2012 Australian Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by Akmuq, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Akmuq

    Ireland Galway, Ireland

    After 4 months out F1 is back and at one of the most exciting racetracks on the calender, Melbourne, Australia. The only thing we can gather from testing is that Red Bull and McLaren are meeting expectations, and Ferrari aren't, as for the other teams, no one knows. Will McLaren step up to the challenge for 2012? What about Fernando Alonso or Mark Webber after disappointing seasons last year? Or will Sebastian Vettel finger the competition for another year? It's time for the....

    Qantas Australian Grand Prix
    From Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

    DRS Zones:
    There will be two activation points, one along the main straight like last year, the second will most likely be between turns 2 and 3 or turns 12 and 13.
    Tyres used will be Soft and Medium, the tyres this season should be slightly more durable than last season, in an effort to make a two-stop strategy equal to a three-stop.
    Errrm, not yet:sly:
    Highly detailed forecast here
    Rain likely Friday, small chances on Saturday and Sunday.
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  2. peterjford

    United States Orange County C

    Here are the times for the broadcast on Speed TV for those that get it. I won't be at home this weekend so I will be DVRing it.

    Practice Mar 16, 2012 1:30AM ET
    Qualifying Mar 17, 2012 2:00AM ET
    Race Mar 18, 2012 1:30AM ET
    Rebroadcast Mar 18, 2012 2:00PM ET
  3. Tom.

    England Leeds

    Think I'll watch the re-run of quali during the day on Saturday and pull an all nighter on Saturday night to watch the race. I don't think I can stand two consecutive nights without sleep :lol:
  4. Alex p.

    Germany Hanover/Germany

    "Tyres used will be Soft and Medium, the tyres this season should be slightly more durable then last season,..."

    It's than...
  5. dhandeh

    England England

    Vettel to win, Alonso and a Mclaren also on the podium. Hopefully it will be a good race, especially with it being on at silly o'clock.
  6. Lizard

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Lincoln UK

    Only get to see extended highlights :( damn you BBC.
  7. Liquid

    Slovakia Bratvegas

    Total guess, but I'm putting it out there.

    A race of attrition.
  8. Alex p.

    Germany Hanover/Germany

    "at silly o'clock"


    Is that legit English?

    Anyway, not gonna make any predictions, gonna let myself surprise.
  9. mattythedog

    United Kingdom London

    That's why you have Sky. ;)

    I'm thinking between McLaren and Red Bull for the win, but we'll get first indication after practice on Thursday.
  10. Liquid

    Slovakia Bratvegas

    Yes it is. Sort of similar to Morgengrauen & Tagesanbruch, but in a more sarcastic and frustrated way.
  11. PeterJB

    United Kingdom Corsham, UK

    I have Sky but not Sky Sports F1, and I'm spending most of Sunday doing some Cello workshop. Going be a bit of an anti-climax to the start of the season for me.
  12. Liquid

    Slovakia Bratvegas

    If I can go to bed... at all... I'll definitely be up to watch it live.

    Tipping Vettel for a win, but wouldn't mind Alonso gatecrashing the Red Bull parade.
  13. hawkeye122

    United States California

    Id love for Lotus/Renault to come out of the box and beat Red Bull by 4 tenths on qualifying. But I doubt it.

    Heres to a great first weekend for Hamilton and Mclaren!
  14. Peter.

    Jamaica Kingston, Jamaica

    You think the time is that bad? I'd have to stay up until the middle of the morning to watch anything. In fact, for any race that's in Europe, I have to wake up at around 6-7am, and for Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, I have to wake up at a similar time as Australia. Canada and Brazil, and USA, will be the only races that I can watch in the afternoon.
  15. Alex.

    England Northamptonshire

    All my races are at good times usually, it's ace.
  16. RTSolvalou


    Should be great, I like that it's been a murky few test weeks, and hopefully we will see some different colors at the front this year.
  17. waynz

    Australia Frankston Sth, VIC

    We didn't have a summer in Melbourne. This weekend looks to be following the trend. Cold, windy and wet... Should make for good viewing.
  18. Matthew77258

    Australia Australia

    This race is going to be great:D. Lets hope that this season isnt dominated by Vettel again:yuck::sly:
  19. niky

    Philippines Philippines

    Hopefully I'm not standing out in the rain doing car photography when the race is on.


    Alonso to win.

    That is all.
  20. ROAD_DOGG33J

    United States IL, USA

    Hopefully comfortably :tup:
  21. jcm

    Canada Vancouver

    You think that is bad? Europe races are 5am for me. Too early to wake up, too late to stay up. Canada and USA start at 11am local which is still early for a Sunday, but it's no big deal.
    Australia would be a good time for me (11pm local), but I'll be on an airplane towards Hawaii, which messes things up.
  22. zedextreme8177

    Maldives Maldives

    So the race starts at 11am our time. I pray that there are no extra classes at school on Sunday, since I finish at 10 :nervous:
  23. prisonermonkeys

    Peru I live among you, well disguised

    ... You go to school on a Sunday?
  24. astrosdude91

    United States Houston, TX

    I got all giddy when I saw the first race thread of the season was up. The 2012 season is finally upon us!!!!!!! C'mon Vettel! Pull the WDC hat trick!

    Hopefully we'll still have some terrific racing this race and this year!
  25. Tired Tyres

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    Boo. The first F1 race in ages that I won't watch live. :ouch:

    I'd say it's between Red Bull, (if they are reliable) McLaren and Mercedes.

    Looking for Caterham to get a point or two.

    As for Ferrari. They have been trying to play down expectations with the Italian press. That means they really have issues.
  26. niky

    Philippines Philippines

    Sunday School? :D


    Can't wait for the practices to begin. This will probably be the first time we'll be seeing the true shapes of the front-runners.
  27. FahrerGott


    Some good news for Australian fans . We'll be getting the SkySportsF1 commentary for the races this year (Whether this will be a good thing or not).
    Greg Rust ‏ @Thrusta1
    Just 2 recap the @SkySportsF1 commentary on our @tensporttv 2012 F1 coverage starts with qualifying & the race @ausgrandprix.
  28. RTSolvalou


    We're getting practice coverage here too (just for the Melbournie GP I assume, like last year).
  29. Cowboys965

    United States Connecticut

    1:30 AM?! I'll have to stick to re-runs.
  30. Hollidog


    For those in Europe complaining about the timezones, you deal with it for one race, down here, we deal with for more than half. Races starting at midnight or 1am on a Sunday night.

    Its why I dont start uni till 2pm on a Monday ;)
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