1000 Club Expansion, additional 250GS

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I rented Horizon when it first came out. The map is still way too small IMO that's why I never bought the game. But I might finally have to buy this game. That 1000 expansion will add quite a bit of replay value. And you cant beat free! Plus I can get the game for quite cheap now. Might even pick up the rally pack sometime if I see it on sale.
@CAMAROBOY69: On the Rally expansion, I've found that it's really nice in multiplayer mode, or in a lobby by yourself. When you can run any stage, at any time of day, with any class of car, it exponentializes the replay value. It's BS that it's set up that way (again, like FM4), but it's something to remember.
I wonder if this will unlock the "travel everywhere" feature in the game from the update, because that's what I'm after.
I just turned on the Xbox and looked into this. Pressing 'Y' on the map brings up the following:
To Fast Travel to this point, you need Fast Travel Anywhere. This will unlock:
  • Unlimited Fast Travel anywhere on the map!
  • Instant Fast Travel to '1000 Club' Challenge locations!
To get the most out of your Horizon experience, unlock it now!
Right now it takes 5 tokens to unlock; maybe TokoTurismo is right and we can unlock it by working on 1000 Club. It would be nice to have but I won't be bothered if it's tokens-only.
I just turned on the Xbox and looked into this. Pressing 'Y' on the map brings up the following:

Right now it takes 5 tokens to unlock; maybe TokoTurismo is right and we can unlock it by working on 1000 Club. It would be nice to have but I won't be bothered if it's tokens-only.

I wonder. Just in case before purschasing the tokens. If someone has all the DLC car packs purchased, they should try to complete the 1000 club challenges to see if the fast travel everywhere will unlock free. Just wanting to save you guys points if it's possible first, have my fingers crossed. :)👍

EDIT: I also wonder if the fast travel everywhere can be unlocked if one completes the main cars challenges (the ones that came with the game). :)
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On the Forza forums, someone said each car will have 5 challenges, making it 1000 it seems. :) I'll go play Horizon to get warmed up for the challenges, hehe. ;)
I'm actually looking forward to this, Horizon's single player is very short when relative to the mainstream Forza games and it doesn't take that long or is very hard to get 100% completion. I've been trying to enjoy multiplayer, but unfortunately the online community seems to be shrinking, for about the past month I've noticed that matchmaking will turn me up to an empty lobby after searching for about two minutes and the only real way to find a race is to look for the handful that exist in the custom lobby lists, which unfortunately at times people don't seem to like variety (i.e. what's up with all the R1 Cat and Mouse, King, and Infection events?)

I've noticed on various places on the Internet (here, the official Forza forums) of Horizon players saying something along the lines of how they've gone back to F4, I think it's a mix of Horizon being too short, lacking in depth in some areas, and a good chunk of the DLC cars being veterans from older Forza games (now that I have gotten a copy of Forza 2, I have noticed some of the Horizon DLC cars date back to that game albeit with interiors and improved visuals). Hopefully this 1000 Club update can breath some new life into this game.
That's another thing though; the majority of the vehicles are poorly/innacurately modeled - and those body graphics are on par with the Suzuki Alto Works from GT5, yuck!
I understand that they are using tidied up models from earlier Forzas, but really, even some of the newer vehicles have noticeably shonky bits, eg;
CZ4A EvoX; the aftermarket side skirts have those black/stretched pixel marks on them.
Shelby Cobra; the chrome on the lights and windsheild lack texture - are bare.
BNR34; don't get me started. That black perma-graphic is just off putting; the head/tail lights are poorly modeled and there are clearly stretched vehicle mapping throughout.
C2 Stingray; the front fascia turns chrome in game and the bonnet graphics are very jaggedy.
S15; again like the Skyline, very poor.
22B GC8; see above. Also a "scratch group" appears above the right tail light.
JZA80 RZ, AE86, Boss '70(?), GT '05, McMerc SLR, NSX-R, DC5, EP-R, AP2... the list goes on and on.
Even the Morris Mini has the "blackening" around it's left headlamp. And that's a new model.
I expect Forza 5 will be using the same terrible old models...

Ugh, anyway, I do hope the challenges add more than an afternoons worth of playtime. Would've prefered street racing expansions or something or rather. Also, I do not want to see the Seasons Pass vehicles or Unicorns associated.
Just downloaded the expansion, all the challenges are single player only it seems so far. I caved in and bought the "free travel anywhere", just because I had 600 MS points lying around. It's utility does carry over into multiplayer free roam, which I think is where it will be the most useful IMO.

When they mean free travel anywhere, they really mean it. It's not just the ability to travel to any event now, but you can pic a spot on any road and instantly spawn there. When you think about it though, this new feature really obsoletes the outposts that are out there.

The five challenges vary from car to car, and they appear to have been set up so you can complete them in each particular car's stock form. For example, I think one of the challenges for the new F100 pick-up is to go 65 mph through a certain speed trap, which if you have the vehicle modified out is like stealing candy from a baby. Other challenges I've seen so far include driving from one point to another under a certain time, go enter and win a certain race, perform "x" stunt (i.e. a great 180), and smash certain objects. So far, I haven't seen something that is ridiculously difficult, I would just say going through all the challenges is just time consuming.

The challenges don't seem to give you any monetary reward, just a medal for completion.
Could have done with this before I traded the game in, after 100%-ing it in a few days :/

Now it's almost a full-price sized game.
It appears that you must be signed in to XBox Live to do any of the 1000 Club challenges, probably so that the leaderboard can track them correctly.

Only done 40 or so challenges at the moment, I don't think I'll get anywhere near completing the full 1000 or so challenges before I get bored.
Sorta over this already; expected something after completing the Million Dollar list. Just seems like a gimmick to get the OCD people to purchase the past DLC packs.
Moving on...
After doing about 34 or so challenges, I'm convinced that there isn't really anything that is even remotely difficult. I don't really blame anyone that feels they will be bored before they get all 1000 challenges done, because there really isn't anything to them. I've noticed quite a few of the cars have "do some sort of burnout" as one of their challenges, which for most cars is so effortless it kind of defies the basic logic of "challenge".

I suspect it was probably intentional to keep the challenges simple, because they could have easily made these challenges difficult by adding a few changes to them. For example, instead of just simply winning a specific race (which some cars have for a challenge), they could have stated that the race had to be won on "Hard" or "Insane" difficulty. Another example could be instead of merely getting five near misses, to perform 10-20 near misses consecutively.

I'm sorry, but Jetpack Joyride has more difficult challenges then Horizon as of this moment.
Well. I was enjoying doing the challenges for some cars, really liked choosing different cars from my garage for each challenges to do. But then I realized, that these challenges were just too easy and simple, and because of that, I instantly became bored and turned the game off...

It's a shame really, cause I was looking forward to this free DLC thinking it'll be loads of fun. How wrong I was. T10/PG better think twice if they think I'll buy their DLC to get the achievement, where you have to complete all challenges.
So there's a message saying if we complete the challenges highlighted in today's livestream, we can win a Honda CRX unicorn. I just can't seem to find out what those specific challenges are.

The livestream is here: http://www.twitch.tv/turn10studios/b/391782837

The problem is it's an hour and 48 minutes, so it would be nice if we all didn't have to sit through it all to find out what challenges they want us to finish.
Figured it out.

EDIT: You can fast forward the video.
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I'm just over 100 medals in; it seems like 1000 Club was mostly intended as a gesture for all the players who complained of burning out early because they ran out of checkboxes to fill. Kudos to PG for listening to the fans, but I don't know if these bite-sized challenges will be enough. I would have liked a traditional "free race" function instead -- any car on any track, with or without AI -- with goals/achievements integrated into that...

So far the two cars are definitely the highlight of the download. The CTR2 is wonderfully alive, and the F100 is nifty. 👍
Here is the list:

Lamborghini Aventador
Ford RS200
Ford Raptor
Ford F100
Toyota Supra RZ
Ferrari FXX
Ferrari California
BMW 1 Series M Coupe
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
Lancia Stratos
Mazda RX7

Clear all the medals for all these cars by Friday, you win a 1991 Honda CRX Unicorn.
How does one go about getting the unicorn after you complete all the missions? I'm done and no unicorn yet.
I suspect that the unicorn will be awarded when the deadline arrives on Friday. There is also discussion as to whether the Hennesey Venom GT is one of the cars that needs its challenges completed to receive the Unicorn on the official Forza forums. A closer investigation to the video shows that after they play with the Unicorn cars, they use the Venom GT which is not a Unicorn.
Well, I finished the Venom's medals already. So no issues there. Thank you for the info, Aftrbrnr
Finished the challenges for the unicorn. I had to take a break of about an hour while I ran a bunch of races at the cell tower, earning the 2.5 mil needed to buy the FXX.
The concept of having specific challenges for each car is pretty cool, even if the challenges themselves could have been a little more fleshed out (but that's to be expected of a 1000+ challenges free expansion).
I'm certainly bored enough to spend a few hours doing the 1000 Club Unicorn challenge. Each one is unique enough that I enjoy doing them. So far I've only completed 3 out of the 12 cars required for this, with only 26 hours left before the deadline. I know they said the Venom GT wasn't one of the cars required, but if I have time afterwards then I'll get the medals for that too.

And the inclusion of 2 more free cars that happen to be needed for this challenge is nice. The F100 seems to be pretty entertaining to drive with the modifications I've made.
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I did the medals for the Venom tonight just to be on the safe side. I haven't modified my F100 yet. I've been having fun floating around Colorado on cart springs and bias-ply tires. I'll probably upgrade it soon though.
Had a great run getting a medal in the 2013 135i. The set challenge is to get between two outposts, from one end of Montano Plains to Carson City in 2:20. Given the near straight road, and a healthy upgrade to the M5's twin turbo, I did it in 1:05!
So uh, I spent several hours yesterday grinding to get these challenges done to log on today to find no CRX.

Unless the Venom was a required car, which I didn't do... :grumpy:
Hmm. I got every medal for all of the cars listed last night, along with the Venom GT and Shelbys. But I ended up with no CRX either.
I got a random Dino. But no CRX, and I've done 550 medals. Including all the listed cars, all the Shelby's, the Venom, etc.