Tahiti Maze tarmac

Tahiti Maze tarmac Version 3.2

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Replica tarmac version of Tahiti maze rally with similar elevations.

The circuit is a bit bigger than original to accommodate start finish straight and final chicane.

scenery that tpe would allow.

low and high speed sections.

tricky hill circuit with up hill and downhill switch backs.

great drift track.

around 2.20 min lap

open to suggestions for improvement.

comment, like, rate, review and enjoy.
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  1. Minor update for Mr Millard

    Tightened apex's on 1st set of hair pins. Lengthened the 1st straight after 1st sharp left in...
  2. Eureka!

    Discovered that the old maps I had been working from are inaccurate when compared to replays of...
  3. Major update 2.0

    Entire rebuild now tighter and more open back section as recommended. Entire length now 3.06...

Latest reviews

A lot of superb improvements in version 3.1! The feel of the track now translates to tarmac in a much more intuitive way.

It's like the tarmac Costa Di Amilfi aka Capri Rally from GT3 Special Conditions. (I track I tried to make using the modified APK from GT Planet Forums. The process was hugely enjoyable...and nostalgic!)

The track ends up a bit slanted where a couple of corners are going across the face of the terrain rather than zig-zagging up it naturally. The early hairpins are not sharp enough. The first straight between the final 'ladder' of hairpins feels a little short, if anything?

Inspired re-interpretation of the back section. That final right apex is bang on the crest, making a hair-raising braking zone into the final 'ladder' of hairpins. Spot on! Great success!

Are you at the radius limit in standard Track Path Editor? Perhaps the next step is to back everything up and try the modified version. You could pinch the turns much better this way.

As for adding scenery, the original track is quite open much of the way around. GT2 short draw distances (and opaque trees) made it feel more closed that it truly was. Sometimes changing the corner type using 'increase radius' and 'decrease radius' or moving a couple of corner handles by a pixel triggers massive areas of scenery to become available. Without affecting the layout in any perceivable way.
Thanks very much for your review and continued support in recommendations for improvements on this and all my other tracks.

You push us developers to en-devour to create better tracks with every update suggestion and critique, Without users such as yourself I feel the progression of UCC on GTPlannet would certainly not be at the high quality it is today, keep up the good work!

I am currently using the modded apk. by private joker, which allows track placement anywhere around the map including shaded areas, this track is saved on one of those shaded areas as the terrain here best matched the original, however this may be why I am getting issues with scenery placement but I will try you recommendations and see if I can get some improvements, as you have mentioned a lot of the editing process in tpe is trial and error.

To my (limited) knowledge, unfortunately if you install a different apk. you loose all your track data that has been previously saved.

I should be able to address the minor issues mentioned in this review and get the 1st set of apexes a little tighter without overlapping the switch backs (wider would be an issue due to the proximity of the other corners) and a slightly longer straight after the 1st sharp left on the last set of hairpins.

I will attempt to improve this, Grindlewald and possibly Pikes Peak before I look into alternate and hopefully less time consuming user created editors and hopefully move onto the next level of editing expertise.

Many thanks

Recognisable geometry with sensible width and road crown. Original starts on tarmac about this width so it feels right.

The meandering back section shouldn't be so tight. The gravel was ultra wide in GT2, with no grip loss in the grassy verges. For the tarmac route to make sense, it must be a lot narrower, so these high speed kinks should be flattened out to keep the intended rhythm.

The final chicane could be a bit smaller, too. That might enable a shorter overall length. Due to the smooth surface, the longer length doesn't notice. Still around 2:30 for a 500bhp 1000kg 4x4 rally car. (RS200 in my case, as I have it tuned for ~550pp tarmac.)

Sadly it seems to straddle a valley when it should straddle a hill! The biggest gradients from the original are going the opposite way in your build.

The custom TED editor can move an existing track any distance around the terrain. If you can find better suited. Perhaps one of the advanced modders would collaborate on this excellent base build? @tarnheld @Mr Grumpy @razerman @eran0004