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Finally done with Portland! Really enjoying this track more and more and I can't wait to race it in league Friday. Worked with @EDK who has intimate knowledge of the circuit to make it as accurate as possible. This track has a rich history with IndyCar, IMSA, Trans-Am and SCCA.

A lot of custom ted editing features have been put to use here with @eran0004's course creator used for the layout, his elevation editor for the elevation and surface, @tarnheld's ted editor to fix my banks issue and location, and have to thank @Mr Grumpy for sharing his Highlands track so I could figure out the pit lane entry curving. The scenery is placed as faithfully to the circuit as the game allows. Big ups again to @EDK for showing me the timing bug in the first turn chicane.

Track notes - Leading into turn 1 the turn signs are placed at 500 (feet), 400, 300, 200 and 100 just like on the real track. Turns 1, 2 and 3 I took a racing line approach as though my track widening experiment worked it made the rest of the circuit too narrow to race on. It's still dead on from a racing line perspective though. The rise up to turn 4 is pretty darn close and the turn indicators are again every 100 feet. Turns 4 and 5 are ever so slightly banked and keep you on your toes. Turn 6 is a fun blind uphill turn that really pushes you outside. Turn 7 has the most banking of any turn on the track but the really narrow apex makes it hard to take advantage of. Turns 8 and 9 lead you onto the back stretch which is seriously off camber and uphill really weird feeling through here. Turn markers leading up to turn 10 match the rest of the track. 10, 11 and 12 are slighly off camber but quick through the first half with 12 being a make or break turn for top line speed down the straight. 12 is extra wide on exit with the addition of the pit lane entry through the 2nd half of the turn. Yes the walkover bridge ends in the pit lane but it doesn't bother anything and it wouldn't feel like Portland without it.

Really proud of this one and I hope you enjoy racing on it as much as I enjoyed researching (watching old Indy and ALMS races!) and building it!
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I really like this track, I like the pit entry, and I see you have done some stretching with some of the fences. This track suits me more than Gateway. Please make the Ridge NingNasty. Thanks for making this one.