2021 NFL Season

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We now have the Bills O-Line coach Johnson to go along with Dabol and Schoen from Buffalo.





So instead of sticking with the Admirals and showing terrible IT skills, they fail to keep the actual name under wraps that can EASILY be shortened to the laughable "Washington Commies". I think Snyder's bunch just got sacked in the end zone again.
Washington Commanders sounds like an arena football or XFL team name, honestly. Sticking with the "Football Team" branding would have been better.
Breaking News: Tom Brady announces deal to be exclusive commentator of Super Bowl. :P
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I see Brian Flores woke up this morning and chose violence.

And honestly, everything he said sounds perfectly believable. I can see Elway showing up to an interview wasted (a night of partying with his next college prospect dumb tall cannon-armed QB?). I can absolutely see Mara telling a coach that they are going to get a real interview days after they've already decided that they have hired the real person they want (to the extent that multiple teams know of it and Flores is accidentally texted a congratulations). And I can definitely Miami's owner/GM combo being so dumb as to have a bounty to incentivize throwing games all so they can get their early draft pick to draft Tyrod Taylor 2.0 (I mean they fired Flores seemingly just because he had the gall to tell them Tua sucked).

I'm sure the NFL will give him a big pile of money to avoid anything going to discovery.

Official now:

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If you will be watching the Pro Bowl this weekend, enjoy the game! Otherwise, get ready for Super Bowl LVI next Sunday!
Houston Texans fans, get to know your new head coach- Lovie Smith! Even with the recent Brian Flores suing of the NFL over shady practices in hiring minority coaches, the Houston Texans have named their fifth head coach in team history. L. Smith is the third Black head coach in Texans history. Previous ones were the recently-fired David Culley and then once interim coach Romeo Crennel.

Suffice to say, I am rather excited for this hiring. One finalist for the Texans head coaching job was the aforementioned Brian Flores. The finalists would come down to Lovie Smith and Josh McCown(?). Lovie Smith actually has an impeccable amount of experience. He even coached the Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl. We just need some better players to help clean up this mess of a team, and we'll be set for the future.
After dealing with a week of Los Angeles, up to and including a three-year-old rental car with bad brakes, feeding a parking meter at work every two hours, ants in my hotel room, traffic up the wazoo, and dealing all the mess of a COVID-craptastic redesign that is LAX airport...I'm rooting for Cincinnati.
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After dealing with a week of Los Angeles, up to and including a three-year-old rental car with bad brakes, feeding a parking meter at work every two hours, ants in my hotel room, traffic up the wazoo, and dealing all the mess of a COVID-craptastic redesign that is LAX airport...I'm rooting for Cincinnati.

Well, today is the big day. Today is the big game. Two teams are currently where every NFL team wishes they would end up in. After all of the contenders were separated from the pretenders, after talented teams battled their way to this point, maybe even those lucky enough to get here; we are left with the two best teams that survived all of the madness the 2021 NFL season had to offer. After Super Bowl LVI, there will either be a wild party for either the Cincinnati Bengals or the Los Angeles Rams as they hoist the Lombardi Trophy and be bestowed the honor of Champions at game's end. So much for you all hoping for a Lions/Jaguars Super Bowl, or maybe even a Lions/Texans Super Bowl.

Whether you only care about the big game or all of the coverage leading up to the big game and the game itself, enjoy Super Bowl LVI!
Let the (hopefully) funny commercials commence!

The Cinderella story is over. :(

The good:
-No one expected Cincy to be in the Super Bowl, much less leading in the final 2 minutes
-The future is bright

The bad:
-Another heartbreaking Super Bowl loss
-After a good start, the offensive line broke down at the end
-The refs letting both teams play, then suddenly deciding to yet the yellow flags fly on the Rams final drive. How many opportunities did they have down in the red zone? Frustrating.

Anyway, on to next year. The playmakers are young. With them in place, we can now focus on beefing up the porous o-line.
Just came back from watching it in London Bridge. @Dolph Drago there were lots of fans cheering you guys on there but wasn't to be. Surprised at the amount of Giants fans (yay) and there were a few LSU jerseys with Burreaux on the back.

EDIT: Oh and great half time show - loved every minute
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I just watched the game on catch-up after failing to stay up to watch it live (it kicks off at around midnight in the UK...)

Fortunately, I'm currently unemployed so a Monday morning Super Bowl session was possible today.

What a great game - thought the Rams had blown it, but their last scoring drive was excellent... a masterclass by Stafford and Kupp, even if it was helped by several penalties after what had been a highly disciplined display by both teams up until that point.

Arguably, the Rams losing Beckham Jr made a big difference and otherwise it might have been a much bigger win, but the way the Bengals took over after Beckham went off was impressive, and I thought the missed point and the curious choice of a Hail Mary pass by Stafford that could have been a field goal effecively threw away 4 pts for the Rams, but it turned out not to make all the difference.

Another great advert for the sport, a very tight game played in a good spirit. Commiserations to the Bengals, and congrats to the Rams on their first LA-based Super Bowl.
All congratulations to the Los Angeles Rams on winning Super Bowl LVI. I picked the Rams to win it all, though I really wanted the Cincinnati Bengals to win. All we know is that there is a new team to beat.

It has now been two successive seasons in which the host site for the Super Bowl was reached by the home team. Tampa Bay won it all in 2021 hosting the Super Bowl (first time the host city had its home team in the Super Bowl), and we saw the Los Angeles Rams win it all just last night. Super Bowl LVII will be in Glendale, Arizona; so if this trend continues, could the Arizona Cardinals win the championship next season?

All of the games for the 2021 season have ended. Teams already out of any postseason talk (like Detroit, Jacksonville, and my Houston Texans) already looked ahead to next season. The first-ever 17-game regular season of NFL football has ended. As we like to say... now we're all undefeated again! All 32 teams have a chance next season to win the championship. It isn't like how colleges impose postseason bans. Who knows? Even some of the last-place embarrassments of teams could find their way into the Super Bowl with a chance to win the championship. Cincinnati certainly saw this opportunity when they rose up from a weak 2020 season. So ANYTHING can happen.

With that said... every team is coming after you, Los Angeles Rams. Be ready to defend your championship valiantly!

If you're willing to share your thoughts on the 2021 season, please do so. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the 2021 season of NFL Football. Now begins the lengthy offseason...
From my Nov. 9-10th posts...
The Bengals have gone from impressive to, well...the typical Bengals us Cincinnati fans have gotten used to over the years. Get our hopes up, then dash 'em. Here's an upside. Both our teams share a bye week, so neither of us can lose this week!
Things aren't exactly looking up for us sports fans of Cincinnati teams. :lol: There's potential, but it's always the same result.
And that's my point. The Bengals either suck (no expectations some years, so whatever) or they play well enough to get our hopes up, only to ultimately fail if they do make the postseason. Every. Time. As in, they haven't won a playoff game since 1990. Over 30 years ago. Not counting the loss they took after their win that year, they are 0-7 since, including 5 seasons in a row getting knocked out first round. Is it too much to ask to win just 1 wildcard game? Even if accidentally? :lol:

Burrow and Chase seem like the real deal, but we've become so accustomed to blowing it many of us assume nothing will come of it. I fully expect a Burrow injury.
Thoughts on the season? Let's just say my comments from earlier in the season didn't age well...and I couldn't be happier. Despite the Super Bowl loss, they exceeded all expectations (offensive line aside). Awesome young talent shined including a position that gets overlooked (looking at you, McPherson!) the defensive players acquired via trade and free agency stepped up, team won not 1 - but 3 playoff games, Burrow didn't blow out his knee (though it looked like he may have initially in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, but thankfully not...tough kid). Just amazing.

Now I get to eat some tasty crow. :lol:
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The game was genuinely good for about 2 and a half quarters and then injuries started, the Bengals offensive line reverted back to "form" (I REALLY hope that Andrew Whitworth comes back to the Bengals for a sendoff season now that he has a ring) and finally, the refs did a full 180 to the point many are saying the game was rigged. At least the halftime show was good and both teams kept good sportsmanship (and no, the "taunting" shouldn't be penalized).
While I'm happy Stafford got his ring I can't believe how blatant it was the refs were trying to influence the game. For nearly the entire game the officiating was good and devoid of ticky-tack penalties. Then right at the end, it was nothing but flags until the Rams scored. Look, I'm pretty certain the NFL rigs games (I mean I'm a Lions fan) but they're typically less obvious about it. Honestly, I was sort of hoping for the Bengals to win because they're cat-bros. Still, if gives me hope for the Lions since the Bengals were atrocious only two seasons ago, which means if they can do it, so can the Lions.

The halftime show though, that was easily the result of a bunch of people sitting in a room asking the questions "how do we appeal to older Millenials?" And you know what? It absolutely worked because it appealed to me., even down to 50 Cent looking like Whole Dollar.

On to the draft and FA though, which is something I'm really looking forward to.
Loved" even down to 50 Cent looking like Whole Dollar" He was so big I didn't recognized him at first :lol: As a Jets fan I kinda didn't want Cincy to win as the pressure would be on the Jets to actually try to win which is not possible. If they won I would have been happy as there were four guys from the area I used to live on the team and I really like Joe Burrow. Cincy needs to improve their line or Burrows will not have a long career. He injured his knee again so that 2 seasons playing 2 knee injuries