Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme: GT7 Wheel Settings Guide

Fanatec’s Gran Turismo DD Extreme was released earlier this year, and since then, the GTPlanet community has dug in to figure out how to get the most out of it in Gran Turismo 7.

One of our members, “PirovacBoy”, is among the most prolific and knowledgeable wheel tuners around, and he’s shared with us his preferred settings and the results of his own research when investigating the various advanced force feedback options.

We are happy to confirm the recommended settings below make a significant difference in the feel of Gran Turismo 7 and bring out the best of the DD Extreme’s capabilities.

Of course, we are still waiting for Polyphony Digital to implement “FullForce” in GT7.

FullForce is Fanatec’s new force feedback protocol which allows developers to implement more detailed, high-frequency effects. According to reports, the FullForce protocol is complete: it’s now just a matter of waiting until Polyphony Digital introduces it to GT7 in a future game update. Until then, it’s up to experts like PirovacBoy to figure out how to get the most from the wheel.

If you don’t have a Gran Turismo DD Extreme yet, it is available to order exclusively on Fanatec’s website (affiliate link) and is typically ready to ship in most regions.

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Available Settings

You can access the wheel’s advanced settings by pressing the small black button below the wheel’s screen. Once active, use the main “FunkySwitch” (the multi-directional, rotating knob on the bottom-left side of the wheel’s face) to cycle through the various saved settings profiles which you can use.

The default profile, “AS”, uses the game’s default settings. Use this as a baseline to see how the changes you make impact the feel. Once you have selected a custom settings profile, you’ll find a collection of advanced settings you can change.

Force Feedback Strength (FFB)

PirovacBoy recommends always setting the FFB to its maximum value of 100 to access as much dynamic range as possible in the force feedback signal. Once set, use the in-game settings to control force feedback strength as desired.

Interpolation Setting (INT)

As explained by PirovacBoy, interpolation is “THE most important setting for the wheelbase”.

The lower the number, the more “rough” the force feedback signal will feel. You should find a reasonable value to be somewhere between 3 and 6 — any lower than that, and the signal will start to feel too harsh or mechanical.

Natural Damper (NDP)

A lower NDP value will make the wheel feel more responsive and quick, but there’s a catch: it won’t feel as natural or realistic to use, as the lack of friction makes the wheel too light and more prone to oscillation. You should find a setting between 10 and 40 to be the most reasonable for NPD.

Note that if you change the wheel rim, you’ll likely need to adjust NDP. Lighter wheels will need a higher NDP, and vice-versa.

Natural Friction (NFR)

As the name implies, the NFR setting adds more friction to the turning of the wheel. This is helpful if you want to affect the feeling of a car, or if you are using a lighter wheel attached to the wheelbase.

Natural Inertia (NIN)

A higher NIN setting will add smoothness to weight transfer to provide a more balanced feel. If someone prefers the full details provided when running the wheel with NDP off, PirovacBoy suggests adding in a bit of NIN to help smooth out the flimsy and light feeling that would result.

Other Settings

Force Effects (FOR) and Force Effects Intensity (FEI) do have an impact in how strongly some force feedback effects are communicated, and can be used to fine-tune effects like curb rumbles or road details, depending on how high or low the INT value is set. Spring Effect (SPR) and Damper Effect (DPR) do not appear to have any impact when adjusted while using Gran Turismo 7.

As for GT7’s in-game settings, these will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of car you are driving and — of course — your own personal preferences.

Typically, a lower Force Feedback Max Strength will be better for competitive driving in faster, high-downforce cars, as the lower strength values allow players to react faster. This comes at the expense of a realistic feel, and road cars in particular will be more satisfying to drive at higher values.

GT7’s Force Feedback Sensitivity is a somewhat mysterious setting, but can impact the responsiveness and details provided by the tires and suspension. Lowering Sensitivity can be useful to smooth out the signal in tandem with the wheel base’s INT value.

With all of this in mind, PirovacBoy has shared two recommended settings profiles you can try with Gran Turismo 7, depending on what type of experience you are looking for from your wheel.

Primary Settings

These settings are the ones recommended and used by PirovacBoy himself, with a preference towards a heavier, authentic feeling. If a setting is not mentioned below, it should be left at its default.

  • Wheelbase Settings
    • FFB: 100
    • NDP: 25
    • NFR: 5
    • NIN: 1
    • INT: 4
  • In-Game Settings
    • FFB Max Strength: 5
    • FFB Sensitivity: 8

Alternate Settings

These alternate settings will provide a more detailed driving experience at the expense of realism and authenticity. It provides even more transparency into exactly what the car is doing, which could provide an advantage to competitive players looking to receive the maximum amount of information the wheel can provide.

  • Wheelbase Settings
    • FFB: 100
    • NDP: 0
    • NFR: 0
    • NIN: 0
    • INT: 3
  • In-Game Settings
    • FFB Max Strength: 5
    • FFB Sensitivity: 8

Personal Preferences

As noted by PirovacBoy, wheel settings are an entirely personal choice. These suggestions make a great starting point, but it’s up to you to find something that you like.

It’s also worth repeating there is no one-setting-fits-all for every car in the game. To get the most out of a wheel like the GT DD Extreme in a game like Gran Turismo 7, small adjustments of force feedback settings can go a long way into helping you get the most out of the experience.

As always, our community right here in the GTPlanet Forums is the best resource for more information, and we encourage you to join the hundreds of other wheel owners who have already been sharing their thoughts and suggestions in our Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme owners’ thread.

Thank you to PirovacBoy for sharing his recommendations and expertise!

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