DiRT 3 is November’s PlayStation Plus Offering on PS3

DiRT 3

November should prove a treat for PlayStation Plus subscribers who enjoy the racing genre, with Codemasters’ 2011 classic DiRT 3 being one of the PlayStation 3’s free games for players to enjoy. The rally racer joins Costume Quest 2 on Sony’s last generation console, and for those looking to scratch a muddy itch on the PS3, this could prove just the trick.

DiRT 3 launched to a very positive response when it first arrived on the gaming scene. Touting an 87 on Metacritic, the game was particularly praised for it’s variety in tracks, events and the vehicle list, which contains modern-era and classic cars to throw around 9 locations.

Donuts Galore. Source: CinemaBlend
Donuts Galore. Source: CinemaBlend

The events on show include all the staples of rally; Point-to-Point, Rallycross and a debutant ‘Gymkhana’ mode based on the popular extreme sport spearheaded into the mainstream by Ken Block. Whether you want to emulate McRae as a purist or aspire to be a Hoonigan like Mr. Block, DiRT 3 offers a good selection of both disciplines.

The campaign mode that hosts all these events is based around the idea of earning ‘reputation’ points, acting as a mechanic which unlocks further tours to compete in and vehicles to drive throughout. From our time with the game, it may be better to play on mute as your ‘agent’ can become frustrating due to his undying obsession with you uploading your clips to YouTube and complimenting you on your ‘extreme’ driving. Flashbacks — similar to Forza’s rewind function — return from DiRT 2 to come to your aid when mistakes are made.

Tight and twisty roads are an abundance in Dirt 3 - this particular snap captured by Meanelf.
Tight and twisty roads are an abundance in Dirt 3 – this particular snap captured by Meanelf.

Multiplayer modes are also included, allowing event types seen in career to be experienced with others alongside party-modes like ‘Infected’ and ‘Capture The Flag’. If you can find an active lobby it’s worth exploring these as Codemasters nailed the fun factor.

The gameplay itself follows from the rest of the DiRT series to that point, blending a semi-sim like feeling that punishes you for bad driving but still gives you flexibility in correcting mistakes not so easily dealt with in total simulations.

There is DLC available for purchase in DiRT 3 which isn’t included in this edition of the game. The additional content includes a Monte Carlo rally pack and a Gymkhana expansion, so the selection may be worth a look if you fancy getting stuck into the dirt racer.

Northstar gets snowy in his Ford Escort.
Northstar gets snowy in his Ford Escort.

It’s refreshing to see a reasonably realistic racing title in PlayStation’s PS Plus offering to give some exposure to the genre. The choice of DiRT is also a smart one given that this year’s DiRT Rally is one of the best racing games on the PlayStation format and perhaps those who enjoy this game could be more inclined to pick up Codies’ simulation entry to the series.

DiRT 3 is available on PS Plus until December 1, 2016.

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Comments (11)

  1. Sick Cylinder

    I enjoyed Dirt 2 with a DFGT wheel, but when I played Dirt 3 with my T500 it gave the wheel almost no rotation (180) so I found it unplayable. If you are playing with a hand controller I expect you will enjoy the game.

  2. Benny44

    It’s a pretty decent game, and if you have ps plus, it’s a definite download. I was actually looking for this game in a bargain bin somewhere the last few weeks

  3. ss3

    Check out the is anyone still playing forum, I would love to meet now people on that game I love it would recommend and it got 9/10 by GameRetailers GamesRadar and Destructiod

  4. hobbsy

    Yes, It’s a good game, even if perceived as an older title, it’s not showing its age that badly. Plus what have you got to lose, at the very least get it in your library, it’s free!

  5. GT5 Level 41

    Be honest, worth downloading?

    I’m not into dirt tracks that much. I liked Tahiti Maze from GT2? GT3? I didn’t like dirt races in later GT’s.

    Is it cartoony Mario Kart like or more realistic?

    1. rom30s

      Dirt is definatley worth a free download, its real fun to play.

      after playing dirt you will look back at GT’s take on rally and realize how stale it was.

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