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Tvr Sagaris Britcar 24hr loose replica 2k/4k n/a

I have included a kn5 file only due to having to change 2 shader values on the wheels and windscreen. nothing else has been touched.

based on a real car on a real event but due to very few pictures and the ones i could find being very low quality, I have used a few different pictures to work from each pic slightly different variation of the same livery. There was only 1 picture with the same body the rest were fairly different

To install: choose which res you want then drop the "content" folder into CM

!!see "updates" for the link to the file to change the roll cage colour which i totally forgot to add. Just put the .dds file into the cars skin folder to apply.!!

Screenshot (462).png

Latest updates

  1. file for coloured rollcage place the .dds file...