1886 Motor Carriage around the 'ring! (in about 2 days)

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I did warn the going was SLOW hehe! The first hill really is a great epiphany once you clear it! So long as your not losing height on each swing of the carriage then your technique is fine. It is very challenging make no bones about it, apart from your bones shaking with the ride quality of the car!

If you do decide its too hard, then thats quite understandable. But if your not making any progress whatsoever then yeah its a bit silly to keep trying. You should gain a couple of centimetres at least per swing... might not be noticeable unless careful attention is given to the graffitti..


That is insane man. I don't have the attention span to play for 5 hours, nevertheless 48. Good greif.
Someone requested to see one of these cars going insanely fast and hitting a jump.

For the insanely fast, I used a X16 gear mod, and ultra nos boost from CB9. For the jump, I chosen El Capitan Reverse. I hit the jump both ways, and, it was quite insane. And then I realized that the codes pretty much destroyed the replay, so no pics :( I'll try to catch a shot with my digi, but I'll have to get someone to drive or take the pic.

The way these codes effect the replay, do you think it will make replays with hybrids impossible?

After driving these old cars, I really, really hope we can hack them up some day, put escudo wheels on it, maybe a gt-one engine!!

Keep wishing :)
Very cool Megashawn, I would love to see some pic/s! The very idea of NOS-ing the carriage over that jump makes me smile :). I don't know anything about cheats or hybrids etc however... I see it'd be very fun to mix and match parts like that though!


It's a G thing
Right behind you
Congrats on the accomplishment!
I can just imagine you sittin there with your 50 friends watching. (The 50 Lord of the Rings figures you have sittin on your shelf by your TV.) lol Just kidding, wish I had dedication like that.
Did it over the last weekend. I just wanted to prove that it could be done. People seem to find it greatly amusing which means my weekend was well worth it for personal satisfaction. Some people go fishing, and don't catch anything, and just dangle a rod for days. I did this challenge. There's no way I would do something like this again dude! Why am I justifying it, I am a nut-case and it was great fun.
Thats ok, i understand. Sad status retracted.
I remember someone stating...

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Nice work. Did you save the reply? You should upload it so we can see it sometime. :sly: j/k. If I'm bored I will gameshark a Merc and beat your rec. :)


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Nice work. Did you save the reply? You should upload it so we can see it sometime. :sly: j/k. If I'm bored I will gameshark a Merc and beat your rec. :)

i saved mine. i was quite suprised to see that hours of laptime made such a small replay file.

anyway, sometimes the only way to go up is to go down. if you get just enough downwards moemtum, you can turn your car and swing it back up the hill again to acheive greater progress.

the coasting trick is so fun down the first part of the ring though. everyone should try it. i think i hit either 40 or 60 mph going down that way.
I remember someone stating that it was "impossible" to get the Daimler-Benz motor carriage around the Nurburgring due to the steep hills encountered. However they obviously weren't as persistent, nor as insane in the membrane as me! Two days of carefully zigging and zagging up the hills finally got me a lap time of 47 hrs, 50 mins. Seconds and split second denominations are kinda irrelevant. Wish I had a digital camera to prove it! I know some will doubt my claim, and commitment and sanity!
Your mad, i tryed this in GT mode and failed badly, but i couldnt do *anything* to the wagon, and basically rolled back down the straight before the start line.....

but now im going to give it another go......

i didnt actually know that you could get in arcarde.... so ill try that
I think on the outset I assumed GT4 wouldn't have a big enough replay buffer to fit 2 days worth of driving! In GT3 it always said "out of film" or something sometime into the enduro races... might take up much less space with only one car to remember info for however, I dunno. Also I have no way of getting replay files onto the computer... not sure anyone would really want to watch me drive the same little repetitive swinging pattern for 2 days though! I am very sorry but just can't muster the will to do the run again with a camera! Maybe if there is enough demand, and I mean overwhelming demand if people really don't believe my record.. but I'm not doing it for fun again!

The validity of the technique is definately solid in terms of being able to climb hills, as others have dabbled with and proven, Omnis giving some hints also! From there its just the commitment to finish the lap that is the challenge.

Gamesharking is very fun, but not as a way to beat my record, it just wouldn't be legit! I don't even think me using the extra 0.2 KW in arcade mode was fair to the original idea of the lap...
James, I have nothing but respect for you. You're either very focused or crazy, probably both. But still, respect.
I somehow find it hard to believe it took 47 hours! I know the car is slow and all but that long. It takes the best cars in the game "only" six mins to complete the ring. But then, who am I to challenge you.
Once again, congratulations, 47 hours aint easy.
Thanks to everyone for the kind words... I thought there would be a lot more cynical and derisive posts but you've all been overwhelmingly positive, so thanks again!

Yes close to 48 hrs is a long time, but I wasn't that focused (at making progress) all the time and did sleep/eat etc. If you have a go at the 'Carriage', and hit a hill, even a slight one that doesn't even seem like a hill in a normal car, you'll soon realise how tough it was to do a full lap. I am talking a few centimetres gained per 'swing' up the hill... The distance actually driven must've been FAR in excess of the 13 miles (that right?) or so of the actual track! It would be funny to find out how far I did travel and how many tanks of petrol the carriage would've gotten through if it were real! In real life it would've broken down many times, flipped and wheels ripped off when reverse drifting etc haha!
WTF... i wouldn't even think about Aspec 24 h Nürburgring at all, but this is...wow... like :banghead: & :bowdown: & :eek: all in one....
Maybe you can explain your technique a bit better. I can only master the slingshot technique and have adapted it but Im pretty sure it wont get you past a certain gradient. I think you lose too much height in the downswing due to grip problems but i aint sure. Im kinda stuck like.

Firstly, you are a hero!

Secondly, if the only thing you have done with the carriage is that one lap of the ring, have a look at it in the garage and check the mileage, that will be the distance travelled on that lap.
Good idea about the mileage, but I used arcade mode... damn!

I'll try to do a diagram of what exactly works for steeper hills if I have time on the morrow... Gotta go to sleep now though, its 2:23 am here in Aus! Yes slingshotting only works on less steep gradients, but is preferable when the going is easier...
Good idea about the mileage, but I used arcade mode... damn!

I'll try to do a diagram of what exactly works for steeper hills if I have time on the morrow... Gotta go to sleep now though, its 2:23 am here in Aus! Yes slingshotting only works on less steep gradients, but is preferable when the going is easier...

lol you said in earlier post that everyone was nice towards you ( i was the second to reply) its time to be nasty.

your a ****ing maniac, ur too obsessive with this game you ****ing psycho, dont you have a life to get on with you sadact. get on with educating yourself rather then spend a full 47hrs of your life playing videogames. ****ing wacko!

that was totally pintless!
I thought i was insane for running the motorcarriage int eh 400m and taking 1:40.... that was the most boring 1:40 of my life.... but 47 hours! 👍

You are the man!
Again very sorry for no pics, no facility for that kind of thing.[/QUOTE]

All i can say james, is you have the patience of a saint...... im about halfway thru the ring now........ doing it in record time, with all the tips from you guys...... hopefully i have enough energy and time to do the whole thing, i had to get drunk last night halfway up the longest hill just to make it bearable. some tips for anyone else trying this insane mission, the handbrake thing is a lifesaver, just tap it at the top of a hill and you go fowards... <grin> down a hill, i got up to about 67miles per hour and got the wagon sideways and just about lost it before a mean hill, but i made it over..... the replay has saved at two hours, and ill be seeing if i can post it, gripping stuff..... i have a pic at my 100th minute about halfway up the longest hill.... well back to the grind.....