RIDOX Replica Garage : Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 ( Base Model ) '09 570PP Sports Soft to Racing Hard

Ferrari 458 GT3 replica capable of 2:04s at Bathurst

  1. Ridox2JZGTE
    OPTIONAL SUSPENSION UPDATE 1.09 Onwards, offers better stability and handling.

    Suspension -INTRAX BLACK TITAN ARC 4 Way Damper with EIBACH ERS Springs -Medium Camber
    Front, Rear

    Ride Height: 87 87
    Spring Rate: 16.67 13.10
    Dampers (Compression): 6 8
    Dampers (Extension): 7 8
    Anti-Roll Bars: 4 4
    Camber Angle: 2.2 1.5
    Toe Angle: 0.00 0.15

    Alternate Toe for more stability :
    Toe Angle: 0.15 0.45

    Toe for better turn in
    Toe Angle: -0.15 0.25

    Notes :
    It all started with a message from a fellow member Danbojte :) Then I saw the red car in action at the track ( a picture of it :lol: ) and I realized I have the car in the garage, sitting there in stock form with over 200km from lapping Bathurst.

    The Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 was born :D It's a loosely based on real life car, not a full replica so to speak, as detailed information are hard to find, but I do have some of the most important information at hand. I spent a good hour or so to find the needed information, and tuning/testing around 2 hours :)

    First is power and weight, there are many level of power and weight for this car, due to various competition rules and balancing purposes. This build is a base model, a middle ground if you want to call it. Power is at 550CV or 543HP with 550Nm/405lb-ft of torque and 2750lbs or 1247kg. To achieve the torque, I have to use isometric exhaust manifold to bring the torque up at 406.5 :D

    I scoured the net for technical information of 458 GT3, I found some that I used here.

    Suspension is based on INTRAX Black Titan ARC ( Anti Roll Control ) 4 Way Damper, a great damper kit that received great praise when tested on a 458 GT3 at Spa Francorchamps. Springs are EIBACH ERS, with a set of 3 options front and back :
    120-60-280 N/mm
    120-60-300 N/mm- Installed
    120-60-320 N/mm
    170-60-180 N/mm
    170-60-200 N/mm- Installed
    170-60-220 N/mm

    As these springs rate are way too high and not available in GT6, I used the middle range ratio 300/200 and adapt it on GT6, the front are 1.5 times harder than rear. I used 16.67kg front and 11.49kg rear and it works so well. With damper setup to maintain excellent traction in all conditions, entry, mid corner, or exits, you name it, this 458 GT3 does it well.

    For transmission, the real car uses HEWLAND 6 speed gearbox, I managed to get rare information on the homologated gearing. Not sure if the final is fixed in real life, but in GT6 you are free to lower the final for higher top speed. The homologated gearing is setup to take advantage of the 458 GT3 engine peak power and torque, shift point is at 8700rpm ( 1st shift light ) and usable range from 7500-9000rpm. Again, real life spec works wonder in GT6, spot on !! Ignore the 7th gear for the sake of authenticity, if you find the car hitting the limiter on 6th, lower the final, I would recommend 3.725 for Bathurst ( 310+kmh top speed at conrod )

    LSD, the real Ferrari 458 uses E-Diff, I read that it uses 2 way with capability to reduce locking rate under braking :eek: So, I fine tuned the LSD in GT6, using high preload commonly used on racing cars, and high locking rate on accel and brake. The value has been optimzed, a click up or down of value would give substantial changes :) Higher gives better traction and response at a cost of tightness, while lower will give more freedom of movement. I set both at 45, this is perfect for most situation. You can fine tune the 458 GT3 behavior just by using LSD - rough guide :
    Static initial/preload at 28.
    accel 48 / brake 45 ( neutral entry, very tight mid corner to exit )
    accel 47 / brake 45 ( neutral entry, tight mid corner to exit )
    accel 46 / brake 45 ( neutral entry, moderate mid corner to exit )
    ----accel 45 / brake 45 ( neutral all around - used on the tune )
    accel 45 / brake 48 ( very tight entry, neutral mid corner to exit )
    accel 44 / brake 44 ( slightly loose entry, slightly loose mid corner to exit ) - running lower will make the car more loose.

    The tuning and testing process was done at Tsukuba, Brands Hatch GP, Silverstone GP, and Bathurst.
    This base model managed an easy 2:04.9xx at Bathurst during testing, 53.1s at Tsukuba, 1:24s at Brands Hatch GP, and 2:01s at Silverstone GP :D

    This Ferrari 458 GT3 is very quick at 570PP, with it's deficit in aero/down force, it excels in mechanical grip, balance, traction and acceleration even on higher speed region :D Red makes it even faster :lol:

    Important : NO OIL CHANGE

    Link to original post on my garage, fee free to visit and share your experience with the car :D

    Ferrari 458 Italia '09 GT3 Replica ( Base Model ) 543HP 570PP Sports Soft to Racing Hard
    ENJOY :cheers:
    Game Version:
    Controller Type:
    Game Controller
    Vehicle Manufacturer:
    Performance Points:
    570 PP
    Max. Power:
    543 HP
    1247 kg
    Weight Distribution:
    Max. Torque:
    406.5 ft-lb
    Tires (Front):
    Racing: Hard
    Tires (Rear):
    Racing: Hard
    Pit Service:
    • Improve Body Rigidity
    Aero Kit:
    Type A
    Rear Wing:
    Generic Wing: Type B
    Wheel Model:
    OZ Racing Superforgiata
    Custom Parts (Other):
    Improve Body Rigidity ( INSTALLED IN THIS BUILD ) -MANDATORY as the real 458 GT3 has welded roll cage and chassis reinforcements, as well necessary for racing tire fitment.
    Aero Kit Type A
    Rear Wing - Generic Wing Type B OR
    Custom Rear Wing :
    Wing Mount Standard Type D
    Wing Large Type B
    Winglets Type C
    Height +10 and Width +32
    Wheels : Standard Size OZ Racing Superfogiata / BBS LM-R / ENKEI RS05RR / RAYS 57Xtreme in Light Red Matte or Dark Grey or Black or Silver
    Car Paint : Rosso Corsa
    Suspension Kit:
    Height-Adjustable, Fully Customizable Suspension
    Fully-Customizable Transmission
    Triple-Plate Clutch Kit
    Weight Reduction:
    Stage 3
    Other Parts:
    • Racing Brake Kit
    • Fully-Customizable Mechanical Limited-Slip Differential
    • Isometric Exhaust Manifold
    • Window Weight Reduction
    • Carbon Hood (Body Color)
    Ride Height (Front):
    Ride Height (Rear):
    Spring Rate (Front):
    Spring Rate (Rear):
    Dampers - Compression (Front):
    Dampers - Compression (Rear):
    Dampers - Extension (Front):
    Dampers - Extension (Rear):
    Anti-Roll Bars (Front):
    Anti-Roll Bars (Rear):
    Camber Angle (Front):
    Camber Angle (Rear):
    Toe Angle (Front):
    Toe Angle (Rear):
    Brake Balance (Front):
    Brake Balance (Rear):
    Max. Speed:
    Max. Speed Unit:
    Transmission (1st Gear):
    Transmission (2nd Gear):
    Transmission (3rd Gear):
    Transmission (4th Gear):
    Transmission (5th Gear):
    Transmission (6th Gear):
    Transmission (7th Gear):
    Transmission (Final Gear):
    Transmission (Additional Comments & Instructions):
    Install all power parts
    Set Default
    Set Final to 5.700
    Set Auto Max Speed at 250kmh / 155mph
    Adjust each gear
    Then Set Final to 3.889

    Ignore 7th gear if wanted authenticity
    Initial Torque (Rear):
    Acceleration Sensitivity (Rear):
    Braking Sensitivity (Rear):
    Power Limiter:
    Downforce (Front):
    Downforce (Rear):
    Ballast Weight:
    30 kg
    Ballast Position:
    ABS Level:
    Traction Control:

Recent Reviews

  1. MisterWaffles
    Used it online against some actual GT3 cars with some minor tweaking. Balanced and dynamic to corner!
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate :) If you are interested in the Deep Forest revision for the 458 GT3, let me know, you can post in my garage at GT6 tuning forum.
  2. Dietrich
    Awesome tune. Just changed to 530 cv to fit competition rules I'm in. Perfect.
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  3. RiffleKing
    Brilliant! The 15 Minute Ia Ascari Race is a blast with this.
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words :) Hope you enjoy the car for other races ( online ) as well.
  4. GB_HoTDoG
    Very stable indeed Sir, thanks alot for your time in posting this setup.
  5. M3BIMMER 2012
    M3BIMMER 2012
    Thank You for making a 'proper' 458 racing tune! I know it sounds stupid, but I find powerfull cars like these harder to tune, so I respect your skills to tune this car!
  6. Robkecl
    very good tune, allthough i did make a few changes. i took off 5points of lsd accel (40) and 35points off lsd decel. also, i believe that on gt6 setting camber only slows down a car, so took that off as well. in any case, thank u for sharing...
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for leaving feedback, the camber used to reflect real life spec used. This also brings it closer to the real life grip. Most of my replica are still a bit quicker even with camber replicated. Just one of the GT6 flaws :D
  7. giorgos21
    Great tune.I think the small amount of under steer makes it more realistic.
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Run lower initial LSD value, check the notes for less understeer. Thanks for driving my replica.
  8. Gyro1780
    An excellent tune. Handles perfectly. Even on the limit it holds a nice tight line. A real pleasure to drive. Everyone should try this tune. It's just about perfect.
    Well done :)
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate
  9. jmatano32
    One of the best tunes I've tried. Great job
  10. theteacher1907
    Great tune. Took it around Suzuka 2014 on Racing Hards in 2:03.xxx Love the sound as well. Sounds like a GT3 car should lol. Kudos.
    1. Ridox2JZGTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)