2000 Toyota Supra JGTC

2000 Toyota Supra JGTCSkins  1.0

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Hello @Zin5ki, greetings from Spain.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I don't know what I have to do with these skins... Are the files of this mod supposed to be included inside the folder of the linked base model (your 1996 Supra) to get the model of the year 2000, or is there something I haven't understood?

Thanks in advance.
Obviously, I'm doing something wrong... 😰

I have started from scratch, downloading again the base model that you indicate in the link...


... that directs me to this mod (1996 Toyota Supra JGTC)...


... then I have included the files of the mod that we are talking about (2000 Toyota Supra JGTC), and the resulting folder looks like this...


...but it doesn't work, which doesn't surprise me, since for example, it doesn't make sense to me that there are so many lods. I have tried installing the files manually, with the three old .kn5 or deleting them, and the game crashed when loading... By installing the mod through Content Manager I got this...


Either I'm very clumsy, or there's some detail I'm missing... I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that my CSP version is 0.1.79.

Thanks again and sorry for being so annoying...
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Hello again.

Thank you. I recommend installing the mod manually, rather than using Content Manager to do so.
If you install the mod manually, do you notice any errors appearing in the logs.txt file of your Documents folder?
As I mentioned, even installing everything manually from scratch, still crashes when loading... And yes, in the "logs" of the "Documents" folder I have recorded a "crash_.report" that once unpacked reflects a bunch of errors in the "log.txt" that I have no idea what they mean... These things escape my knowledge...
Could you please share the log.txt file that is created after the crash? It will contain some clues regarding the error.
So that this conversation does not remain unfinished, I would like to publicly thank that with the kind help of Zin5ki I have finally been able to install, more or less, this mod.

Apparently the problem was that when installing the files that transformed the base car into a kind of hybrid mod that includes the versions of the Supra from the years 1996 and 2000, some other mod (we don't know exactly which one) that includes changes in the appearance of the pit (adding cones, etc.) interfered with the proper functioning of the Toyota Supra.

Best regards to all.