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F1 2015: New Patch Released for Xbox One and PS4 consoles

By following in the footsteps of the 1.03 patch and last November’s update, Codemasters continues to offer extensive fixes for its leading F1 title. This time the improvements are oriented mostly towards Xbox One owners, with limited focus towards PlayStation 4 ones. One particular upgrade that we would like to stress is the corner cutting rule – it has been adjusted on both consoles. The list of all the fixes is as follows:

F1 2015 Available Tomorrow in Europe and July 21st in North America; New Gameplay Videos

F1 2015 may very well release for the European audience tomorrow, those in North America more than a week later, and those in Brazil days after, the Italian audience will be able to enjoy the game today. This bodes well for the passionate Tifosi, supporters of Scuderia Ferrari, a team far more competitive than last year and will no doubt want to drive their team to a championship victory...