24 Hour NURBURGRING DONE! 202 Laps... / Plus 24Hr TIPS and TACTICS from a survivor

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i did it 100% a-spec by myself no pip tv or computer. only me my ps2 and music. took 4 days 195 laps (got lazy at the end) in amuse r1.
avg lap time was around 7:15, fastest around 6:58
stop boastin about ur tv u tosser. ive got a projector set at 100 inches. pip? use a seperate tv dont be so old school. try a harmann kardon dpr2005 with mission m35's then ul have somthin to boast about slick.... :dunce:


Finally! I've completed the nurburgring nordschliefe 24 hour, all A-spec.
i read every word- and i'll be doing the 100% a-spec thing -probably in two years when i eventually get to a drive a decent car!! - see my massive mission for more details 👍
I wish I could talk to my friends on the phone but. Their at school (yes I ditched school to do this today) I got music rock music blairing got PiP and just cruising on B-Spec (Sorry about the B- Spec but I'm not a patient person.
Good write up .. but it should have been posted in the write up forum.
That's a judegement call. He's really offering tips and pointers on how to do this race, moreso than a detailed analysis of his own race results. So I think it was probably fine on the GT4 board as well.
any race car that has 600 hp or more car easily beat the competition. First time i did it with an Audi R8 which has 789 or something.....basically....yea a jag race car is a little much. I might recomend buying....A.)Nissan Falken* Skyline GTR, B.) Toyota WOODEN Supra or C.) Check what the opponents have and check the stats on the cars and find which one you like best and give it a whirl........thats what i would do
That's a judegement call. He's really offering tips and pointers on how to do this race, moreso than a detailed analysis of his own race results. So I think it was probably fine on the GT4 board as well.
Did you just set a post from June 2. straight ? .. Good stuff Duke :lol: Always there as soon as the **** hits the fan.. Or as soon as humanly possible ;)

Awesome write-up with some good ideas thrown in too !... I'm seriously thinking about starting up the old Merc 190Evo and see how it stacks up !...
i am now 8hrs 30mins through the same race, using the same supra, except i have the stage3 turbo, using superhard tires......only lasting 3laps, but im lapping in the 6:10-6:20range pretty easliy..best lap so far of 6:02

ill keep you updated if i finish! lol
For this race I reccomend you the Nissan GT-R Concept Car that you win on the Dream Car Championship Event. You get that car and drive it just the way it is (you can buy Hard Tires). With this car you win easily and resists very well (the light fuel doesn't turn).
Just done 24hr nurnburgring 5th and 6th of november (weekend)
seemed to take forever
i done 209 laps

used my pagani zonda (may have been a bad choice)
I must say Ive done a lot of bigtime races like that but never in a spec. I wish i wasn't ADHD to where i didnt have the patience to accompolish that. Now my favorite one that i did was beating the R8 at Tsukuba wet with the xanavi nismo gtr

im now 22hrs through it

best lap of a 5min48sec! and am now lapping in the 6min-6min10 range..im almost 30laps ahead of the 2nd placed Skyline
The race was done and the time was up all i had to do was cross the finish line then right befor the sitraight bam a power outage 🤬 i worked on it all day and now have to do it all over again this is:censored: 🤬 🤬
ummm....just finished the both 24hr De La Sarthe races and i loved it!! It was insane. I know have done all of the 24hr races once (twice on nur and de la sarthe)> I really dont know why people are afraid of doing it. Becides power outages...they are really easy to do. If people are afraid of doing them cus they think they will lose. But I have no trouble doing them in slower cars. I use the Skyline GTR FLAKEN** for Nuremberg and a multiply choice for De La Sarthe. (did it 3 times once in the C5R, Sauber C9, and Audi R8)
How many A-spec points did that get you?? if I'm gonna do it, I want to get 200 first time, otherwise Ill have to do it more than once :crazy:
It would be nowhere near 200 - you would have to use a GT300 for that or perhaps the 190E Touring Car both of which will require ballast, reduced df and R1 tyres to make to 200 points.

Both the Renault Clio Sport Trophy V6 24V Race Car '00 (R1 tires) and the Honda S2000 LM Race Car '01 (Tires f/r: R2/R1) can win stock.

Nice write up btw - I have not yet done any 24 hour races and am not really looking forward to them.
Wow. I Am Doing The Nurb 24 Hr Race Right Now. Didnt Have Time To Do It All In A-Spec Tho. I Even Get Tired Doing It In B-Spec. Well Done Tho Mate.
5 Hours To Go!
Running 24H Nurburgring.

Minolita Toyota Race Car. B-Spec Mode, 1 Speed. Racing Hards on the fronts, Racing Super Hards at the rear. Putting out above 1100hp. Getting around 6'05-20 per lap.

Thanks aznicerckt for the tips! :)
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Congrats man! I jst finished tht same race today! Took me 202 laps with my Nissan 350z concept lm race car. It's q big challenge, but the reward was well worth it...👍
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