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window fix for the 206 cup car. (whole car) n/a

window "fix" for pug 206

just a quick fix which was not quick in the end due to there being 80+ window skins i had to tweak, all i have done is made the front banner a bit sharper as it was jaggy before and made the stickers visible from the inside, i have also included the code to stop the stickers fighting which was done by shi for the peugeot 106, i just stole that code and chucked it into the existing ext_config folder.

there is newr 3d model for this car but its full of weird bugs and in all honesty it doesnt really look like much of an upgrde so i chose to fiddle with this car as i prefer it

done for me really but i wil share incase anyone is interested.

i did not make the car all i have done is the windows everything else is left as-is

pics to show you what i have done so you can make up your own mind if its something you want to download, the enitre car is available

drag and drop to CM

Screenshot (381).png
Screenshot (383).png
Screenshot (382).png
Screenshot (384).png