Forza Horizon 5 Let’s Go December 1 Stream to Reveal Holiday Season Playlists & Content

The latest seasonal preview for Forza Horizon 5 will stream later today, Thursday December 1, revealing what new content, challenge, accolades, events, and world changes are coming up for players over the next couple of month.

Unlike the regular Monthly/Let’s Go streams the December event is likely to pack two months’ of details into one show, just as we saw with the corresponding stream in 2021. That’s because the next two Series changes will be on December 8 and January 5, and Playground Games will be on its Christmas/New Year break.

We’ve already seen some evidence that would confirm this, by way of the “Torben Tuesday” whiteboard posted in October. This displayed two sticky notes with “S15” and “S16” — referring to December’s Series 15 and January’s Series 16 — linked by a two-ended arrow, in much the same way S2 and S3 were a year ago.

At the moment we only have vague ideas of what to expect from the two Series. Curiously neither the Monthly nor Let’s Go stream featured images include cars — although the gradual dripping of clues to the Torben Tuesday crossword has included the names of three new vehicles.

They are Cupra Urban Rebel, Lamborghini Sian Roadster, and “Nissan Z”. The last of those likely means the newest model, sometimes referred to as 400Z. However it’s not clear if these cars are scheduled for S15, S16, or spread across both.

The in-game “Coming Soon” tab lists S15 as “Horizon Holidays” and suggests the return of the stadium ice rink seen in S2/S3. Winter-themed decorations and collectibles should also be making a comeback.

You’ll want to tune in to both Forza Monthly at 1700UTC and Forza Horizon Let’s Go at 1800UTC to get the full picture on the next two months’ updates.

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