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  1. WRP001

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    The Weekly 3D3 WRS-based events have moved to the new GTP Weekly Race Series Online Events Forum!


    In association with



    GT5 Week 15 Online : 16 x 3 Laps in a 4 Door

    An Online Race based on a GTP_WRS Time Trial Event


    :: Only Open to Qualified GTP_Registered Members ::

    :: Members are not obligated to take part ::

    December 21, 2011
    European Time Slot
    3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific

    North American Time Slot
    10:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Pacific

    Click here for full event details and sign-up instructions.

    3D3 Racing Information
    (click images to link)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Referrals will no longer be accepted for eligibility. Every driver must be in the official GTP_Registry in order to register for one of these events. Run the qualifier and join the registry now.
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    3D3 Racing was started by a few regular WRS drivers that wanted to expand their involvement in live online racing while still committing to and taking part in weekly GTP_WRS events.

    To accomplish this goal, 3D3 Racing is going to host semi-regular events, basically a series of spot races, that leverage all the time already invested in offline WRS events. 3D3 Racing will host the online races within a few weeks of the original GTP_WRS event and thus WRS participating drivers will be well prepared for races without much, if any, additional practice time required. Drivers can participate whether or not they participated in the original GTP_WRS event.

    Our intent is to have each event mimic as closely as possible the specifications of the original GTP_WRS event. If the original WRS event was held in "Arcade Mode" the online event will be run using cars from the "Online Recommended Garage" which eliminates tuning. If the original WRS event was run in "Practice Mode" the online event will be run using cars from a driver's individual garage which allows tuning (upgrades are restricted per the original WRS event).

    Track rules and guidelines from the original WRS event will also be followed as closely as possible. However, 3D3 Racing reserves the right to tweak settings or requirements as needed to match the feel of the original offline event using online physics. E.g. Online physics may require slightly different tire regulations at times, but the standard approach will be to follow exactly the specs of the original event as long as they permit good live online racing.

    There will be no points earned from individual events. All races will be independent events so drivers can participate in as many or as few events as they desire. Registration for each event will be limited (usually to 16 drivers) and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. Registration for one event does *NOT* carry over to the next event. See individual event details for specifics and limits which may vary.

    Standard Clean OLR Rules apply for all 3D3 Racing events. See individual event details for specifics.

    Driver Eligibility

    Eligibility for specific 3D3 events may vary. Some events will be open to any driver on GTPlanet while other events will be restricted to qualified GTP_Registered members only. Most events will use a hybrid system where GTP_Registered members plus referred drivers are eligible. A registry member can make a referral for an event by simply including other drivers PSN IDs with their own registration request in the thread. To guarantee eligibility for all 3D3 events, run the GTP_Registry qualifier and join the registry now (and try the WRS while you are at it... you won't regret it :sly:).

    NOTE: Starting with the December 21, 2011 event referrals will no longer be accepted for eligibility. Every driver must be in the official GTP_Registry in order to register for one of these events.

    Drivers are welcome to sign up for both EU and NA events. If more than 16 driver sign up we will split the event into two rooms and run them simultaneously.


    Most events will be held on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM Eastern Time (EU Time Slot) and 10:00 PM Eastern Time (NA Time Slot). We understand the time and hosting option for these event will not allow every WRS driver to take part. All 3D3 Racing stewards live in North America and unfortunately creating an event that meets everyone's schedule is not possible.

    3D3 Lounge Specifics

    3D3 Racing will hold all regular races and all practices in the GTP_3D3Racing lounge. All drivers listed in the 3D3 Racing Driver Registry need to be on the PSN friends list of this account to gain access to the lounge. If you want to take part in any of the events you will need to send a friend request via PSN to GTP_3D3Racing.

    In addition to hosting official events, the dedicated lounge will serve as a "community resource" for 3D3 drivers. A common area where members can come and go as they please any time there isn't an official event scheduled*. Drivers are encouraged to post in this thread that they are joining (or planning to join) the lounge, but posting is not required. If you are online in GT5 and you see drivers in the lounge you can assume you are welcome to join and if you are the first to enter the lounge you implicitly agree that other 3D3 drivers can join you. Every driver has their own lounge for private use so 3D3's community lounge will always have a welcome mat outside the front door for other 3D3 drivers.

    *The lounge is open 24/7, but please vacate the lounge 60 minutes prior to any officially scheduled event. If you are in the lounge when an event starts you will be asked to leave and return so an approved 3D3 host can become the official host of the event. This will prevent any unforeseen network issues as 3D3 hosts have approved NAT 1 connections.

    If you are the first driver in the lounge for a practice session, you will need to setup the room to match the event. Here's the standard settings we always use for practice sessions:

    Course Settings
    Select the current track.

    Event Settings
    Game mode: Normal Race (default)
    Laps: 5 (Set the lap count so the practice races lasts 8-12 minutes*)
    Start Type: Grid Start (default)
    Grid order: Fastest First (default)
    Boost: Off
    Penalty: None
    Automatic Race Start Cycle: Disabled (default)
    Race Finish Delay: 90 seconds (Races are set to 180 seconds)
    Visible Damage: On (default)
    Mechanical Damage: Light
    Slipstream Strength: Weak
    Tire Wear / Fuel Consumption: On
    Grip Reduction: Low
    Shuffle Settings: Not Applicable

    *Keeping practice races to 8-12 minutes means anyone who joins the lounge after a race has started doesn't have to wait too long to enter the course. There may be special practice sessions scheduled ahead of time via the thread that could extend beyond the normal time, but the norm is short practice races.

    Regulation Settings
    For practice the following settings don't need to be set, but if you want to enforce restrictions match the current event details:
    Car Restrictions: ** optional - match the event details **
    Performance Points: ** optional - match the event details **
    Power: ** optional - match the event details **
    Weight: ** optional - match the event details **
    Drivetrain: ** optional - match the event details **
    Vehicle Tuning: - Always leave this setting as "unrestricted" for practice regardless of the event.

    The only settings that must be set / checked are:
    Tire Restrictions: ** required - match the event details **
    No Skid Recovery Force: required -- Must be checked so that SRF is prohibited.​

    Good Luck,

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  3. Hydro

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    WRS-Based Event / Winners (Clink event name for full results and highlights)

    Sept 14, 2011 . Mountaineering ....... [​IMG] GTP_WRP001 (NA)
    Sept 20, 2011 . Decisions, Decisions . [​IMG] GTP_CSL (NA)
    Sept 28, 2011 . Gettin' Groceries .... [​IMG] GTP_MadMax86 (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_MadMax86 (EU)
    Oct 5, 2011 ... Cruisin' Monaco ...... [​IMG] GTP_CSL (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_Vagabond (EU)
    Oct 12, 2011 .. British Invasion ..... [​IMG] GTP_MadMax86 (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_Markyboy (EU)
    Oct 19, 2011 .. Weds Forest .......... [​IMG] GTP_WRP001 (NA1) | [​IMG] GTP_Hydro (NA2) | [​IMG] GTP_Markyboy (EU)
    Oct 26, 2011 .. AsaparaWhat? ......... [​IMG] GTP_WRP001 (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_Yanaran (EU)
    Nov 2, 2011 ... Tsukuba 500 Sprints .. [​IMG] GTP_Vagabond (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_cicua (EU)
    Nov 9, 2011 ... Rock the KazSpa ...... [​IMG] GTP_CSL (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_w-g-e (EU)
    Nov 16, 2011 .. Roman Holiday ........ [​IMG] GTP_Speedy6543 (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_w-g-e (EU)
    Nov 23, 2011 .. EDK Goes to Laguna ... [​IMG] GTP_WRP001 (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_MadMax86 (EU)
    Nov 30, 2011 .. Cape Fear ............ [​IMG] GTP_dsgerbc (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_CSL (EU)
    Dec 7, 2011 ... NASCAR (WRS Style) ... [​IMG] GTP_dsgerbc (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_w-g-e (EU)
    Dec 14, 2011 .. Hyper-Dan's Holiday .. [​IMG] GTP_Hydro (NA) | [​IMG] GTP_Speedy6543 (EU)

    Wins by Driver

    [​IMG] GTP_CSL ........ 4
    [​IMG] GTP_MadMax86 ... 4
    [​IMG] GTP_WRP001 ..... 4
    [​IMG] GTP_w-g-e ...... 3
    [​IMG] GTP_Vagabond ... 2
    [​IMG] GTP_Markyboy ... 2
    [​IMG] GTP_dsgerbc .... 2
    [​IMG] GTP_Speedy6543 . 2
    [​IMG] GTP_Hydro ...... 2
    [​IMG] GTP_Yanaran .... 1
    [​IMG] GTP_cicua ...... 1
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  4. Hydro

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  5. WRP001

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    [​IMG] GTP_cicua ........ [​IMG] ... Simon
    [​IMG] GTP_CSL .......... [​IMG] ... Dominic
    [​IMG] GTP_MadMax86 ..... [​IMG] ... Pekka
    [​IMG] GTP_Markboy ...... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_Masicampo .... [​IMG] ... Eric
    [​IMG] GTP_Plato ........ [​IMG] ... Kelvin
    [​IMG] GTP_Vagabond ..... [​IMG] ... Chris
    [​IMG] GTP_w-g-e ........ [​IMG] ... Wes
    [​IMG] GTP_Welsh-Bain ... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_Worst_Driver . [​IMG] ... Yannik
    [​IMG] GTP_Yanaran ...... [​IMG] ... Jonas

    [​IMG] GTP_Biffy ........ [​IMG] ... Jordan
    [​IMG] GTPcats_pajamas .. [​IMG] ... Baron
    [​IMG] GTP_dsgerbc ...... [​IMG] ... Dan
    [​IMG] GTP_EDK .......... [​IMG] ... Kevin
    [​IMG] GTP_Energizer .... [​IMG] ... Jevrem
    [​IMG] GTP_gooners_17 ... [​IMG] ... Mohit
    [​IMG] GTP_Hydro ........ [​IMG] ... Marc
    [​IMG] GTP_Joost ........ [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_mcfizzle ..... [​IMG] ... Scott
    [​IMG] GTP_Speedy6543 ... [​IMG] ... Christophe
    [​IMG] GTP_T13R ......... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_WRP001 ....... [​IMG] ... Tim

    [​IMG] GTP_akmuq ........ [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_Don .......... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_ealirendur ... [​IMG] ... Ren
    [​IMG] GTP_Gravitron .... [​IMG] ... Lucas
    [​IMG] GTP_hasslemoff ... [​IMG] ... Paul
    [​IMG] GTP_LeftyWright .. [​IMG] ... Lefty
    [​IMG] GTP_MilleRSVR .... [​IMG] ... Blair
    [​IMG] GTP_otxjto ....... [​IMG] ... Joe
    [​IMG] GTP_Owen ......... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_poolhaas ..... [​IMG] ... Kristof
    [​IMG] GTP_Sjaak ........ [​IMG] ...

    [​IMG] GTP_Allibubba99 .. [​IMG] ... Al
    [​IMG] GTP_RaceRyder .... [​IMG] ... Dale

    [​IMG] GTP_Daz .......... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] GTP_Smokes ....... [​IMG] ...

    3D3 Driver Referrals
    [​IMG] GTP_SCBuilder .... [​IMG] ... Thos
    [​IMG] GTP_Whaffles ..... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] DragonGT83 ....... [​IMG] ...
    [​IMG] killa_kandy ...... [​IMG] ...
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  6. Gravitron

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    Mountaineering Online


    Disclaimer: This is *NOT* an official GTPlanet or WRS sanctioned event and members are not obligated to take part.

    Event Summary

    Title: Mountaneering Online
    Event: Online adaptation of the GTP_WRS (GT5) Week 27 Event: Mountaineering 101
    Host: GTP_WRP001's Private Lounge
    Time: Wednesday, September 14 at 7:00 PM PDT (GMT = Sept 15 at 3:00 AM).
    Duration: Appx 90 minutes. 30 minute qualification / 60 minute race (30 laps)

    Driver Eligibility

    Eligibility for this inaugural 3D3 event will include GTP_Registered members plus referred drivers. A registry member can make a referral for this event by simply including other drivers PSN IDs with their own registration request in this thread. To guarantee eligibility for all 3D3 events run the GTP_Registry qualifier and join the registry now.

    1. Reply to this thread and include in the text of the message your GTP_ PSN ID and the title of this event "Mountaineering Online". To sign up (refer) a driver not on the GTP_Registry, a registered driver should include the PSN ID of the non registered driver(s) in their post.
    2. Send a PSN friend request to GTP_WRP001 with subject line "3D3 Racing" if you haven't already done so. Any referred driver(s) will also need to submit a friend request.
    There is a 16 car/driver limit for this event and slots are awarded on the grid using a first come first serve basis. Reference the registered drivers list below for availability. This is a stand alone race and points are not tallied for a series. Future races hosted by 3D3 racing may have different driver limits and will require re-registration using the same first come first serve basis and participation in future events is optional.

    If for some reason, after you register for the event, you are unable to attend the race please send a PM to one of the 3D3 racing stewards or post in the thread so we can update the registration list and make the spot available to another driver. This particular GTP_WRS event was held in Arcade Mode therefore the car used for the online race is from the "Recommended Garage" section. You cannot use and do not need this car in your personal garage. Tuning will not be a factor in this event except for "In Event Tuning" for ABS, Brake Balance, etc.

    Event Timing

    • Qualification: September 14th 7:00 PM PDT (30 minute session)
    • Race Start: September 14th 7:30 PM PDT
    • Race End: After 30 laps. Target race duration of approximately 60 minutes.

    Lounge Settings

    • Race Quality: Standard
    • Voice Chat Quality: Turned off to save bandwidth for the race. If you have a chatpad or keyboard, use it

    Course & Car Settings

    • Track: Trial Mountain Reverse
    • Car: Peugeot 207 GTi '07 (from the recommended garage)
    • Tires: Sports Hard (S1's)
    • In Event Tuning Settings: Optional

    Event Settings

    • Game Mode: Normal Race
    • Laps: 30
    • Start Type: Grid Start
    • Grid Order: Fastest First (based on 30 minute qualification session)
    • Boost: No
    • Penalty: Weak (to penalize cutting corners on this track)
    • Automatic Race Start Cycle: Disabled
    • Race Finish Delay: Set to the Max 180 Seconds
    • Grip Reduction: Low
    • Mechanical Damage: Light
    • Tire Wear / Fuel Consumption: On [be aware of cold tires at start or first lap out of pits]
    • Pit Stops: Allowed and as often as you need to but not required. When exiting the pit lane, remember to stay within pit lane exit boundaries and yield to approaching drivers. If you choose to go without a pitstop (or with fewer) be prepared for the significant speed difference of approaching drivers (see passing/blocking below).

    Regulation Settings

    • Car Restriction: Select From Garage, Recommended Garage, Peugeot 207 GTi '07
    • Performance Points: NA
    • Power: NA
    • Weight: NA
    • Tire Restrictions: Sports Hard (S1's)
    • Skid Recovery Force Aid: Off
    • TCS | Driving Line | ASM |: Optional

    Standard Clean OLR Rules Apply:

    • Unless otherwise specific all rules from the original WRS event apply.
    • All Hard Surfaces are considered Track Surface. This includes tarmac, red and white rumbles, and concrete. You are expected to drive clean at all times as if you are racing in the WRS. All participants are required to follow the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules & Guidelines.
    • 3D3 Race Stewards (who are taking part in race, but will review the replay) reserve the right to boot or invalidate the result of any driver from the Race Room for driving offensively. If you ignore any warnings from the stewards and are booted from the race room, you will not be allowed to participate in future 3D3 events.
    • 2 wheels on (or vertically in line with) the track at all times
    • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
    • Runoff areas are not part of the track
    • Limit your contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
    • No hybrids
    • No cheating of any kind
    • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules
    • Passing and Blocking: Aggressive blocking is not permitted, but the driver in front has the right to choose his/her line and braking point and drivers behind should respect that line. Be especially careful when you are on older tires than the competition as the speed difference may be significant. These events are "for fun" so just play nice and take a conservative rather than an aggressive approach when possible.

    If for some reason you are unable to finish the race and need to stop:
    • Pull the car over off the track next to a wall and as far from the driving line as possible
    • Press the E-Brake
    • Then press Start
    • This will ghost your car and it won't allow it to interfere with the other drivers.

    Overall winner will be sent a prize (prize will be announced at race time).

    Good Luck,

    3D3 Racing


    1. GTP_WRP001, Division 3
    2. GTP_Hydro, Division 3
    3. GTP_Gravitron, Division 3
    4. GTP_MilleRSVR, Division 4
    5. GTP_LeftyWright, Division 3
    6. GTP_SCBuilder, Division TBD (friend)
    7. GTP_T13R, Division 2
    8. GTP_Waffles, Division TBD (friend)




    Obviously, with racing this tight, some rubbing was expected....the few last pics tell it all ;)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    After the first couple of laps, a 3 way battle for the lead ensued for several laps.


    But the 4 way battle behind that was far more exciting to watch, especially as it lasted for 7-8 laps with all 4 drivers in a ridiculously tight group. I really didn't think it was possible to run this close online for so many laps.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But the battle of the night easily goes to T13R and Lefty :tup: These two were just amazing to watch in the replay.


    Of course, that kind of close racing comes with a few scratches :lol:


    Fortunately T13R's pit crew was, well, Magical :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. jimantonic


    This is a brilliant idea, been thinking about suggesting something like this since I re-joined the WRS, only thing is its a little out of my time slot what with it being 3am on a week night, how about a european sub-division of 3D3 Racing?!!
  8. MilleRSVR

    United States Michigan, USA
    PSN:GTP_MilleRSVR / MilleRSVR

    GTP_MilleRSVR Mountaineering Online

    Sign me up please. I think this is how it's done.

    Sounds good to me, means the race should end before midnight.:tup:
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  9. WRP001

    United States California

    I agree using the WRS submission as a quali time is a cool idea, but has a few pitfalls because we want to allow WRS drivers that might not have taken part in the original WRS event along with referrals (friends). Neither group will have a pre-quali time to use and it's pretty unreasonable to think they'll be able to fairly compete with offline times that we took a week to muster in one quick online quali session. We'll be effectively sticking them in the back of the pack.

    We could ask drivers without an official WRS time to run some offline laps per original specs and just post their time, but is it really worth it? We want to encourage participation and not discourage it.

    Let's discuss as I'm open to suggestions. Idea... *if* we only get drivers registered in this first event who ran the WRS event we can use Lefty's pre-quali idea just this week and just have a quick 15 minute practice and jump right into the race. *if* we get other drivers registered we'll wait to see what we can come up with for later weeks. :tup:

    Edit1: Lefty... Are you registering for the event? (I'm assuming yes :sly:). I wasn't sure from your post if you were just making suggestions or if you wanted to take part in our first event, but I did add you to the list.

    Edit 2: To answer Lefty's follow up... There are WRS events that we won't be able to replicate online or may not translate well, but there are also plenty of historical WRS events that we can fall back on in those weeks that will work online well. Plus, we are not necessarily going to do this each and every week... just semi-regular if it even catches on and there is enough interest which is still an open question at the moment.

    It's a shame with the time zone thing because I'd love to trade paint with all the guys outside of North America too (basically a majority of the active WRS drivers). Personally I think a Euro sub-division would be fine, but we haven't even got our division launched yet. :lol:

    If there were a couple volunteer hosts/stewards that would like to minimize admin time and just piggy-back on these events, e.g. host identical events but at 7:00 PM London Time on Wednesday nights, I'd be more than willing to manage the registration process here in the thread. :tup:

    However that sub-division would have to stick to the exact same events/rules as we don't want to confuse the OP. I could just maintain two driver registration lists per event and note the two times and hosts. The Euro stewards would be responsible to recruit their drivers, manage their own PSN friends list and manage the live events themselves. It's all for fun, nothing official and no "points" so hopefully hosting the races themselves isn't a big effort.

    On the other hand if the Euro sub-division wanted their own rules or choice of events anyone is of course free to start their own thread.

    That's my opinion, not sure about the other 3D3 stewards.
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  10. Hydro

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    Canada Toronto

    Nice to see you MilleRSVR :tup:

    Glad to have you in the event!
    We ran a test race last night, and it was a blast.


    Hi Lefty,
    That's exactly what we were thinking as well.
    We all spend so much time fine tuning our WRS event runs, so why not hold a race when it's done?

    Tying in WRS times as qualifying times would be very cool, I'm not sure if it is possible, but I will definitely look into it.

    Great to see you here :tup:

    --We have run a few test races, and quite a bit of paint was "traded" :lol:

    :tup: definitely a plus! It is a Wednesday after all :lol:

    With the WRS being Global, sounds like a great idea... I'm looking into it :tup:

    I'm quite sure my fall schedule will allow for me to host a UK friendly time slot.
    What would be the best time for the event? 7pm London time?

    The event would be run with the exact same rules , and registration setup as the North American time slot.
    I'll definitely look into setting it up if drivers are interested :tup:
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  11. WRP001

    United States California

    I've moved the standard start time for our events and start time for events 2 & 3 earlier to 7:00 PM PST in the OP. I have a PM out to Lefty to make sure he can still make event #1 at the earlier time. If he's good we'll move that one up as well. :tup:

    EDIT: Lefty confirmed he can make a 7 pm PST start this upcoming Wednesday so I'll move the first event also. Now let's get some more east coasters signed up! :tup:
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  12. jimantonic


    Personally a little later at 8 pm UK time would suit me better, I would be up for hosting etc. if there is enough interest, although my GT5 time is a little un-predictable so another couple of members to help with setting up/hosting in case I can't make one evening.

    Do you think it would be worth mentioning something in week 31's thread to see what interest we get?
  13. WRP001

    United States California

    Kevin (EDK) told us we can post to the WRS combo threads if we are running that particular combo, but if we just want to make a general announcement to use the WRS pitbox which we already did. So I wouldn't post to the week 31 thread just yet. If we decide that week 31 combo works well online we can schedule it on the 3D3 thread and then maybe post an announcement in the results thread for week 31. La Sarthe is going to be pretty lonely unless there is a pretty full grid of drivers.

    You'd have to work out with Hydro the UK sub-division timing as I certainly won't be available to take part or host any of those events. Anyway running the Euro event is dependent on getting some interested drivers (as is the original events). Right now we're not exactly getting inundated with registrations even after moving it to 7:00 PM.
  14. 01GTP

    Online Now!
    United States East Canaan, CT

    Sounds like a fun time and well organized too. :tup:

    Thanks for the invite guys but even at 7 PM it's still too late for me.

    England Devon


    Response to the other thread. I wouldn't be able to do this Wednesday, I have commitments to Football that night :tup: But any other night I'd try to get involved.
  16. LeftyWright69

    United States LoomRock, CA

    This is how I thought the OMRS would have done their events so I'm down w/ this. Playing off all the hard work that we do every week and taking it online just gives all that work a greater purpose. Now we can trade paint :lol:

    I haven't read all the reg's just yet but I hope it tries to make these events purest correct in that you have to use the car just the way the WRS event was held and the time that was presented for the WRS event should be taken as the drivers quali time. If the driver didn't present a time for the WRS event the driver could do their quali before the race.

    This should get popular just because of the obvious extension of the prior WRS event. It makes sence to tie the quali time to the WRS event because anyone who had to quali on race day would never get as good a quali time as the certified WRS time. I'm thinking that the WRS would get a bounce as well.


    Just goin for the obvious w/ this tid bit, I don't know if we will ever be able to run online for the snow or the dirt because of the unbleveable amount of dust or snow that is thrown up and no way to dial it down would mean that the compo would always be done on asphalt. IMO


    Yah I'm sighning up :tup:

    I was using the WRS events to give a true certification to the capabilities of the competitors when your trying to grid the events, given the chance that the connection to the WRS would give you a jazed up entrant base who just fell in love w/ a selected combo and now they can bump uglyz w/ others of the same profeciency.

    I still think that linking the two together makes a perfect fit and adds more importance to showing up for the weekleys because you don't know what recent track combo could get picked for your online race.


    I think it would be cool having different regions run the WRS combos online. Each region could have it's own champion and then we could have the first WRS online combo playoffs and maybe some kind of an online world champion. I'll bet there could be 5 - 8 different regions. No. America, So. America, Australia, Uk, Europe, Asia.... etc

    I'm also thinking that the combos should be kept timely as in no more then 2 weeks past the expiration of its off line event.

    The Trial Mountain race will be a Fn hoot, those cars are so rubber band powerd that it should be some close racing and a lot of drafting. :)
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  17. Hydro

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    Canada Toronto

    Agreed, Agreed, and Agreed!
    As we progress, we will be doing our best to keep the event tied to the WRS events running currently.
    The Idea being that the race is on the Wednesday following the Monday WRS deadline.

    For starters though, we are running a few (recent) past events to make sure there is a demand for the online races.

    Going Global (in a regional way) would require quite a bit of interest / participation, so by all means, encourage anyone you would like to join as well. :gtpflag:

    See you online Wednesday Lefty!

    If you keep editing, It's hard to quote you :lol:

    Exactly what we are thinking as well.
    The first event should be a blast :tup:
  18. WRP001

    United States California

    @Lefty: You still haven't accepted my friend request on PSN. If you want to join the race Wednesday, which is in my lounge, you'll need to get on my friends list. If you don't see my request, maybe I sent to the wrong account and then send me a friend request before tomorrow night (to: GTP_WRP001).

    @All: if we have 8 or fewer drivers (which looks likely) I'm going to enable mics for this first 3D3 event. That way we'll have easier communication for any questions/issues and can also use them after the race for any feedback/recap. Please mute and/or turn off mics once the race starts at 7:30 PM PST. If you don't have a mic then a keyboard will certainly suffice. I'm pretty sure only the stewards will need to use the mics anyway. You can type a message during the race (say if you have to drop out or whatever), but don't type too many as it gets distracting. (right Hydro!).

    The lounge will be open at 7:00 PST sharp (don't join before then or you might default to the host!). Basically if you show up a couple minutes early just make sure I'm already in there before confirming. Once you enter grab your Peugeot 207 GTi '07 in your favorite color (I call black). It should be the only car available and from the "Recommended Garage". You can then set driving options (driving line, tires, etc). Be sure to set your tires to Sports Hard (not sure if that's the default, but restrictions won't let you install anything softer). Hit the track whenever you are ready. As long as you join the room by 7:30 PM PST you'll get into the grid so don't worry if you are running a little late. You might sacrifice starting spot if you don't get on to run some quali laps, but might not really matter in this combo with drafting anyway and without a full grid.

    You won't be able to use the car setup section since this car is from the recommended garage. However, you can adjust "in race options" once you are on the track like you can with offline WRS events (to adjust ABS, BB, etc). Note that the "in event options" will reset to their default values once the race starts so if you have a BB you prefer you'll have to set it again at the start of lap 1 again (what a pain). FYI, I'm pretty sure I was running 6/9 BB, TCS OFF and ABS 1 on this combo offline in WRS... not sure what will be optimal with online physics and tire wear/fuel consumption ON, but I'll start practice/quali with that setting.

    During practice you might want to make sure you practice pit lane entry once if you haven't done it before. In fact I don't think I've used the pits with this car/track so need the practice myself as I'm not sure where the entry is. I suspect you'll need to pit at some point during the 30-lap event for tires, but who knows with this low power and fairly hard compound. Damage is set to light so the car should repair itself after a few moments without a pit stop.

    Remember penalties are on (but weak) so if you cut a corner you'll not be able to apply power for a few seconds... believe me you don't want that with this low powered car! PD decides the rules for penalties and it won't exactly match WRS, but if you stick to WRS rules you'll be safe as they are more restrictive. Not sure how the system handles penalties for bumps, etc... but we'll find out.

    From testing it's pretty easy to catch up with this car in the draft, but it's not as easy to execute a pass. As soon as you are out of slipstream the car will bog down and side by side racing will ensue. The last sector your time will be killed if you get side by side before the final straight... so I would recommend drafting until final straight and trying to pull it off there. Or just working together to get some breathing room from behind or catch up to the front runners... Bump draft away as long as you keep the speed differential reasonable it shouldn't damage either car. 30 laps is a long time so don't need to rush too fast to pass.

    Finally, this is our first event and we're all in it for fun so let's just have an enjoyable race and keep it as friendly as possible. Personally, I don't care if I win as long as Hydro and Gravitron don't :lol:

    I suspect some of us will stick around after the race (~8:30 PM) and run another impromptu short shootout or something. I think Gravitron wants a rematch of the Mini Me event from our testing session last week so that's one option if time/energy permits. Of course you aren't obligated and feel free to jump off after the "main event".
  19. WRP001

    United States California

    Got a referral racer on the grid. PSN ID = GTP_SCBuilder :tup:

    He hasn't run the GTP_WRS qualifier yet, but is planning on it in the near future. He'll be my guest for the race. He definitely hasn't run as many laps as we have on this combo!
  20. MilleRSVR

    United States Michigan, USA
    PSN:GTP_MilleRSVR / MilleRSVR

    Hi guys, just been doing some practice laps in my private lobby. The track seems slicker than the offline version, which is typical. I did 30 laps with one stop for tires, was thinking maybe two stops. This thing eats fronts if pushed hard. Should be interesting to see the pit strategies used.

    See ya tomorrow.
  21. T13R


    I'm going to try to make it tomorrow, I don't know if it's possible to miss qualifying and still race? It will depend at what time I get free. I do like this new time slot though, I should be able to make it each week as long as nothing else gets in the way.
  22. WRP001

    United States California

    You can miss quali. Just be joined by the time we start race at 7:30 PST. You will need to be on my friends list though. I'll send FR tonight.
  23. Hydro

    Staff Emeritus
    Canada Toronto

    How fitting is it that the first 3D3 race is turning into a Div 3 shootout? :lol:
    MilleRSVR, you get an unofficial bump for a day :D
    - I found that too, but after a few laps to get used to it, I was really only sliding in the sharp uphill left before the last tunnel :nervous:

    Great to see everyone signed up, and ready to race!

    Hopefully we can keep the mics on, It would be a great time to "meet" our fellow WRS competitors :tup:
    Those onscreen popup dialogue boxes drove me mental in an oline race last week :lol:
    I feel compelled to look, everytime :dunce:
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2011
  24. Gravitron

    United States Seattle

    Looking forward to tonight! I'm even leaving work early to make sure I can get on at 7pm PT. :tup:

    After Mountaineering, I would like a rematch on Mini Me, but how crazy would it be to do a few laps on this week's combo? :drool:
  25. Hydro

    Staff Emeritus
    Canada Toronto

    Bring it :lol:
    Mini me was a kick in testing! :D

    I haven't had much time for the Merc. event yet. That car scares me it's so fast :nervous:.
    315 kph in 4th gear!!!! Crazy...
  26. WRP001

    United States California

    The grip is decent once the tires warm up and until they get warn.

    I'll keep the mics enabled in the room setup and you can use them freely during practice/quali for sure and for post race discussion. I just suggest once the race starts that you turn it off/mute. Hopefully the bandwidth they take won't reduce race quality too much, but we'll see and learn for future events. It's totally up to you guys as a 30 lap race may be more fun if we are talking also... I'm open as I said and we can decide tonight.

    I don't think looking at the messages for this combo is going to be that big of a deal... not like a GT500 or proper race car where everything happens so fast. Probably a few spots where you won't want distraction, but there are many times when you will have plenty of time to catch up on your reading (like the tunnel) :lol:

    As of now I'm stilling waiting for response to "psn friend requests" from both T13R and Lefty... if they don't respond they won't be able to join my lounge.

    I think the current wrs combo would get lonely fast... even though the idea of drafting the long straight sounds good it's going to be hard to come out onto the straight close enough to get in the stream... I'm thinking this one is just too much for online racing. I'd be willing to fire it up and give it a shot to test a lap or two though. :tup:
  27. LeftyWright69

    United States LoomRock, CA

    I'll check it out and if not I'll resend :)

    Alll you would have to do is cut the power down and it becomes a manageable race but at 900+ hp there would be a lot of wrecks and it could get lonely. The oil would drop off fairly quick so that would only slow it down by about 10 m/h on the straight.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2011
  28. LeftyWright69

    United States LoomRock, CA

    oops DP :dunce:
  29. Gravitron

    United States Seattle

    Yeah, I was just thinking a few laps on La Sarthe, but you've talked me out of it. :lol: Might as well spend the online time wisely and keep it to the more fun races, and any leftover time I have afterward, I'll go back to practice mode for more official offline laps. Still 0.3 behind Tim at the moment, and my T6 was super cautious. :scared:

    Hurry up, 7pm.
  30. WRP001

    United States California

    Lefty, you are good and on my FR list now. :tup:

    Still haven't heard from T13R, but all he has to do is accept my request and he should should be good so he can do that last minute without anything required from me. (I'm not going to be available until about 5 mins before start).

    Lowering the HP for the La Sarthe event might help... would take a bit of testing to get it just right so it's drivable enough for good racing but not toned down. Honestly I'm not a big fan of 3 minute + laps for online races unless we were doing some endurance race.... "3D3's 4 hours of Le Mans"... Yah, we'll get plenty of sign ups for that one :dopey:

    I'd rather run events like GP/F with DTM cars which is already on the event list. Very challenging, but also good racing. Passing is hard for much of the track, but pressuring to the point where the guy in front makes a mistake is pretty effective. Or things like the Madrid mini event because the track is so short and action packed (but no damage!). Personally, I think the first 3 events on the schedule are really good for online racing. Only downside is it's been a few weeks since the original WRS events.
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