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2k/4k/6k Renault Clio UK cup 3 skins + car n/a

to install: drag and drop in CM

i did not create this mod shokeus did.

i am giving the whole car with my skins as i have had to change shader values and updated the kn5 for the window mapping (thanks to lowlife-drift mafia over on discord for the work in 3d software)

i have put an ext_config file in all skins to remove the rear wiper arm (on track) due to the wiper arm getting splats of paint over it when the mouldings are painted there is nothing i can do about this it is a poor mapping issue, also the tops of the rear lights get a lovely line of paint because they are also mapped along with the side mouldings, of course i cant hide the rear lights for obvious reasons so i decided to roll with it as i do not like the side plates without the painted mouldings, if you would rather have the wiper arm back remove the ext_config from the skins folder thats all that file does nothing more. If you wanted all mouldings black and no splashes of paint on the rear wiper arm/rear lights remove the ext_config and also remove the "" file but be warned this will remove all colour from the mouldings and leave them black. You can pick and choose what you do and do not want.

the red and the light blue are loose replica's the dark blue is fictional but in keeping with the other 2

Screenshot (267).png
Screenshot (268).png
Screenshot (269).png