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Nissan Z Unisia Jecs gt500 fantasy skin 2k/4k (car link included) 2024-01-27

Nissan Z Unisia Jecs fantasy skin 2k/4k
fantasy skin for the Nissan Z by TheNuvolari

in this download there is the skin file as per usual and an extension folder, this extension folder is exactly the same as what you have just with 1 bit of code removed which was to do with the exterior aluminium. In direct sunlight a bit of trim will be yellow if anyone knows how to rectify this that would be great, out of direct sunlight it's a perfect match i have tried fiddling with this but i cant get it to work in direct sunlight, as it wasn't a major issue i decided to let it out in the hope someone will come up with a quick fix it's got to be a value needs changing i just don't no which value

Forgot to add that if you would rather there be no orange skin over the "aluminium" bit just delete the file

to install: choose which res you want and drag the content folder over to CM

you will need the 1.1 version:

download in video description

Screenshot (428).png

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Looks very good
thankyou :)