Double Rare Skin Pack For Nissan R32 JTCC

Double Rare Skin Pack For Nissan R32 JTCC 1


Number 7: Team AUTO TECH
Number 20: Team Fujitsubo Prince Tokyo


1. Open the .7z file
2. Open assetto corsa main folder "\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa"
3. Drag&drop the content folder from the .7z into the assettocorsa folder this will add the drivers and crew suit
4. Open the Nissan R32 jtcc folder that you want to add the skins.
In the content manager click "content-cars-Nissan skyline GT-R R32 JTCC or the Class 1 and folder" or go to (\content\cars\nissan_r32_jtcc) or (nissan_r32_jtcc_class1)
5. Drag&drop the skins folder from the .7z into the car mod folder, this will add the skins
6. Open the 4k. 7z that is inside the .7z and drag&drop the skins folder into the car mod folder for the 4k skins this will replace only the main skin.

The 4k.7z file that is inside the nissanR32jtcc_autotech_fujitsubo_skins.7z doesn't have all the necessary files for the livery skins to work it has only the main livery skin in 4k resolution

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