Experience VR Immersion in These Awesome Mixed Reality Videos

If you’re one of those people on the fence about VR headsets, you might want to look away now, for your wallet’s sake. Youtuber Marcel Pfister has unleashed two videos that combine green screen techniques with Oculus Rift to convincingly drop viewers into the driver’s seat.

First up is Assetto Corsa, shown above. Starting in the pit – with the necessary splash of fuel for the driver – we’re transported straight into a dogfight against an Audi R8 LMS at Mugello. The fluidity with which Marcel checks up on his opponent as they fly down the main straight is a massive jump on from what came before, even with vaunted triple-screen setups.

The DiRT Rally video (below) shows off how much greater the environment’s impact can be with VR. While not as technically impressive, as Pfister hadn’t yet made the improvements to his setup as seen in the newer AC video, the rally footage is no less entertaining. The claustrophobia really sets in as the forest portion begins. The only way you could get closer to rallying of this calibre is to buy an ex-works Subaru. Compared to that, Oculus Rift seems a bargain…

Videos like this really sell the idea of virtual reality headsets. While the rest of the industry grapples with implementation that doesn’t come off as gimmicky, racing games seem ideally suited for the technology. Triple screen setups aren’t cheap, and still don’t place the player as convincingly in the centre of the action.

With Oculus Rift out now, and PlayStation VR on its way, we can’t wait to see what the near future holds for racing games.

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  1. Cote Dazur

    If watching those video does not give a SIM racer the urge to get into VR, then they will probably not want one, beside trying one them selve. This is the best demo I have ever seen, very well done. looking forward to plunge when Sony VR and PlayStation “4.5” will be available.

  2. smilerftm

    I just can’t see the PSVR being powerful enough for this to work well. It’s very exciting but I can’t help but feel I’ll be a bit disappointed with it much like I was when they tried 3D games on the PS3 which was terrible.

    1. VetteZR1

      My only concern is motion sickness. I can’t do carts at all and twisty short courses makes me queasy. For some reason American truck simulator also gets to me. No problem at all in normal racing. I hope there are places to try these out before you buy one for people like me.

    2. Lambob

      If you are afraid of heights as I am, VR simply amplifies it in their demo’s , i.e space launch, high altitude, etc.

      though if you are NOT affected by racing on 2D monitors, you are in for a very special treat.

  3. JKgo

    ….Shaddap and take my money!!!

    …Oops, don’t have a PC powerful enough to run VR. Argh. Hopefully PSVR will be just as good.

  4. Broda

    First time I tried Occulus at a friends place. I was playing Assetto Corsa. I actually looked over and saw the empty seat and told my friend he should jump in. If you haven’t tried VR, It’s very bizarre. Your brain believes it’s real. The future of this technology is going to have huge implications. For racing games, it’s going to be amazing.

  5. Pillo-san

    Looks cool, but even in the clip you can see that the resolution is still lacking. it is hard to see stuff a bit farther away from you.

    I have the DK1 and it is obvious worse than what CV1 and Vive but it is impossible for me to race if I do not know the track by heart. Looks like I am going to wait until they release a higher resolution VR headset. But, those clip sure are awesome.

  6. marky5244

    I use an Oculus Rift DK2 with iRacing and I have to say, that is a great video but of course it looks even better when you’re using it as it’s all in 3D as well. :-)


    This is amazing. I can’t help but feel on one hand “Wow that’s incredible, its so immersive” yet on the other “Wow, this is probably gonna cause quite a headache”

  8. GTguy88

    That’s insane…. I’m not quite understanding how this works though. I thought the VR headsets did not allow you to see your real world surrounding, and make them seem like something else? I thought it was a screen placed in front of you that that gave you the correct perspective to trick your mind into thinking you are there.

    To me, this seems like the headset is semi-translucent and changing the surfaced in front of you, minus the selected objects (like the steering wheel and shifter in those videos)

    1. dance1211

      I think he had a camera attached to his headset and recorded both the game and the real stuff separately. Since they both have the same angle, he could simply layer them on top of each other in some video editing software (hence the green screen)

    2. chengman

      HTC Vive has cameras that make everything clear as you approach a wall or something. Pretty sure they can implement a wheel recognition system

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