F1 Manager Rebrands to F1 Clash For 2021 Season

The official mobile game of Formula One, F1 Manager, is undergoing a rebrand for the 2021 season. Now called F1 Clash, the game will continue to bring its style of F1 management simulation to mobile platforms.

Naturally the re-branding means that there are some changes afoot, but fans of F1 Manager needn’t be too concerned. Players already familiar with the title will find that the new F1 Clash plays just like it did under its old name.

While remaining broadly the same in terms of interface, there’s visual updates across the game. That includes improved 3D graphics, changes to the look of vehicle components — as used to upgrade your F1 cars — and a new “dark” interface.

The 2021 update, like previous annual updates, adds the current F1 season car and driver list, although it’s not clear at present whether the track list will be similarly current given the frequent calendar changes this season.

Player progress will carry over from the 2020 season, so that players can spend their points on drivers and components in the constructor championship store. Their F1 Manager progress may also reward in-game crates and buffs for the new multiplayer season.

According to developer Hutch, the 2021 season will be the most competitive yet. The development team has focused on making sure that all drivers can still be competitive, depending on upgrades, towards the end of the season, and along with 48 new components for the cars that should ensure there’s no single tactic for success.

Corentin Delprat, F1 Clash game director at Hutch, comments:

“We’ve continually improved the experience of F1 Clash thanks to the valued feedback from our community and our own learnings from previous seasons, but the latest season is easily the most exciting development for both the Hutch team and our players. Always envisioned as a competitive title, we’re thrilled to demonstrate our efforts to add even greater depth and enhanced mechanics, making F1 Clash an even more intense and rewarding package for Formula 1 fans.”

You can download the new F1 Clash now, for free, through both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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