RIDOX Replica Garage : AUDI R8 LMS Ultra (Audi Sport Team Phoenix) '12 489HP to 552HP BLANCPAIN

A newly built tune Audi R8 LMS capable of 52.5s at Tsukuba at 528HP.

  1. Alternate Suspension, LSD and Aero for Better Stability on Low Speed

    A simple update with a set of alternate suspension, LSD and aero for easier handling car and more stable on low speed. Use both the Suspension and Aero as a set, while the LSD is optional, if you feel the original LSD too tight, use the looser one below.

    New Update / Alternate version with better low speed stability ( Suspension + Aero )

    Ride Height: 75 75
    Spring Rate: 21.43 18.69
    Dampers (Compression): 6 7
    Dampers (Extension): 5 5
    Anti-Roll Bars: 5 4
    Camber Angle: 0.4 0.0
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