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Merrickville, Ont.

Welcome to "The Lobanaro Lounge".
We are a group of like minded clean racers who just want a fun night of good race craft and good banter. We are not that serious and not a very politically correct room, so if you don't have a thick skin and can't handle some good natured ribbing, then this might not be the place for you! At the same time, we will not put up with anyone who disrespects another on track, or one who does not follow good race craft protocol. If you would like to join us, post in this thread and tag both myself, Aero, @aerolite and Mike, @Mike Lobban

  • Monday nights at 7:40 pm EDT.


Each week is a clean slate, points will be awarded, but only for bragging rights over the next week.

Each week we will supply a car for each group (A&B), and the track (or tracks) where we will be racing. (report#2)​

Tuning - Yes

Note: Until numbers are back up each week, we will all run in one group. It will be four race night format with some special event nights thrown in.

  • Two Groups, A & B, each in a different car, racing in one room.​
  • We will run a 4 race night for two weeks, then a 3 race night on the third week.​
    Week 1- Four races, (approx 20 min's), 2 cars from the same or different class, groups switch cars halfway through night, no pitstops.
    Week 2- Four races, (approx 20 min's), 2 cars from the same or different class, groups switch cars halfway through night, no pitstops.
    Week 3-Three races, (approx 30 min's), with pit stops, 3 different cars, each group drives all three cars.​
  • Repeat the cycle.​
  • On the four race nights, if there is only one layout of the track, we will then race at two different tracks.
    On the three race nights, if there is only one layout, then you can expect weather.
    We will also run special event nights every so often.​
  • Lobby opens and invites go out at approx 7:40pm est.​
  • 7:50 to 8:30 – Qualifying for Race 1 (All Qualy's are set to the next race conditions). During this time drivers can join the room.​
  • Race 1 starts immediately following qualy.​

Main Settings:
  • Damage – Visual Only​
  • Mech Failures – OFF​
  • Tire Wear – Authentic (can change depending on track and car)​
  • Fuel – OFF​
  • Penalties - Depends on track.​

On week three, mandatory one pit stop. All cars must start with the weeks announced max litres of fuel, or less if desired. We will be able to tell if anyone has set fuel higher by the extra laps done. Up to you to figure out how much fuel is needed for the rest of the race. Tires should last but there will be some wear, it is up to you if you want to change them or not.

We will start exactly on time, if you can't make it on time please just wait and join for Race 2.

Active/Reserve drivers.
Active drivers have priority to get into the race, up until 8:20 pm on race night.
Any driver who we consider part time will be on the Reserve list and will not get an invite on race night. You will need to let us know, preferably by 7pm on race night, if you want to join and we will send you an invite. List is in Report #4.

    • Privacy - Private
    • Event Length - # of laps to equal 20 or 30 min's
    • Maximum Grid Size - 16
    • Max Number of Human Opponents - 15
    • Fill with AI Opponents - No
    • Opponent Skill -n/a (this entry has no effect)
    • Opponents all Identical Car - no
    • Car Class - will change
    • Rolling Start - No
    • Practice and Qualifying for race 1 - 40 min's
    • Week 1&2 - 5 min qualy before race's 2&4, 10 min's before race 3
    • Week 3 - 10 min practice before race 2 & 3
    • Mandatory Pit Stop - Yes 1 stop - week 3

    • Not known until race night

    • Force Interior View - No
    • Force Manual Gears - No
    • Force Realistic Driving Aids -YES
    • Force Default Setups - No
    • Allow ABS - n/a (this entry has no effect)
    • Allow Stability Control -n/a (this entry has no effect)
    • Allow Traction Control -n/a (this entry has no effect)

    • Damage - Visual
    • Mechanical Failures - No
    • Tire Wear - Real
    • Fuel Usage - Real
    • Auto Start Engine - Yes
    • Flags and Penalties - Yes
    • Allow Ghosted Vehicles - NO

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Merrickville, Ont.
Major announcement for the Lobanaro Lounge.

Lobanaro is going on a hiatus for the summer and will reassess things in September. I think Mike and I are just about done with Pcars2. It’s been a good run, but with attendance being as low as it is lately, we both decided it’s not worth the work for 5 or 6 racers. It’s too bad for the group core of guys who are here every week, but, don’t despair, there will still be Monday night racing, just not in PCars....... I think most if not all of us have AC or ACC. I’ll still host a room on Mondays alternating between the 2 games, but just for fun...at least until we see what Pcars3 or God forbid GT7 looks like. For now though, we have to go with the best we got, which is not Pcars anymore.

Stay tuned to the thread during the hiatus for updates. As mentioned, this is only a break, not the end of the best, (imo) and most fun racing league on PS4.

As always, your comments and suggestions, (except for Bear....lol) are welcome.
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Merrickville, Ont.
Weekly and Archived Results.

The "Awesomeness" Post :D (points are just for fun, slate wiped clean each week)
Named after Mike "I am awesome" Lobban!

Congrats to @Rednose58, this weeks "Mr. Awesome" for the overall win :cheers:

Wk164-July 6th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk138-Jan 6th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk139-Jan 13th, 2020 Results.JPG

Wk140-Jan 20th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk141-Jan 27th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk142-Feb 3rd, 2020 Results.jpg
Week 143.JPG

Wk146-March 2nd, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk147-March 9th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk148-March 16th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk149-March 23th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk150-March 30th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk151-April 6th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk152-April 13th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk153-April 20th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk154-April 27th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk156-May 11th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk157-May 18th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk158-May 25th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk159-June 1st, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk160-June 8th, 2020 Results.JPG

Wk161-June 15th, 2020 Results.jpg
Wk162-June 22nd, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk163-June 29th, 2020 Results.jpg

Wk88-Jan 7th, 2019 Results.JPG
Wk89-Jan 14th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk90-Jan 21st, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk91-Jan 28th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk92-Feb 4th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk93-Feb 11th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk94-Feb 18th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk95-Feb 25th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk96-March 4th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk97-March 11th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk98-March 18th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk99-March 25th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk100-April 1st, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk101-April 8th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk102-April 15th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk103-April 22nd, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk104-May 6th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk105-May 13th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk106-May 20th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk107-May 27th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk108-June 3rd, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk109-June 10th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk110-June 17th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk111-June 24th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk112-July 8th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk113-July 15th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk114-July 22nd, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk115-July 29th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk116-Aug 5th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk117-Aug 12th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk118-Aug 19th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk119-Aug 26th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk120-Sept 2nd, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk121-Sept 9th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk122-Sept 16th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk123-Sept 23rd, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk124-Sept 30, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk125-Oct 7th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk126-Oct 14th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk127-Oct 21st, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk128-Oct 28th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk129-Nov 4th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk131-Nov 18th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk133-Dec 2nd, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk134-Dec 9th, 2019 Results.jpg
Wk135-Dec 16th, 2019 Results.jpg

Wk38-Jan 8, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk39-Jan 15, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk40-Jan 22, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk41-Jan 29, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk42-Feb 5, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk43-Feb 12, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk44-Feb 19, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk45-Feb 26, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk46-March 5, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk47-March 12, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk48-March 19, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk49-March 26, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk50-April 2, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk51-April 9, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk52-April 16, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk53-April 23, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk54-April 30, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk55-May 7, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk56-May 14, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk57-May 21, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk58-May 28, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk59-June 4, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk60-June 11, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk61-June 18, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk62-June 25, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk63-July 2, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk64-July 9, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk65-July 16, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk66-July 23, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk67-July 30, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk68-Aug 6, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk69-Aug 13, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk70-Aug 20, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk72-Sept 4, 2018 Results.JPG

Wk73-Sept 10, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk74-Sept 17, 2018 Results.JPG

Wk75-Sept 24, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk76-Oct 1, 2018 Results.JPG

Wk77-Oct 8, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk78-Oct 15, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk79-Oct 22, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk81-Nov 5th, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk82-Nov 12th, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk83-Nov 19th, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk84-Nov 26th, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk85-Dec 3rd, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk86-Dec 10th, 2018 Results.JPG
Wk87-Dec 17th, 2018 Results.JPG

Wk28-Oct 9 Results.JPG

Wk29-Oct 23 Results.JPG
Wk30-Oct 30 Results.JPG

Wk31-Nov 6 Results.JPG
Wk32-Nov 13 Results.JPG

Wk32-Nov 13 Results D1.JPG
Wk32-Nov 13 Results D2.JPG

Wk33-Nov 20 Results D1.JPG
Wk33-Nov 20 Results D2.JPG

Wk34-Nov 27 Results GrpA.JPG
Wk34-Nov 27 Results GrpB.JPG

Wk35-Dec 4 Results.JPG
Wk36-Dec 11 Results.JPG

Wk37-Dec 18 Results.JPG
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Merrickville, Ont.
Group placements, Active drivers.

Group A

@yogi bear

Group B
@Mike Lobban

Active/Reserve drivers.
We now have the Reserve list, which you will be on if we don't consider you full time. If you are on this list and want to race on any given week, please let us know before 7pm race day, or you will not get an invite.
Any active driver has preference up until 8:30 pm. A reserve driver who has requested to drive that week will get invite at the regular time and can start like everybody else. But if the room fills up before 8:30 and an active driver is trying to get in, then the reserve driver will have to leave. If there is more than one reserve driver, then the order of preference follows the reserve list below.

Active drivers.
@Mike Lobban
@yogi bear

Reserve Drivers/Inactive

@Rob Brown B
@Xradkins A
@Vaper58 A
@Cardahs A
@Esspugo1 B
@The__Camel A
@Senna94f1 A
@RobbiefromBC A
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Saginaw, MI
So do you guys think PCars 2 is ready for Monday nights? Or do we need to give it a couple weeks for debugging?
United States
Lihu'e, Hawaii
I say we jump in. It took me 20 minutes of getting bumped yesterday but eventually it was ok. I think our group is understanding enough to know we're going to have problems, but I think we should go for it sooner rather than wait.
Lets find the problems before they find us, that way we can atleast stay away from certain things... certain settings, track car combos... having the competitive licence on.. aha.
There will be alot of new lobbies being opened and closed so its going to be frustrating.
Merrickville, Ont.
So do you guys think PCars 2 is ready for Monday nights? Or do we need to give it a couple weeks for debugging?
The next two Monday nights are going to be test nights, the lobbies seem to have some bugs and we need to figure out whats going on ect. Hopefully SMS gets a patch out soon. I leave for a week Oct 2 so would miss the first race night if we started then. Mike said, "well, we are the bosses so **** those guys, we can start whenever we want", lol!!
Not sure what the night will entail yet but we will get a few races in.
After messing around a bit more yesterday I'm definitely liking it more. Found the graphics to be better at some of the tracks and the cars do feel great.
United States
read this regarding the ranking system.

""Number and Letter are not tied together...

Numbers: It's your Skill Rating - The Faster and the More Races you win the higher the Number will be.
Letter: It's your Safety Ranking - Going Offtrack / Cut Track / Crashes, playes a role here. U=Unranked and then F,E,D,C,B,A,S. The Higher the more safely you are driving""
United States
Game plays pretty well on a controller. I had to crank up the steering sensitivity quite a bit as it was initially too numb for my liking, but it got fairly predictable quickly.
United States
So...get it?

Is it the next awesomeness in league racing before I spend the cash?

I'd say yes. There will always be other options, but this one will end up a better investment than the first.
Trinidad and Tobago
Port of Spain
Yeah just making sure everyone wasn’t disappointed and changing their minds :)

Don't get too excited though. There's been some negative feedback also, most likely teething issues which hopefully would be sorted out later. Negative feedback has been mainly with car handling/stability, configs and force feedback.


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Saginaw, MI
Still haven't even tried PCars 2. Probably won't make it tomorrow night either. Being sick SUCKS!
United States
Lihu'e, Hawaii
Sorry I missed the last 2 weeks guys, I was on vacation in Europe (Latvia) I stopped by an Auto Museum while I was there, so heres some pics for you guys:















Welcome back, we missed ya! First Hawaii, now Europe, now that's the way to do it.
Too bad about the Rolls, think that will buff out?
'ADDINOL - The Art of Oil'. - boy, if that don't sound like a PCars sponsor...
So is this going to be SNAIL? or Mike and Aero? I liked Mondays as they where before... I know you guys made the league for the worst of us, and we ended up with the fast people here anyway...