Celebrating 15 Years of Gran Turismo

December 22nd, 2012 by amar212

On Sunday, December 23, 2012, Gran Turismo celebrates its 15th anniversary. First released on the PlayStation Console in Japan on December 23, 1997, the series has revolutionized the gaming industry, the automotive industry, and changed quite a few lives along the way.

This special guest post by Amar212, a GT insider and owner of Croatian fan site GTSurgeons, captures the feelings of many long-time fans as the series passes this important milestone.

– Jordan, GTPlanet Founder

We love cars. There is no other explanation.

I still remember my childhood memories, laying on my parents’ bed and watching coloured lights reflecting from cars passing below the windows of the bedroom, casting on the ceiling. I remember knowing the marquee of the every car I saw on the street, playing game of guessing with my mom that learned all car-types with help of her five year old son.

I remember drawing cars with friends during elementary school from the local automotive-magazine, both of us dreaming of becoming car designers one day. I remember spending all my money on car-collectors cards every time I traveled to Italy or Austria with my parents, and wasting insane amounts of time arguing with my friends at high-school about the perfection that was the first generation of the Subaru Impreza.

I remember watching F1 races and cheering for Villeneuve when he took the World Championship over Schumacher. I remember speeding around the city at 3am with my lunatic friend in his Renault 5 Turbo while praying I don’t die. I remember holding for the roll-bars inside touring-spec Skoda, trying to maintain my bottom on the reservoir at the back while car was eating the pavement of the Grobnik track and the Croatian Touring Champion yelling there is nothing I should worry about as he drove 200 km/h over bumpy chicanes.

“15 Years, 1 Lap: Trial Mountain” by daan

And I remember the day I started playing Gran Turismo. It was 1998, I was at college and had so many more important things to do in my life then playing video-games. I remember a guy I knew from clubbing telling me about some crazy new game that just arrived which I could be interested with. He gave me the disc the day after, commenting that he is not really interested because everything has to be unlocked and he does’t have patience for that. I came home, made my ordinary coffee and closed the doors of the room. Seeing dawn at the Grand Valley for the first time, flags opening with the breeze that brought a bird on the signal-light and mechanics walking near delivery truck that had just brought a GT-R at the empty course. And that day everything begun.

I still have my original GT save. White Mazda Demio as the first car, proud owner of Nismo 400R, both black Castrol Supras and all 3 colours of Cerbera LM. I still remember all races, vivid dreams of chasing that NSX with a Viper in the Normal Car Championship, and the beautiful colours of midnight in the SSR11 Endurance with the GT-One. Memory Card Battles with my friends. 99 laps replays of the Trial Mountain races. And golding all Licenses with my d’Oro signature pasted all over the leaderboard. All those memories are still alive.

Everything in the genre changed with Gran Turismo. One small group of enthusiasts lead by a dark haired guy that smokes his menthol cigarettes while smiling and patiently explaining his teenage visions brought one passion alive for millions of players around the world. Since 1997 Gran Turismo re-invented one complete genre and paved the foundations for what we have today. Looking back, I really can’t even imagine the distance we’ve actually traveled in just 15 years.

“15 Years, 1 Lap: Deep Forest Raceway” by daan

Back in my college-room I played the first Gran Turismo with ordinary controller on a small Sony Trinitron, imagining this just has to be the best simulation I will ever play in my entire life. It just couldn’t be better then that. No way. It was pure perfection.

Today, just 5500 days later – and it is just 5500 days later – we can play that same Gran Turismo in FullHD on multi-monitor setups in 3D, with stunning 7.1 PCM audio, insane FFB wheels and pedals under our palms and feet and our friends blasting around us in online multiplayer races. Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. The same passion drives all of us today.

When I look back, I have so many stories spanning over the last 15 years that are Gran Turismo related. Waiting until midnight to get my copy of GT2 to play it on small Amiga monitor in B/W because it couldn’t display the NTSC signal in colour. Taking pictures in front of the giant GT3 light-board at E3 2001 and standing in line to try the game for the first time, ten thousand kilometres from home. My ex-girlfriend going insane over me cancelling the weekend plans because GT3 just arrived. My friend being the first of us that bought a FFB wheel that revolutionized the GT experience towards what we take as granted today. Organizing the first Croatian GT Championship sponsored by Sony back in 2002. Travelling to London almost a decade ago to play GT4: Prologue on the revolutionary 900-degree wheel and having a chance to try the Subaru GT simulator. Watching that smiling Japanese guy blasting though Citta di Aria with Nissan 350Z LM Concept LM Race Car while security-guy politely asking him to stop playing because showfloor is closing, without having idea that guy is the Vice President of the company that is paying him that day. Writing my first article on the www.granturismo.com (Kenji, thank you for memories!) about two hours talking with Yamauchi that same rainy day in London, which is still buried somewhere within GTPlanet’s archives. Dreaming about having my own GT community one day. Getting hold of infamous BMW Series 1 demo and coding the 480MB video of Nordschliefe for Jordan, back in the time when YouTube didn’t exist and 480MB of data was the size of mountain. Carrying insane amounts of equipment for 6-player LAN weekend-parties at my friends’ who lived on the top floor of a building without an elevator…

“15 Years, 1 Lap: Grand Valley Speedway” by daan

And playing Gran Turismo. For all those years.

Many games have something that Gran Turismo does not have, but no other game have what Gran Turismo has. It is not easy to explain what it is and I really think it will never be. It is not just the beautiful graphics, stunning attention to detail, chasing the last possible technical innovation with every iteration of the series, unique musical background, great physical feel of driving delivered by magic of Tan-san or the insane amount of content that allures all type of players that even remotely love cars.

It is not the poetry of driving at dusk over LeMans with no HUD with rain just starting to pour over Mulsanne and going through every car in garage in order to change oil and repair the mechanical damage of the engines. It is not collecting all possible variations of Skylines, coming back to GT3 to compare the specs of the models between games or visiting GT2 to remember the trills of driving 155 Touring Car over Rome Night. Is is also not spending hours and hours in online lobbies with your friends chatting about everything in life while lapping Top Gear course or losing the podium for 0.300 after 20 laps race in some of the thousands inter-forums championships. It is nothing of that – and it is all of that. And it still can’t be easily explained by words.

You have to feel it. And you have to fall in love with it. In the same way that small kid fell in love with bouncing coloured lights on the ceiling of his parents’ bedroom.

“15 Years, 1 Lap: Special Stage Route 5” by daan

Thank you for everything in the past 15 years Polyphony Digital team. Thank you for your sleepless nights under the tables of the offices at Tobu Toyosu Building. Thank you for your love of cars, photography, history, French wines, Italian sceneries, American muscle cars, beauty of the nature and philosophy of human civilization. Thank you for the passion that drove you even in the hardest personal and professional moments during past 5500 days. Thank you for your unexplained commitment to stand against all criticism and always newfound strength that make all your efforts even greater.

Thank you for everything Kazunori Yamauchi and all other people who made Gran Turismo becoming reality. Thank you for everything all of you Gran Turismo players over the world. Thank you for everything all the numerous GT communities worldwide.

All of us together made one love alive.

Thank you for the 15th anniversary of the Gran Turismo.

Commemorative desktop wallpaper (1600×1200 & 1920×1280) by Amar212.

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  1. Dec. 24, 9:03pm

    I cant believe how fast 15 years went… From me not having a car plying this game at my grandparents house and dreaming of every car in the game that I wanted of my own, to now being able to drive, now owning a car. I have learned a lot about cars, brands, set ups/tuning and history thanks to GT. Thank you Kaz for teaching us gamers/drivers what a real good game can do and teach people indirectly while having fun via online and during simulations.

    Its been an honor playing GT and the whole series…I cant wait for more series to come and it keeps getting better and better.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. God bless

  2. Dec. 24, 6:57pm

    It took five years. In those five years, we could not see the end. I would wake up at work, go to sleep at work. It was getting cold, so I knew it must be winter. I estimate I was home only four days a year.- KY

  3. Dec. 24, 5:37pm

    I only started with GT5… But GT has stuck with me ever since. I remember first doing the license tests and experiencing what a true driving simulator felt like.

  4. Dec. 24, 5:36pm

    To the GT Series for being my main squeeze for 15 years.

  5. Dec. 24, 2:59pm

    My first lap was on High Speed Ring. I remember when that circuit was long!

  6. Dec. 24, 11:56am

    Thanks for the article. I remember my first lap also. My son brought home GT and said it was the best racing game ever. I had been racing Andretti game and said he couldn’t have something better. I was so wrong. One lap Trial Mountain after doing some adjustments on the car ( unheard of at the time) and the next day I bought a PlayStation and haven’t looked back since. Bought a PS2 when GT3 came out and a PS3 when GT5 arrived. I’m 66 years old and still play almost daily. THANK YOU PD and Sony.

  7. Dec. 24, 11:26am

    Great article Amar! Great site Jordan! Great work & passion Polyphony Digital! Cheers to a spectacular 15 years of Gran Turimso!

  8. Dec. 24, 11:04am

    I rented GT1 from my local Blockbusters the same week it came out. When I played it for the first time i used a Honda Civic SiR-II ’93 on the High Speed Ring. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up instantly and i knew i had to get this game ASAP. The next day I bought it, and here I am 15 years later, at the age of 33, still playing Gran Turismo daily. No other game series comes close. Not even Forza (which i also have).

    Oh and i think GT2 was the best version for pure gameplay, but GT5 obviously wins on the graphics. (but not the sounds)

    I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for GT6, five years was far too long to wait for GT5 ;)

  9. Dec. 24, 7:09am

    I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time I played GT, on my uncle store back in 98, red Efini RX7 on High Speed Ring, I was 5, I’ve won a PS1 months after that day, I searched for that game but didn’t know the name of it, but in the end of 99 my mother bought GT2 for me, and what a blast it was, all that cars, no other games had such a vast selection, GT1 came 2 years later, in 2004 I’ve bought GT4 from my cousin, the problem was, I don’t even had a PS2 yet :D, it would came at the end of 2005, during that time I’ve played GT concept and GT3, truly loved both GT3 and GT4, I’ve bought GT3 in fact in 2008, because of lazyness I didn’t finish GT3, but I did GT4, also because I wanted to run everycar in GT4, what I did finished a few days before bought PS3, at 2011, did not find GT5 at first place, no place had because it saled to fast, 6 months after bough PS3, I’ve bought GT5 and man, I was in love again, and stiil I am, everyday I play GT5, at least a little, and I bought again GT2, just for fun. Really thank you PD, what a amazing ride that was and will continue to be with GT6, 7, 8…. 12, let´s keep alive. :,)

  10. Dec. 24, 6:51am

    Hey thank for the memories Jordan, you def brought back me back to my younger days as I can rember drawing cars as a youth as well. Happy Holidays to all

  11. Dec. 24, 5:46am

    Thank you for making an awesome game like this :)

  12. Dec. 24, 3:45am

    Happy anniversary! Thank you amar for the article, thank you PD and thank you Kaz for all these incredible games :)

  13. Dec. 24, 3:15am

    Wow. Cannot believe its been 15 yerars of GranTurismo. I still remember the day I first saw GranTurismo back in the late nineties. And now in 2012 the game is still going strong and gets better every time. Here’s to the next 15 years!

  14. Dec. 24, 3:08am

    First car series that let you drive mortal cars and not only extravagant exotics!

  15. Dec. 24, 1:02am

    Wow great article! I remember buying the first GRan Turismo and it was so different from Need For Speed I didn’t like it because of the realism, but then that magic moment came when it all clicked and I just couldn’t go back to those arcade racers. A true testament to GT is that the game made me a better driver in real life and opened me up to real motor sports. Thanks polyphony it’s been an awesome ride and I look forward to more!

  16. Dec. 23, 10:22pm

    Everything i feel about this game, is right up there^^^^. Thank you for years of super rad gaming nights with my buds. they are still going on today…..

  17. Dec. 23, 8:34pm


  18. Dec. 23, 7:54pm

    Arigato PD, arigato KY of this journey with Gran Turismo over 15 years. Keep up the good work! (and annouche GT6 soon ;))

  19. Dec. 23, 7:16pm

    I think part of this games popularity is , its a sane game for all ages. Any one can play it and get into it and car culture is so embedded in our society.

  20. Dec. 23, 7:15pm

    I miss Special Stage Route11. I hear it was a memory hog. So maybe that’s why it did not make it to GT4 and 5.
    But man what a track. I really wish you would show a replay of action on SSR11.

    Happy Birthday GT. Thanks for the write up Jordan. And yeah, it’s all about love of cars. Hard to explain to those who have not experienced that love.

    • Dec. 24, 11:11am

      I hear ya man, i miss R11 too. It was the most technical track in the GT series, one mistake and you hit the wall. No mercy. I LOVED IT!! I’m hopeful it could make it into GT6. . . . .

  21. Dec. 23, 7:04pm

    Happy Birthday Gran Turismo :D

  22. Dec. 23, 7:02pm

    This game made who I am , a crazy car nut =D .. I still remember busting out my hot wheels and pretending I was playing some GT. I probably own the world record for playing Gt1 the most. Played it every day since it came out up until I got my ps2 in 2008 * then I got my ps3 5 months after * =D I love GT and always will !

  23. Dec. 23, 7:00pm

    Damn amar… eyes full of water after reading this. I still remember that afternoon, inserting that “japanese car game” cd into my Playstation… me and 2 other friends (one of them, unfortunately is not among us anymore)…

    15 years of battles, friendship, good memories.

    Gran Turismo is part of my life. Some can say: “its only a game”.

    No. It isn’t.

    Thank you PD, Thank you Kazunori Yamauchi. Thank you GTPlanet!

    And, all the best for the next 15 years!

  24. Dec. 23, 6:15pm

    Great article. I usually just skim through them, but this one I read from start to finish.

    I’ve been playing since I got the Demo for GT1. I greatly contribute GT for my love of cars.

    Shout to PD for 15 years of memories

  25. Dec. 23, 6:06pm

    Gran Turismo was born 23 Dec 1997. I was born 26 Dec 1997. Really close! I love Gran Turismo! Happy bday!!

    • Dec. 23, 6:16pm

      Happy early birthday from another 12-26er

  26. Dec. 23, 6:05pm

    Still can´t believe this series has already got 15 years, thanks PD for one of the best racing games ever. Happy 15th anniversary, and many, many more amazing driving years to come!

    Happy seasons and a wonderfull new year!

  27. Dec. 23, 5:38pm
    tube chaser

    Nostalgia, what a trip. Nice one amar.

  28. Dec. 23, 5:04pm

    Man, I miss that blue Viper GTS in GT1… Good days, good memories.
    Why can’t I have that blue/white stripes anymore?
    I remember the first time I played GT. It was one of the demos in the CD that came with my PlayStation. It had 2 cars and 1 or 2 tracks available. Since that day I am a fan of the franchise. GT may not be the most accurate sim (I believe it never will because that is not it’s purpose) but no one can deny that it’s one of the most important games for the genre. Every series has it’s ups and downs and I think GT5 is a bit on the down part but I hope it’s just a phase and future games will blow our hats off. Long live to GT!

  29. Dec. 23, 4:34pm

    Gt3 was the first gran turismo game i played back when i was 5 years old. My skills have gotten better and better ever since. I had Gt3, Gt4 and Gt5 and i can’t wait until gt6 comes out. I also had gran turismo for psp as well.

  30. Dec. 23, 2:39pm

    Great article, indeed, I guess the reason so many of us are here on this site is because of the personal way Gran Turismo has affected us. Playing the original when there was nothing else but arcade-style racers or full-on sims, was quite the revolution – it’s easy to forget that.

    Love those comparison videos, too. What strikes me is the difference in sound from GT to GT2, where they start using more, and more accurate, samples (although the idle sounds in GT are much better, somehow.) The progression from GT2 to GT3 brought hi-res audio control, so the crisp fly-bys and throttle blips are already present, along with 60 fps. GT4 went for a more realistic mix of engine, tyre and aero sound, and GT5 introduced transmission delay, multiple directional sources per car and even more realistic mixing. I wonder if PD can go full-circle, and build on what made GT’s idle sounds so good and apply it to the rest of the sounds. ;)

    What also stands out is just how incredible GT3 still looks today!

  31. Dec. 23, 2:32pm

    My first and still the best driving sim on the market. I think GT-series representing the uniqe and truly !working! approach between accessibility and simulation.

    And yes, think is the only sim on consoles, where speed is showed without any or postFX blur.

    Thank you Kaz! Thank you PD!

    • Dec. 23, 7:13pm

      FINALLY ,
      I tried to explain to my friend that speed is only perceived by our periphery vision , and that’s why Granturismo seems so slow since ALL racing games blur the corners * forza* and of the cars and track themselves *mid night club and most need for speed games as well as pretty much every game *and its a false sense of speed , This is until you play GT5 in 3D.. Closest thing to “speed” as you’l ever get on screen . The only other trick that code masters has perfected is cluttering the screen with things above teh car suck as banners wires ETC. Kind of like the reflections in a tunnel in GT5.

  32. Dec. 23, 2:08pm

    graphics changed, but sounds are almost the same. Love the idle sound in GT1.

  33. Dec. 23, 1:59pm

    Happy 15 years GT and thank you Kazunori Yamauchi. It was a pleasure meeting you at E3. I’ve been a fan since the 1st GT came out on the 1st Playstation System. The GT Series is the best driving game, period. Keep up the Awesome work.

  34. Dec. 23, 1:41pm
    DriftEmotion FC

    Wow i was only one and a half years old when the first GT came out and started on GT3 when i was 6. I wasn’t even around really then and still this almost made me shed a tear, Thanks you GT for all the great memories and the great friends i have made online, to bad i cant celebrate because i sent my PS3 back today but i’ll be back in 2 weeks to have some more fun God bless GT :D

  35. Dec. 23, 12:59pm

    …and thank you, Amar, for this great, beautiful post!

  36. Dec. 23, 12:49pm

    Happy 15 years Gran Turismo. been playing since i was 10 and im now 25. still remember the first time playing on Christmas! here is to 15+ more years of Gran Turismo!

  37. Dec. 23, 11:41am

    Best Article on this news section for some time!

    loved watching the videos..makes my wanna get an old PS1!

    Happy anniversary GT!..and merry christmas everyone! :)

  38. Dec. 23, 11:32am

    Happy birthday Gran Turismo! Thank you to everyone at polyphony digital for making my childhood memories. This is something that the forza series cannot boast about, and no matter how many people dislike GT5 over forza, the GT series rains supreme over any franchise…
    Wonderful article amar;) and great work kaz!

    • Dec. 23, 11:36am

      It never fails to amaze with all it’s features, it has floors but the freedom & huge figures r found no where else with love of racing,

      Happy birthday PD & Sony for the amazing series! keep it going!

    • Dec. 23, 3:59pm

      It was only a matter of time until someone had to bring up Forza for no reason. Nice job.

    • Dec. 23, 10:57pm

      Of course the Forza troll has to comment on someone commenting about Forza in a GT related article…… Stiggy is correct – Forza has not been out 15 years, and I am sure when it does reach that age there will be a lot of fanfare with it.

    • Dec. 23, 11:22pm

      As usual, people are so quick to make assumptions. I’m a GT fan too, so your name-calling is inaccurate. And no kidding Forza hasn’t been around for 15 years. No need to state the obvious. It’s just unnecessary to shoot down another racing franchise with fanboy drivel when it has nothing to do with this article.

    • Dec. 24, 7:52am

      With as many of your posts as I have seen over the past year, I think I am pretty accurate on my call. I do agree with you on people mentioning other games on another game’s site though, as it gets out of hand at times. However, Stiggy’s comment was not a shoot down (at least through my eyes), and as usual of your comments, you roll up your sleeve and defend your game.

  39. Dec. 23, 11:16am

    HY to all, happy birthday Gran Turismo!!
    GT made my life, I got it for my birthday with PS One in 1998, that just defined my life cause my dad said that my first word was “auto” witch in Croatin means car, he said I always wanted to know witch car is witch and who makes it, so when he heard of GT I got PS + GT for my eight birthday. Rest is history and GT just pointed my life toward racing.
    Racing is the best way to feel life and to see how alive you are, honestly I can’t wait for GT Academy to be started in Croatia cause it’s a huge chance for me and some others like me to have opportunity to make dreams come true.
    Kazu keep up perfect work with your team. I can’t wait for GT6 to come out, I have my PS3 for a year and a half and GT also, 95% of my time on PS3 is GT. I even taught my girl how toplay it and she loves it! :)

  40. Dec. 23, 11:03am

    Great videos daan, and heartful arcticle Amar :tup:
    Thank you, and happy birthday GT.

  41. Dec. 23, 10:32am

    Hail to the King

  42. Dec. 23, 9:54am

    Great article, GT1 changed the face of gaming forever, i remember when i first played the demo, those cars with reflections!!!! it blew my mind and i was instantly hooked. GT defined the replay and there was nothing better than having a great race on your own or with a friend then sitting back and watching the replay. I remember a great race i had with my friend on GT1

    • Dec. 23, 10:00am

      I had the black Castrol Supra my friend the White, we were on the high speed ring and on one corner i hit the wall and took off, my friend said he saw my tire in his window, awesome. I bought every GT game, i purchased the PS2 because of GT3 and the PS3 because of GT5, Happy anniversary GT, merry xmas Polyphony and GTPlanet, looking forward to many more years of awesome gaming.

    • Dec. 23, 11:34am

      GT series brings endless stories,
      the things that stood out to me was the flair of racing, & the fact that u could save those epic moments with photos & replays & then show ur friends, its an amazing Series, now there r countless features that r not in any other games, never fails to amaze, hope it stays that way…

      Happy B-day & marry xmas to PD & Sony :D

  43. Dec. 23, 9:23am
    Scuderia Paul

    Gran Turismo has given me more enjoyment than any other series and I look forward to many more years of fun. Congratulations to Polyphony Digital and Sony on your success. Roll on GT6 on Vita and PS3 / Orbis…

    Im off to drive some 1997 cars in celebration of GTs release.

  44. Dec. 23, 8:52am

    I had gt 1 gt 2 gt4 and gt 5 collectors edition!! Loved gt2 for the adjustability of suspension components and gt5 for all the versatility and continuing software updates and improvements!!

  45. Dec. 23, 8:42am

    Over 10 years in and I own 4 video games GT-3,4,5P, and 5. Never bored in all that time. GT-anyhing ROCKS.

  46. Dec. 23, 7:38am

    And thanks to Sony for giving Kazunori the chance to make his visions reality !!! :-)

  47. Dec. 23, 7:23am

    Gran Turismo is the reason I bought a PlayStation :-)

  48. Dec. 23, 7:14am

    A really enjoyable write up Amar and kudos to you for the time spent.

    I see a lot of people have grown up with the series, some are even the same age. As for myself, and a few good folks I met through GT5, we started a lot later in life. The fascination and good times it’s interesting to note, have been no less for that fact. There is no doubt that the series has a magical quality that drew each of us in and called us back for more.

    I only got GT3 and the GT4 when I picked up an old PS2. The PS3 followed quickly afterwards and then GT5. I have met some really good people and sunk far too many hours into each of the games, so thank you PD and happy 15th anniversary from me too.

  49. Dec. 23, 6:55am

    GT1 was Epic, i really miss those early GT days. But i dont miss using controller:)
    Thanks for 15 years of racing and drifting.

  50. Dec. 23, 6:27am

    Happy anniversary GT I will love you forever <3

    • Dec. 23, 6:44am


    • Dec. 23, 6:55am

      You hit the nail on the head.

  51. Dec. 23, 6:08am

    Really really beautiful article.

  52. Dec. 23, 5:44am

    My BGM in GT5 is from …GT2!

    So many memories, thank you PD!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  53. Dec. 23, 5:43am

    Happy Anniversary GT! :)

  54. Dec. 23, 5:42am

    Happy anniversary!

    Very nice article ;-)

  55. Dec. 23, 5:34am

    This is cool.

    I set myself a new challenge. To relive GT in GT5, I have just bought the exact Premium cars( all whopping 12 of them!) that appear in GT. I am in the process of collecting all the Standard cars that appear in GT as well. From now until I go collect them all, I will race only GT original circuits in Practice( to allow dealership to cycle) and Arcade Modes.

    This should be fun as I await new DLC and GT6.

    Merry Christmas GTPLANET & PD

  56. Dec. 23, 5:23am

    Happy anniversary :-))

  57. Dec. 23, 5:18am

    Gran Turismo was born 1 year and 1 month after I was born. Maybe thats the reason I like this game so much.

    Great write up, wallpaper and videos guys.

    I just want to say, since this is the best time to say this I guess.

    Gran Turismo has really changed my life and I’m sure there are more people like me on this forum.

    I was into cars when I was younger but never really followed it though. In 2000 my parents bought my sister and I a PS2 with GT3 and a Driving Force. I went from being a 4 year old with no idea on how to control a car to being able to hold a racing line. As time went on and the new GT were released, my skills got better and now here I sit. With GT5 in my PS3 and I am able to use a lot of the skills I learnt in GT in the real world. From the driving to the tuning, like in GT4 when it tells you that an ECU, intake and exhaust on a turbo car will cause great power gains on a budget.

    I am now parts of various car communities and trying to become a Mechanical Engineer, if that fails I’ll become a Mechanic.

    Thank you Gran Turismo.

  58. Dec. 23, 3:51am

    Brilliant writeup and superb videos. 15 years of Gran Turismo! I can hardly believe it myself.

    The first game in the series that I played was GT2. I’d go over to a friend’s house where we always played Need for Speed at that time. Then, his brother gave him GT2, and all of a sudden NFS didn’t matter anymore. We invited lots and lots of people to see who could beat us in splitscreen, always trying out different combinations of cars and tracks. It was a good time.
    I myself didn’t have a PS1 though, which is why I haven’t really played any of the PS1-era GTs myself. But I was at my friend’s house a lot, and we completed both GT1 and GT2 together. The two things that got me about GT were its sheer amount of cars and its music. Need for Speed sure had a nice selection of dream cars back then, but I could drive my parents’ car in GT! That was really something. And the music… well, I think “Feeder” is all I have to say to let you know it stuck with me.
    Because my friend didn’t get a PS2 until 2004, we kind of skipped GT3, which made me a bit sad. We’d see screenshots of it on the internet, drooling about the amazing graphics. But then, GT4 came out, I bought it as a birthday present for my friend and again we completed it together.
    GT is what really fueled my love for cars. In fact, it made me a bit spoiled about cars. When I had my driving lessons, I was forced to drive a BMW X1, and let me just say how much I hate that car. It’s just a giant hunk of metal under your buttocks and you feel nothing when driving. No excitement or fun or anything like that. The steering feels detached, the ride is simply silly (you feel every single bump in your spine, but that doesn’t help car control a bit, because the steering wheel isn’t transmitting any information from the road to you) and the turbo lag was just insanely annoying.
    That’s what GT got me into. I started watching shows like Top Gear, of which I’m still a huge fan to this day, and from the first day I played GT I’ve learned so much about cars. And I even got a PS3 just for GT5 for Christmas 2010. I’ll probably love this series until the day I die and I think that’s a good thing. I’m sure I’ll eventually get GT6. And GT7. And GT8. I hope PD will never stop making these games, because I’ll never stop buying them.

    Long story short: I’m grateful for the fun, the good times and the love for cars GT brought me. Thank you GT, PD, Yamauchi-san, and Happy Birthday!

  59. Dec. 23, 1:43am

    My love affair with cars began with my dad and his cars. Some of my favorites were a 1962 grey w/blood red interior Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham that aged beautifully in the garage, a burgundy 1976 Lincoln Mark III with over extending door locking mechanisms that would deny any egress until it thawed during those bitter cold winter months and a red 1962 Ford Thunderbird Roadster with a leaky intake manifold are some of his most memorable whips.

    Cereal box Hotwheels, AFX slot cars, MPG 1:25 scale models and a Montgomery Ward’s 10 speed full suspension chopper bike were my earliest whips.

    As a proud (and broke) owner of a 64,000 mileaged 1981 alpine white Audi 5000 turbo I cut my street racing chops on a 15 mile stretch of LakeShoreDrive between trade school and home base and began gathering performance data provided by Road&Track, Car And Driver and MotorTrend magazines into a single database… then came Sega.

    I brainstomed ‘with this data I could do for street machines what Sega was doing for Formula One’… then came Gran Turismo. Dream realized!!!

    GTs 1-4 were enjoyed via split screen with inlaws and kinfolk alike. Teams were established amoungst us and our favorite manufacturers and a gentlemen’s agreement was made… None would drive anothers’ team car against another. Great rivalries were established and to this day I hesitate to pilot a Toyota against a Nissan, a GM against a Chrysler or a British motorcar against an Italian work of art. It just ain’t in me.

    Thank you PD, Kaz and all that make GT possible. Happy fifteenth birthday. Wish you many more.

  60. Dec. 23, 1:42am

    Pffff, 15th anniversary. Let’s b***h about DLC’s! ;)

  61. Dec. 23, 12:52am

    My love affair with cars began with my dad and his cars. Some of my favorites were a 1962 grey w/blood red interior Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham that aged beautifully in the garage, a burgundy 1976 Lincoln Mark III with over extending door locking mechanisms that would deny any egress until it thawed during those bitter cold winter months and a red 1962 Ford Thunderbird Roadster with a leaky intake manifold are some of his most memorable whips.


  62. Dec. 23, 12:44am

    Happy birthday, Gran Turismo. 23/12/1997. NEVER. FORGET.

    BTW, why the SSR5 video was in reverse course?

  63. Dec. 23, 12:33am

    Reading some of this, I share the exact same memories of naming every car and make I could. No how many sims I play, on the PC or the Console, Licensed title or not, GT is the reason why I am even a sim racing fan. Happy 15th, Gran Turismo.

  64. Dec. 23, 12:29am

    Thank you for entertaining write-up.

  65. Dec. 22, 10:46pm

    Do you think it’s possible to make an iPhone wallpaper? I would love the set it as my lock screen background. Anyone else?

    • Dec. 23, 1:36am

      I’ve made the red image at the top of the page my lock screen. Jus open GTP in safari, hold your finger on the pic you want and select save image once the option pops up :)

      On the article, i’ve gotta say a big thank you to amar for what is a truly heartfelt write up. I have a vast amount of respect for not just the creators of Gran Turismo or GT Planet but also all of you community members who helped make GT what it is today.

      Thanks for reading fellow GTers

    • Dec. 23, 1:37am

      You can just save one of those wallpaper images on your iPhone and zoom in on it when setting it as wallpaper

  66. Dec. 22, 10:24pm

    I remember when I first played GT. I was 9. I didn’t even know the difference between manual and automatic. I would choose MT for the hell of it and for some reason my NSX just stayed on 40mph. I thought there was something wrong with the car LOL.

    • Dec. 23, 12:02am

      Hahaha, the same thing I felt too when I first played GT2, I didn’t know about both the AT and MT. When I chose MT, I was confused as to why my car was going slow. Good times. :)

    • Dec. 23, 1:39am

      Lol, I remember doing that with Colin McCrae rally 2.0 when it was the first game I got with my Gameboy Advance back in the day when I was a young man :) good memories

  67. Dec. 22, 10:15pm

    Happy anniversary, Gran Turismo!

  68. Dec. 22, 9:58pm

    I admittedly did shed a tear for this. I’ll share my own anecdote.

    The first video game I remember playing was GT1. It also happened to be the only game I had when my uncle gave me that old PS1. That’s really what got me started in the world of cars. That first drive.

    I still have my original gamesaves, although since I cannot get the PS1 working without the right video cable I couldn’t tell you what I have, or what I did. There’s a set of three memory cards in my top drawer, locked in a box. That’s where my ancient treasures lie, locked away when they finally will see the light of day once more.

    In that selfsame box is contained many memories of my childhood. My first Hot Wheels car is also in there (a purple Lamborgini Diablo.) There also is the original GT1 and GT2 discs in the cases, along with the first Metal Gear Solid. Some things weren’t meant to be seen by a five-year-old kid, but… they stick with you forever.

    Similar to the tale above, when I got my first PS2 my parents stuck a copy of GT3 in there. And the addiction continued throughout the years. GT4 also came, along with new distractions in the form of a Wii, GCN and a DS. And, whenever I got frustrated with the PS2 Metal Gear Solid games, Super Mario Sunshine, the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series, or Super Mario Galaxy – I knew I could always pull out the original pleasures of my youth, partly to relive the fun of a young boy thrilled at cutting-edge graphics for the time.

    That also didn’t end on the right note. Both PS2’s have gone, victims of abuse at the hands of a frustrated tween who vented by playing for hours on end. They passed away, screaming. Cut adrift from the lifeline of the past, I strove to master the Wii, GBA, and DS, landing myself a copy of every single US Fire Emblem release. (About that time is also when I made this forum account.)

    The GCN, never abused, rests peacefully along with the other treasures of gaming – the NES, SNES, N64, and a Dreamcast – the first two from an older cousin, the third and fourth rescued from the fiery hell of the garbage can. It sits with the PS1, waiting for the day the light will be seen again, when I bring friends over for Melee tournaments.

    This year, I picked up a PS3 and GT5 (and promptly went bonkers when I realized that the model I chose – a 80GB backwards compatible – wasn’t compatible once I updated it. That, or my discs are scratched to hell.) Once I got the connection wired, I reimmersed myself in the love of the game, the love of the drive, the drive of my virtual life.

    That virtual life has been pushed aside as I began to get the notion that the important things in a real life come first. School, friends, family – those needed to be balanced, and gaming got the stick for the most part.

    Despite this… I kept wondering. Why did I love the Gran Turismo series so much?

    It all began, as I’ve told, from the very beginning of my gaming career. I suppose it’s that that drives me to keep playing this game series. It’s been… almost 13 years this December 25th that I picked up the controller for the first time. I may have had my share of anger and rage at this series. I may have given the PS2s an early death beating those damn endurance races. But… it’s been a fun ride, and it’s going to stay that way.

    Happy 15th, Gran Turismo.

  69. Dec. 22, 9:50pm

    Happy Anniversary Gran Turismo

  70. Dec. 22, 9:39pm

    That was the most beautiful article I’ve read in a while. It’s funny how all if not most of us start our addiction to cars the same way.

  71. Dec. 22, 9:23pm

    I just shed a tear, the first time i played GT was when my dad came home a december 25th when i was four years old with a new psx and GT2, i remember playing complete nights with my dad playing GT2, soo many happy memories

  72. Dec. 22, 9:22pm

    what a game cant wait for GT6!!!

  73. Dec. 22, 8:36pm

    with me it all started when my dad gave me a copy of gt3 when i was 6, there will never be any game like granturismo, its that feeling you cant describe while playing it that you dont get with any other game thanx for 15 years pd

  74. Dec. 22, 8:31pm

    For me the magic died with thew appalling GT5 single player career mode called A-SPEC. What an absolute slap in the face.

    • Dec. 22, 9:38pm

      Is there ever a timing you’re not bitching on here? Look at all the positives instead of the negatives for once.

  75. Dec. 22, 8:31pm

    I recently made a tribute video about this. It seems that I’m kinda late for the party.

  76. Dec. 22, 8:28pm

    I can’t believe I’ll be same age as the Gran Turismo series until February 27th, 2013…

  77. Dec. 22, 8:23pm

    Great 15 years!

  78. Dec. 22, 8:12pm

    Happy Birthday GT!
    Awesome videos Daan, very good job bringing it home to us all like that. Superb editing, and smooth driving!
    Amar, that was an emotional write-up that had me laughing and nodding in agreement with you, especially when you mentioned Rome in the Alfa; Gaming Gold.
    I think I finally realise the difference between the GT franchise and other titles; it’s the human element.
    Being part of this gaming world and the good times and joy it has brought me over the years would not have happened without Gran Tursimo.
    I remember being in trouble with a girl because it was “GT4 Day” and nothing else mattered.

    It’s The Real Life-Shaping Simulator……

  79. Dec. 22, 7:56pm

    Great write up sir. I always look forward to what you have to say amar212.

    I like many others who visit this website congratulate PDI on the past 15 years and wish Gran Turismo good fortune as the moves forward.

    Here is to a great 2013 for all things GT!

  80. Dec. 22, 7:44pm

    Great write-up Amar212. Happy 15th Birthday, Gran Turismo! I still remember the very first time I saw a GT1 commercial on TV and feeling my jaw drop to the floor because no racing game – nay, no game PERIOD – looked THAT realistic. I didn’t have a PS1 back then and it took me 13 years to own my first GT title (GT5). Regardless of where it all began for each individual reader here on this site, here’s to 15 more years! :-)

  81. Dec. 22, 7:32pm

    :D Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh. Thank YOU, amar212.

  82. Dec. 22, 7:25pm

    Although it doesn’t cover all 15 years (it only goes to GT4), I feel that this video is completely within the spirit of this post
    I especially love the way that the creator edited the sound at the start to include the engine start-up and revving.

  83. Dec. 22, 7:20pm

    Happy Birthday, GT. You’ve made me who I am today.

  84. Dec. 22, 7:15pm

    Happy Birthday, Gran Turismo! Here’s to many more years of bliss!

    Great, great article. I’m sure everyone’s story with GT is different, but I am convinced at least half of them are just as deeply felt as this one!

  85. Dec. 22, 7:08pm

    Happy Gran Turisbirthday!!! 15 years wow…life goes by…27 now and I play since the first one…

  86. Dec. 22, 6:51pm
    Deko Wolf-GTPT

    The most sentimental news on the news feed I have ever read. Kinda brought a tear to my eye.

    Thank you every single person involved in Polyphony Digital, and thank you GTPlanet community for support.

  87. Dec. 22, 6:45pm

    Happy Anniversary GT!

    What an amazing milestone for Kaz and his team!

    I haven’t been with the series long, but I plan on sticking with it from here on out.

  88. Dec. 22, 6:38pm

    wow some great memories there great post.Thank you amar and thank u gt.

  89. Dec. 22, 6:35pm

    What a awesome write up! I really look forward to GT6 and how it turns out. I even had a thought that it had some much awesome stuff in, and even that city that was from GT5’s main menu being GT6’s new GT Life mode. Everyday I have a belief that GT6 will be the best game ever with everything hopefully solved and fixed. :D

    Like the others said, I hope Kaz and PD has some plans for the celebration. Ooooh I don’t know, like a final update and a bit of content if possible? :) (Don’t want to get my hopes up though.)

    Anyways. Happy 15th anniversary Gran Turismo!! I adore the franchise! :D

    • Dec. 22, 6:48pm

      And thank you amar212 for those great videos, they’ve brought so much good memories. :)

  90. Dec. 22, 6:35pm

    15 Years GT! Wonderful work PD, may your commitment and affiliations with the automotive & motorsport industry continue into the future.

    Great write-up amar212, you summed up how much this great video game brought racing fun into the living room over the decade & a half going through incredible technological changes. The future of Gran Turismo should be bright :)

  91. Dec. 22, 6:32pm

    Brings me back to the day that I discovered GT. In junior high, before renting games from a local video store you could try them out on their gaming systems. Picked Gran Turismo off the shelf and gave it a go. Fell in love. Rented it for 2 weeks and then got it as a gift and have purchased every release since then.

    Bring on GT6. :)

  92. Dec. 22, 6:11pm

    Wow, what a read. I only found the game in the later stages of GT2, but have been playing ever since then. Almost every day, and many nights, I have driven away my life trying to get that one perfect lap in that one perfect car. Thank you for everything PD.

  93. Dec. 22, 6:10pm

    Great write up Amar, thanks for the memories. Thanks also to Jordan, GT Planet is one amazing accomplishment, you should be proud of what you created.

    To many more years!

  94. Dec. 22, 6:07pm

    Happy Birthday GT, since day 1 on GT1, memories were formed & then with my late father-in-law on GT3 the split screen battles late into the night. To now blasting around the legendary Spa & ‘Ring online with my friends. It still has the magic GT1 had even now, sure it’s not perfect, I suspect even Kaz knows that but it’s damn close! :)

  95. Dec. 22, 6:03pm

    Happy Early Birthday GT!!

    Hope we have a even better 15 years!

  96. Dec. 22, 6:01pm

    Happy 15th Birthday of Gran Turismo! :D

  97. Dec. 22, 5:59pm

    Cant believe its been that long.

  98. Dec. 22, 5:57pm
    Mac K

    Superb write up, although I’m not on GT5 to much anymore, I love the entire series and eagerly look forward to GT6! Happy anniversary Gran Turismo.

  99. Dec. 22, 5:55pm

    Happy Birthday GT! Here’s to another 15 years :D

  100. Dec. 22, 5:50pm

    Nice vids. I hope PD has good plans to celebrate, other than seasonals.

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