F1 2015 Available Tomorrow in Europe and July 21st in North America; New Gameplay Videos

F1 2015 may very well release for the European audience tomorrow, those in North America more than a week later, and those in Brazil days after, the Italian audience will be able to enjoy the game today. This bodes well for the passionate Tifosi, supporters of Scuderia Ferrari, a team far more competitive than last year and will no doubt want to drive their team to a championship victory.

Details on the game have been scarce leading up to its launch, but here’s a comprehensive list of what’s confirmed:

  • Full 2014 F1 Season Bonus Content, Including Hockenheim
  • New Game Engine, EGO 4.0
  • Improved Physics Engine and Vehicle Dynamics
  • Voice Commands available on Xbox One and PS4 only (You can view the full list here)
  • Pro Season Mode: Full 100% race distance, full practice and qualifying sessions, extremely competitive A.I., no flashbacks, and locked into cockpit view with minimal HUD assistance
  • Championship Season Mode: Complete with broadcast-style presentation emulating the race-day weekend atmosphere, as well as grid and podium animations
  • Online Practice Sessions and Multiplayer
  • Additional content updates that will deliver full season liveries and enhanced performance data

Keep an eye on our F1 2015 discussion thread for more discussion, in-depth analysis, and news as it becomes available.

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Comments (20)

  1. ZedMan1996

    The best F1 games were hands-down by StudioLiverpool back in 2005 and 2006, especially 2006, I was gutted to hear that they would stop making them after 2006, as soon as I heard the words “Code” and “Masters” with “F1” in the same paragraph, I knew instantaniously that they’ll be rushing their game development with crappy physics, a whole load of glitches, terrible Online system, and are made solely tfor the masses to make money with, that their only priority, money.

    I love you StudioLiverpool for bringing F1 2005 & 2006 into my life, they were the best F1 games of all time.

  2. infamousphil

    ‘… locked into cockpit veiw…’ hmmm. Sounds interesting. Only someone with Shaqille’s inseam would be driving be driving with a view over the roof in real life. GT would loose a lot of customers if PD did that.

    I’d like to see PD do it though or at least make it an option during online play. The crew and l did this a lot in FM4. It was a lot of fun ;)

  3. VBR

    Never been a fan of any Codemaster’s games, tried demos of previous F1 titles & hated them, However, I have to say that this looks pretty good.

  4. BlacqueJacques

    Not enough to get me to buy a PS4 (yet); and just like car ads’; wet roads help make the car ‘shine’ and tempt buyers I suppose.

  5. GT5 Level 41

    Yet another rain video. We get it. You can do rain now. Am I the only one sick of all these rain videos?

    1. Johnnypenso

      I know eh? Why focus on the video that explains the game and it’s new features and physics when you can complain about a video with rain captured at a media event?

    2. GT5 Level 41

      But it’s not just F1. Drive club, P Cars, need 4 speed, etc… They always roll out these rain videos.

    3. kapnk006

      The rain makes it harder for “pitchfork nation” to scrutinize and pre-maturely judge graphic performance prior to release of the game. That’s why you see it used often in pre-release promos.

    4. Johnnypenso

      In this case, the promo from Codies is not done in the rain, it’s mostly in the dry and at night. The video in question is captured at a game show by a reviewer.

  6. ZedMan1996

    Meh, its Codemasters, it’ll be the same garbage no matter how much “more” thing they add.

    1. TomBrady


      @Lillie, I’d agree except the 2013 F1’s are really awful. They understeer so bad it’s ridiculous and the lack of FFB is just sad. Even F1 2010 felt better.

      I hope 2015 isn’t like that. Never tried 2014 so I have no idea if they fixed the issue but 2012 had the same problem

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