RIDOX Replica Garage : Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 ( Base Model ) '09 570PP Sports Soft to Racing Hard

RIDOX Replica Garage : Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 ( Base Model ) '09 570PP Sports Soft to Racing Hard

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RIDOX Replica Garage : Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 ( Base Model ) '09 570PP Sports Soft to Racing Hard - Ferrari 458 GT3 replica capable of 2:04s at Bathurst

Notes :
It all started with a message from a fellow member Danbojte :) Then I saw the red car in action at the track ( a picture of it :lol: ) and I realized I have the car in the garage, sitting there in stock form with over 200km from lapping Bathurst.

The Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 was born :D It's a loosely based on real life car, not a full replica so to speak, as detailed information are hard...

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I have added updated suspension on the top of the tune page, the revised rear spring rate offers better stability and overall more confidence when pushed to the limit.

Suspension -INTRAX BLACK TITAN ARC 4 Way Damper with EIBACH ERS Springs - Medium Camber
Front, Rear

Ride Height: 87 87 - Higher ride height for Spa or any other bumpy tracks
Spring Rate: 16.67 13.10
Dampers (Compression): 6 8
Dampers (Extension): 7 8
Anti-Roll Bars: 4 4
Camber Angle: 2.2 1.5
Toe Angle: 0.00 0.15

Alternate Toe for more stability :
Toe Angle: 0.15 0.45

Toe for better turn in
Toe Angle: -0.15 0.25

From my experience, this should give more stable car on higher speed track.
Dear friend, i think you need an update. Go on Ferrari's website, and review your car, http://corseclienti.ferrari.com/2014en/championship-type/gt-competitions/

I also recommend this tune. Just scroll down to the ferrari. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/thre...aston-martin-brabus-dodge-more.291116/page-37

Oh one last thing make sure to be aware of updates for 2015!

The spec uses dry weight for the 2014 is 1215kg / 2678lbs, it's a factory claimed figure. When raced in championship, there will BOP, and minimum weight allowed is not dry weight. Dry weight will often leads to much quicker replica than real life counterpart.

I built replicas based on racing performance as mandated by BOP. 550CV = 543HP ( rounded ), I already converted the value in this tune. I also have other version for Blancpain and VLN SP9 Class replica, check my garage OP for details/link.

As for the link to the real replica tunes, I don't post my build there nor I used theirs :) We have different approach in building replicas as I used real life lap times ( race and qualifying as benchmark/target ), real life tuning method in suspension + LSD ( majority of tuners here go for close to open diff - unlike RL LSD setup ) and alignment. BTW, the spring rate setup in the side note of Kessel Racing 458 GT3 is not correct :) Check my notes for details on each of my replica build. Try compare/drive my replica and the one from that thread, and judge for yourself. :cheers: