Fender Bender Reveals Rare Honda Civic Clown Car Edition

What initially seemed a typical driving accident turned into a most bizarre scene in England earlier this week. A Leicester security camera captured nine people vacating a Civic after it rammed into the back of another car.

Only two people emerged from the front row, but a staggering six came out from the back. That brings the count to eight. For reference, the Civic is designed to hold no more than five. That means these youngsters managed to put owners of even the roomiest minivans on the market to shame.

Bystanders could only watch as the heap of youngsters kept on emerging from the car as if it were a bus. The show really peaked when one of the passengers returned to the car to open the trunk, revealing the last of his travelling performance artists.

With a total of nine people being hidden within that car, we have to ask ourselves: how much is enough, and were there any more people left in the car? Perhaps one more remained bunkered in the glove compartment…

Although this must’ve been quite entertaining to watch, it probably wasn’t for Audi passengers. Judging by how quickly the Civic troupe booked it, they’re probably not the most upstanding of citizens.

The police immediately dispatched a unit to the scene, but it couldn’t do much for the Audi driver. The investigation is still in progress.


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