1886 Motor Carriage around the 'ring! (in about 2 days)

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I remember someone stating that it was "impossible" to get the Daimler-Benz motor carriage around the Nurburgring due to the steep hills encountered. However they obviously weren't as persistent, nor as insane in the membrane as me! Two days of carefully zigging and zagging up the hills finally got me a lap time of 47 hrs, 50 mins. Seconds and split second denominations are kinda irrelevant. Wish I had a digital camera to prove it! I know some will doubt my claim, and commitment and sanity!

How I did it:
Arcade mode, 0.2 extra KW in the 'quick tuning' menu! Whoohoo! Up to a massive 1.2 KW of sheer grunt. I took off some weight also, as much as the game allowed.
Economy tyres for minimal rolling resistence to get max use of rolling up some hills that would've slowed progress severely.

Down hills:
Easy part. These sections felt like short-lived wonderful rainbows after the nightmarish foreboding horrible hills. The Motor Carriage tops out at a blinding 19km/h. However freewheeling in reverse gets it up to around 80km/h in places (briefly) and was very fun to coast much of the downhill and flatter sections like this! I even lost heaps of traction and "drifted" around corners, getting it up on two wheels occasionally! Can anyone get much faster than 80km/h in this bad boy billycart? Any track allowed. Just getting to the top of a big hill is the hard part...

Up Hills:
Oh dear. You kind of need to use a very laborious 'pendulum' motion. Picture the 'Carriage' perpendicular to the track (or more accurately parallel to the hill gradient line, so that its neither pointing up or down). Okay, now accelerate getting it up to about 5km/h or hopefully more if you go down-hill very slightly initially. Now very smoothly turn to drive up the hill for about 1 metre if your lucky (usually less if it's a bugger of a hill :scared: ). Then when you come to a complete stop due to the, ah, hill - CAREFULLY let it roll backwards slowly whilst turning full lock, braking to ensure traction (and precious distance up the hill) isn't lost. Carefully get it to a spot again perpendicular (or VERY slightly pointing down hill) to the track and with the rear wheels just nearly touching the grass. You should be where you started, but a few centimetres higher up the hill ready for another 'swing'. Its kinda like a pendulum motion, being slightly powered in one direction of the motion, which means you can very slowly make your way higher up the hill! Sometimes it can feel like you're not getting higher though! Persistance is the game and eventually you'll get to the top which is sheer bliss.

Another technique that seemed effective on the flatter hills, was to do a complete circle with full power, getting it into top gear (2nd) and then straightening up to slingshot it a bit higher up the hill. This is impossible on the steeper hills as you lose too much traction (and height) when turning the carriage back up hill after it's downward sweep. Trying to slingshot round in circles on steep hills will just lose you precious height.

Doing this lap was incredibly satisfying, as during the whole ordeal I actually had to think a bit and be very careful the whole time. I also never knew when and if I would come to a hill that was impossible to climb! This has confirmed that ANY car in GT4 is technically capable of getting around mostly any track in the game (haven't checked all tracks for obvious reasons! Laguna Seca might be hard...). Its only up to the sheer care, PATIENCE and determination of the driver. After working out how to get up my first hill in the Motor Carriage that wouldn't normally have been possible I knew I had to go for a whole lap of the Nurb!

What do people think? Any contenders for beating my lap record of 47hrs, 50mins round the ring? Please note the record can be beaten as I didn't know exactly what I was doing for the first little while, and the time includes some eating and sleeping time... Also max speed records for the 1889 billy-cart should be fun!

Any questions welcome, if I'm not asleep! Feel free to try the 'ring with the pendulum hill climbing technique and you'll agree its possible. Its very hard to get your technique down that minimises height to be lost. Any other tracks that provide good steep hills for a reverse freewheeling speed record? This is a game in itself..

Also I feel it would be easier to go around the 'ring backwards (maybe more gradual changes in elevation, in the direction you'd have to climb the hills, just a guess), ironically sometimes pointing forwards...hah!

Again very sorry for no pics, no facility for that kind of thing.


Okay folks, from now on I'll try to keep the updated records for each track here on post one. Big chances of getting a record if you pick a track no one has sucessfully completed yet! :)

                   Carriage (4 wheel)           wagon (3 wheel)
Arcade             184’12.932 (thegreatms)      177’43.082 (thegreatms)
GT                 416.12.547 (Mezar5)          351’55.763 (thegreatms)

Arcade             26’04.383 (thegreatms)       none
GT                 64'21.391 (thegreatms)       none

Seattle (reverse)
Arcade             12’51.232 (Mezar5)           14’18.651 (Mezar5)
GT                 none                         none

cote d' azur 
Arcade             13’44.699 (thegreatms)       29'37.646 (lthiele)
GT                 none                         none

Special Stage Route 5 (Reverse)
Arcade             11'14.015 (RenesisEvo)       13'07.450 (RenesisEvo)
GT                 22'04.797 (RenesisEvo)       22'03.243 (RenesisEvo)

Arcade             3’16.885 (thegreatms)        none
GT                 none                         none

beginners course 
Arcade             none                         2:35.055 (lthiele)          
GT                 none                         2’32.199 (bluedot)

Sarthe I 
Arcade             44’15.954 (IH8GWB)           none          
GT                 none                         none

Sarthe II 
Arcade             none                         42:25.953 (lthiele)          
GT                 none                         none

Beginner course
Arcade             2’31.957(Randymcchickenf)    none          
GT                 none                         none

Tokyo R246
Arcade             15’39.798 (RenesisEVO)         none          
GT                 19’25.862 (RenesisEVO)         none
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Has anyone attempted reversing up the hills?

Reverse gear is, in modern cars at least, a much lower gear than 1st, so you should be able to "accelerate" (insofar as that applies) up the hills more easily.
The motor carriage doesn't have a reverse gear. I wish! Going backwards was certainly still the best fun though- I think it's the only car in GT4 (hang on what about the 3 wheeled one of similar vintage?) that actually goes faster backwards than forwards (damn engine braking!). This is where a clutch would've been handy. I could've been able to go forwards downhill (with slightly better handling)! The 3 wheeled oldie might actually go better - less rolling resistance, better aerodynamics haha! Haven't got that car yet though.

Glad to see my novelty Nurb' run was entertaining!

P.S. The Model T is an absolute rocket compared. OMG!
Off topic: I also like the Volvo 240 how its suspension is so crappy that the front of the car touches the road and sparks for ages under heavy braking. These are the sorts of things I love about GT4!
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BLOODY HELL! thats the most mental GT4 thing iv ever heard someone do. i congratulate you, i never even thought gettin that thing round the ring was possible!
I am just fantasising how awesomely fast the motor carriage could lap the nurb with another car pushing it! True billy-cart (box car racing for those in the US of A) racing indeed! Of course the motor carriage would be going in reverse! I want someone to post a pic with an insanely illogical high speedo reading on the motor carriage, (not showing the car pushing it of course). Preferably doing an awesome drift/jump!
yeah tuning in arcade mode, called 'quick' set up/tune up. Its really basic but actually let me mod the Motor Carriage which I don't think can be modded in sim mode, thats why I used arcade.
I did sleep a bit and ate some foodstuffs, as I mentioned in my first post. The time can be improved on greatly with insanely efficient driving and not sleeping etc! Now there's a challenge. I feel it can be done in a day.
Well there's my challenge!! I set myself the target of driving every car below 30bhp around the 'Ring as fast as I could... my sig carries the results so far. With the 2CV losing acres of speed up the slopes, i was wondering how on earth the carriage might make it up... hehe cant wait to give it a go! congrats; thanks for letting me know how long it would take - i thought a couple of hours might be all, oh well :crazy: i still have a few more motors to go around yet (Honda Life Step Van - wonder if it'll fall over?)
ell there's my challenge!! I set myself the target of driving every car below 30bhp around the 'Ring as fast as I could... my sig carries the results so far. With the 2CV losing acres of speed up the slopes, i was wondering how on earth the carriage might make it up... hehe cant wait to give it a go! congrats; thanks for letting me know how long it would take - i thought a couple of hours might be all, oh well i still have a few more motors to go around yet (Honda Life Step Van - wonder if it'll fall over?)

I definately encourage, but remember it will not be a light undertaking. You will come to the first problem hill - after the awesome backwards freewheeling section that starts just past the start line - just before the first jump (well a jump in a car thats fast) - and you'll feel like you're making NO progress whatsoever, even going down the hill when you screw up the steering a bit initially, or turn the wrong way etc. Get the technique down though and you'll SLOWLY be edging up the hill. Those hills feel much longer and much steeper than you would ever think. You'll realise there are hills where you never thought there was! You will know every bit of track graffiti intimately. Also I feel I was over enthusiastic about thinking it was possible to do it in under a day. But all things considered - its an AWESOME feeling getting to the top of that first problem hill and feeling like you can actually maybe finish the lap! I was very unsure initially and you may really lose confidence and become totally disillusioned... GO FOR IT THOUGH!!! If you're at all obsessive compulsive like me you'll be fine. :)
This takes the cake!!! You are AWESOME to spend that much time trying to do this!!!
I haven't laughed this hard in weeks, Thank you!!!!!!!
This is clear proof that the insane should not be persecuted, but encouraged, revered and possibly put in government... oh wait they already are!!!

👍 :crazy:
I accept the challenge. You've inspired me and i plan to be the first, or perhaps only person to get that1BHP monster round the ring in 24 hours. I shall report back in a day or so...
It had better be tuned up to 1.2KW otherwise it may not be possible. You need all the power you can get. You also need to be super aware of where the hill gradients lie - you become really aware of where the polys of the road join up, change gradient etc! Its important to note that the hill gradients don't always run exactly perpendicular to the track - ie round the banked corner is very weird.

GOOD LUCK SOLDIER! SERIOUSLY STOCK UP ON COKE/other caffienated beverage (coffee is a good one) SMELLYBROOM!