Check Out Dan Greenawalt’s Gulf Racing-Inspired Xbox One Controller

Turn 10 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt has joined forces with the Xbox Design Lab to create his ideal motorsport-flavored Xbox One controller.

The controller is inspired by the iconic Gulf Racing Porsche 917 — famously piloted by Steve McQueen in the classic movie “Le Mans”. Lavished in powder blue with marigold orange accenting, the controller is certainly a looker.

The design itself mirrors the livery on which it’s based pretty accurately, and is actually almost understated. The face of the controller hosts the light blue shade, with the rear-end and D-Pad in orange to complement. White XAYB and interface buttons complete the look.

Greenawalt explains that he wanted his controller to pay homage to “classic racing heritage”. The Gulf Oil livery certainly qualifies: the Ford GT40s and Porsche 917s that sported it are amongst the most instantly recognizable race cars in history. The 917 could even be appearing in Forza soon, at least according to a leak at the beginning of the year. There’s no denying the livery is synonymous with motorsports, and even with the Forza series, where it’s often a creation made by the community.

The vintage icon that inspired Dan Greenawalt as it appeared on the big screen. Source:

Greenawalt’s creation is the latest in a string of Xbox Design Lab collaborations between Microsoft higher-ups and other VIPs. The online tool gives plenty of room to tailor unique creations, and examples like this show what racing fans can come up with. Why not give it a try yourself and share what you come up with in the comments thread?

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