numbers are out for France’s reborn sports car, and it packs a serious punch.

2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Says No to Turbos, Yes to Manuals
Automotive News Mar 10th, 2017 by Douglas Nestler

Porsche’s newest 500 hp track-ready monster adopts a six-speed manual as a no-cost option.

The AM-RB 001 Gets Its Official Name: The Aston Martin Valkyrie
Automotive News Mar 9th, 2017 by Ameer Zaita

The Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies–developed hypercar receives its real name.

RUF Celebrates the CTR’s 30th Anniversary with an All-New Yellow Bird
Automotive News Mar 8th, 2017 by Adam Ismail

Built from the ground up, the new CTR marks the first vehicle completely engineered and designed by RUF.

The Brand New McLaren 720S Is Coming to Project CARS 2
Automotive News Project CARS 2 Mar 7th, 2017 by Calvin Kirstein

An exciting addition to the ever-expanding roster of vehicles in the upcoming sim.

Tamo Racemo, India’s Newest Sports Car, Coming To Forza Horizon 3 Today For Free
Automotive News Forza Horizon 3 Mar 7th, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

The game tie-in debuts continue in Geneva, with Tata’s new sub-brand unveiling a sports car in the digital and real worlds simultaneously.

Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo Unveiled in Geneva, Coming to GT Sport
Automotive News Gran Turismo Sport Mar 7th, 2017 by Ali Samy

The wraps have been taken off the latest Vision GT car, boasting 600 hp and the input of a world champion.

Pininfarina Continues to Tease Fittipaldi EF7; Full Reveal Next Week
Automotive News Gran Turismo Mar 1st, 2017 by Michael Leary

Pininfarina has one final teaser up its sleeves before next week’s full reveal of Fittipaldi’s Vision GT entry.

First Official Images of Reborn Alpine A110 Arrive Before Geneva
Automotive News Feb 28th, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

Renault Sport has taken the sheets of its Cayman-fighter, and given it a classic name.

Aston Martin AM-RB 001 Will be Powered by Cosworth, Makes Debut in Canada
Automotive News Feb 23rd, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

Aston Martin and Red Bull’s hypercar has had its first public showing… in Toronto?!

Pininfarina Vision GT Project Continues The Slow Reveal
Automotive News Gran Turismo Feb 3rd, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

We’ve got a significantly less clear view of the whole car set to debut at Geneva next month.

Pininfarina Teases Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT Before Geneva International Motor Show
Automotive News Gran Turismo Feb 1st, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

The Italian design house has a VGT project set to be unveiled in Switzerland next month.

Ford GT Powers Past Its Rivals to the Tune of 216mph
Automotive News Jan 26th, 2017 by Calvin Kirstein

The specs have been revealed, and they don’t disappoint!

Bentley Reveals 700 BHP Continental Supersport, Its Most Powerful Production Car Ever
Automotive News Jan 8th, 2017 by Calvin Kirstein

The fastest way to get around on four wheels? You’ll be needing 700 bhp then. Oh, and a copy of Forza Horizon 3…

Ginetta to Enter the 2018 FIA WEC LMP1 Class with New Chassis
Automotive News Motorsports Jan 8th, 2017 by Josh Steele

Ginetta joins the LMP1 class for 2018 in the FIA World Endurance Championship with newly announced chassis.

BMW to Release Self-Driving Cars by End of 2017
Automotive News Jan 6th, 2017 by Calvin Kirstein

The big 7 Series will be BMW’s first autonomous car, but that’s only the beginning…

Saudi Prince Purchases the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo (and the Chiron)
Automotive News Aug 4th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Bugatti’s one-off Vision GT car was apparently up for sale, and has already been claimed.

Aston Martin’s AM-RB 001 Makes Its Vision Gran Turismo Look Tame
Automotive News Jul 5th, 2016 by Kyle Patrick

The collaboration with Red Bull has been revealed to the public. To call it extreme would be selling it short…

The Shape-Shifting Blackbird Can Be Any Car You Want It to Be
Automotive News Jun 27th, 2016 by Michael Leary

London visual effects studio The Mill introduces a jack-of-all-trades solution to car advertising.

New Nissan GT-R Revealed at NY Auto Show, Video Contains Gran Turismo Clips
Automotive News Gran Turismo Mar 23rd, 2016 by Kyle Patrick

New Gran Turismo footage featuring the new, 565-horsepower 2017 GT-R has surfaced.

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