2012 12 Hours of Sebring- Completed.

Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by Patrick, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Patrick

    United States California

    It may be a bit early, but who cares. :p


    The 60th running of the 12 Hours of Sebring March 14-17, 2012.


    List of entrants here.http://www.lemans.org/wpphpFichiers/1/1/ressources/Pdf/2012/wec/FIA_World_Endurance_Championship_2012-Provisional_Full_Season_entry_List_310112.pdf

    Spotting Guides:

    worldwide – ESPN 3 – Live
    worldwide – ALMS.com – Live – not in the USA
    worldwide – fiawec.com / lemans.org – Live – not in the USA

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  2. freight48


    I'm excited for the start of the ALMS and WEC season. Looking forward to seeing the Audi's over here, although I wish the Toyota was coming too. It looks like a contender.
  3. ZohsixGT5

    United States Atlanta

    Gonna try to make it to this race.
  4. jedisteampunk

    Wales United Kingdom

    That's a great picture Paulie. Yes I'll be here to watch the 12hrs, hope it is as much fun as the Daytona thread was.
  5. Patrick

    United States California

    I hope so too. Let's hope for some good commercials. :lol:
  6. Azure Flare

    Carthage, TN

    Isn't the Deltawing supposed to debut at Sebring?
  7. Motorcitydriver


    I think they are testing today with the DW-12!
  8. cuco33


    There's a small possibility that I might be going to this year's 12Hrs of Sebring. Gf's brother, who now lives in Europe and is a huge enduro fan (got me more into it), said he'll be visiting US around this time frame and he's always wanted to go. It lands close to his bday. I told him I've read that it's boring in person but he just wants to experience it once. If he goes, I'm going.
  9. Hun200kmh

    Portugal Lisboa

    As far as I know, it's a Le Mans entry only, within the "Garage 56" program set by the ACO and only able to enter their own race.
  10. Stavelot

    Belgium Francorchamps

    With a packed grid of proper race cars the Wang will only be running demonstration laps.
  11. Hun200kmh

    Portugal Lisboa

    Will it? Is that a proper info you got there or you just typed that to have one more go at the wang? :lol:
  12. Pupik

    Staff Emeritus
    United States HSV

    Try to increase your maturity level up a notch, will you? Thanks.
  13. prisonermonkeys

    Online Now!
    Staff Emeritus
    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    Since Sebring is the first round of the World Endurance Championship, the entry list will be announced live on February 2nd.
  14. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Great pictures!
  15. Stavelot

    Belgium Francorchamps

    It will be doing demo laps....the grid at Sebring is expected to be 64 odd cars, not a track to have some random one off car racing in such a packed grid.

    How bout, if I and others want to call it the DeltaWang because of its appearance I shall without someone to tell me to be more mature about it.
  16. Techy

    Vietnam Florida

    I only live 2-3 hours from the track, so I hope I can make it this year. It would be so lovely if I'm able to! But I don't think my parents will survive 12 hours..
  17. SuperShouden


    Two big anniversaries in one year: 50th 24 Hours of Daytona and 60th 12 Hours of Sebring. North America's two greatest endurance races celebrating length histories.
  18. Snowmanimal



    I love these longs races. 24 hour races take the cake. 12 hours, into the night!
  19. Patrick

    United States California

    Also the 80th 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  20. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Yes!! How can you forget that? Le Mans is the granddaddy of them all!
  21. Pupik

    Staff Emeritus
    United States HSV

    If you want to talk about a sport created and played by adults, you act like an adult? That's what we are asking...we don't need every conversation descending to the level of bathroom humor, just so you can get a pointless cheap joke in to raise your post count.
  22. sumbrownkid

    United States Stockbridge, Georgia

    Eh, let Stavelot be. The forums can't be entirely serious 24/7. And so far the topic is going on strongly, although its slightly off course now.:)

    Besides, you don't think the entire sportscar world had a nice chuckle at the car's shape? Even professionals need to goof off from time to time.

    But moderators gotta moderate to keep things level.

    Anyway, those narrow tires look really awkward to me. And it's lack of width tells me that it won't last as long. But this car is supposed to be very light right?

    This car is turning out to be more and more of a troll car. Many members and fans may hate the aesthetics of it, but you have to credit highcroft for sticking with the project.

    If it indeed pulls off a surprising result, I expect them to smoke a cigar.
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  23. jedisteampunk

    Wales United Kingdom

    I have just seen pictures of the Highcroft Deltawing. I think my face say's it all really.
  24. Newwine99

    United States Orlando

    Hi guys, my first post. I'm trying to find more info on Sebring and the cars that will be in it and I stumbled upon this forum. Here's a link to the Delta Wing car with more info for those of you that haven't seen it. http://www.americanlemans.com/primary1.php?cat=news|16471

    Also, I see they released a list of cars participating in the winter testing at Sebring. Anyone going to this? I'm thinking of heading down there myself.
  25. Patrick

    United States California

    1 month till race day!
  26. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    I can't wait!!
  27. Hun200kmh

    Portugal Lisboa

    The history of Sebring through the decades. First two videos out, both DEFINITELY worth watching:


  28. The Deltawing.. I have a hunch that thing will understeer like crazy.
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