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A 3 km long track in the Eifel hills , that doesn't take long to learn.
But to master it , well that's another story.


The track creator / info card claims that there are 22 turns , but I only count them as 10.

EDIT: Here's a video of an online race on this track from January 30th 2016

The first turn starts as a simple lefthander , but soon it drops down to a banked downhill. Going too too fast in the turn will result in a lawn moving experiment.
After that the track turns into a gentle uphill left followed by a flat out right.

Then comes the highest point of the track , right before a left-right chicane that turns into a 90 degree left turn. Followed by a high speed downhill left that leads to the lowest point of the track. A ~140 degree left that turns into a steep uphill , followed by a 45 degree left and 2 right hand turns that lead back to the main straith.

For stock 400-450pp cars on sports hard tyres the lap times are are around 1 minute 20 seconds.
The Group B Rally Cars should be able to lap this track under 1 minute 10 seconds on Racing Hard tyres.

Thank you @PASM for the track image and the YouTube video. :cheers:
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That's definitely a 5-star!! An instant classic and surely a keeper!
naloxoneGT is definitely right, it recalls Brands Hatch. It's just like a classic British circuit, with great usage of elevation change for corners and braking spots.
Such a fun, tricky drive. I'm amazed!
Nice track. Pretty tricky to hit all turns perfect.
Fun track to run on! Especially with the Clio 24V Thanks Madmax!
Great track! It reminds me of Brands Hatch.
Great fun track to drive. Challenging corners and great elevations changes.