¿Why GT academy doesn't go to the V8 supercars?

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    Based on the "GT Academy in Australia?" thread. This is one of my questions About GT academy I have since they are on Australia too, GT has a huge Aussie fanbase, and Nissan also runs on the V8 supercars... Why GT academy Australia doesn't go to their National championship??. Hey, I'm not stupid, I know we are talking about a Forza territory, but In my opinion, this entrance would be amazing for all the involves in this question. Here's my "because" answers?

    1: More GT academy motivation: It can motivate more Aussie gamers to run at GTA and get a chance to run at the V8s.

    2: #racingdriverwanted: The clasical hashtag can also bring more drivers from other countries to Australia's most important championship

    3: Nissan can have more choices: Not only the old drivers from the V8 supercars, also the new and current talent GT academy offers.

    4: GT vs Forza: The classic fight between Playstation and Xbox's main racing games now at real life at Australia. This one can bring the gloves and punches the fans wants to see between both.

    5: GT can have the V8 supercars license: Obviously this is something we all want at GT, even if Xbox has a partnership with them, nothing stops them to have the license and the addition of the cars to the game. The XR8 AU Falcon is awesome for me, but GT needs to be current with the V8 action.

    Here's how the car would look like. Nissan-20151.jpg
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    It could probably happen for the Dunlop V8 series which is the 2nd tier of V8 Supercars. I think the 2014 Nissan, Merc and Volvo cars might even be eligible for that series in 2016 (citation needed)
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    Spoke to Rick Kelly at the Pukekohe grid during the V8 Supercars round in New Zealand last month. Asked him if Matt Simmons was on a track to be placed in one of their cars in the future and his comment was "He's still a long way away from that".

    Take away from that what you will but Lucas Ordonez actually tested one of these cars a few years ago. Could be a financial thing more than anything since Kelly Racing were looking for a driver with budget to replace James Moffat for next year.

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    V8s are good, but mainly just because locally its the biggest series. GT cars are way better, with more opportunities around the world, and Matts gig next year makes him the envy of the whole Nissan garage. Couldn't be happening to a nicer guy :)

    2014, they used some of the V8 events for the live events. 2015, all the live events were held the week before nationals. Overall I think it was good as each day was different combo, unlike 2014, where some people (me included) knew the combo ahead of time.
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