F1 2010 mod for Assetto Corsa by Cimmerian Iter

F1 2010 mod for Assetto Corsa by Cimmerian Iter 2.0


F1 2010 V2 mod released by Cimmerian_Iter
Hey guys, today I present you the V2 update for the 2010 season mod. This should be the final version after 3 major change in this mod. From a simdream body swap to a full fledged 2010 mod it has come a long way.

Features :

  • Proper AO map for every cars, better metallic paint for the mclaren (CSP required)
  • Driver suits for every teams and all drivers has their own helmet ! (Big thanks to serg for making the skins)
  • Better handling, more realistic ! Thanks to LONG for making per cars physics. Exit easy to control cars, now you'll have to prove that you know how to drive. Default setup needs to be changed so that the car behave the way you want !
  • New engine sounds, Thanks to Prophetimus for the awesome soundpack, each cars sounds realistic !
  • Animated suspension
  • Featuring the 3 2020 classic car version from Codemaster : Ferrari Mclaren and Redbull
  • Lot of skins, Barcode, LG redbull, HRT early and late season skins.... There's more skins to make you happy !
  • CSP TyreFX support, You can now select soft and hard compound directly from the pit.
Please delete original cim_2010 cars before installing this one

Have fun !
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Latest reviews

I love this mod, what a work of art!!
Its a really good looking and very nice sounding mod of the 2010 Season! Just as mentioned yeah the rears locking very easily is quite an issue. Another issue is that its a bit too draggy, I can't seem to reach any high speeds at SPA in the straights despite running on low downforce settings. Other than that I've had no other problems with the physics of this version as it feels more realistic in terms of cornering and handling. Once again another top job :)
Love the cars. No surprise there, everything Cimm works on is great. My only gripe is the rear brakes locking up, I moved the bias more and played with the power of the brakes. Not sure if it's my terrible driving or it's a setup issue. Oh I almost forgot; wet tyre textures don't work. Anyways thank you for the great content!
excellent .thank you