5 Things We Learned From the First WRC 8 Live Stream

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by GTPNewsWire, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Looking forward to this as really liked their last effort. Wasn't sure if they were still doing the WRC game still after V Rally which was meant to be so so going by reviews. Hopefully this sees them back on track & in their comfort zone. It's great that Dirt has some competition at least. The official tracks make this usually worth a play alone.
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    I guess the cockpit mode will still be bad. Yet they played and streamed the game on the hood as if it were a one-seat car. Expecting this official game to get a big change is kinda BS for me. But yeah, as usual, let's see...............
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    "Kylotonn name-dropped the Lancia Fulvia, Lancia Delta Integrale, Ford Escort mkII, Alpine A110 specifically in the stream."

    These are already in Dirt Rally 2.0, so what is the point including them in their game? They should aim for exclusives which Dirt Rally 2.0 doesn't have or at least other versions of them like Ford Escort mkI or a Lancia ECV, something that makes the car list interesting.
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    There are people like me who wanted these cars in this WRC saga. So that this game is not only official WRC cars, but also other cars to make the WRC saga more fun.
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    “It’s definitely an improvement on 7. The physics side of things is definitely a big improvement from the team. I don’t know if you saw but there’s a lot of kickin’ the rear end of the car out which is what we want in WRC games really. In 7 it’s really hard to kick the rear out and keep the drive of the car around the corner. But that’s something I know the team here have worked really hard on so you can actually flick the rear in, put the drive down, and get out the corner nicely. And you can link the corners together quite nicely.”

    This is very promising :D:D
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    Looking good. But no RX, no buy. :lol:

    I wonder if Kyoloton has real rally drivers to test the physics.
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    It's important to remember the cars already mentioned are only a portion of the historic lineup.

    The car list has to be appealing to potential buyers. Despite their ubiquitousness, cars like the Delta and A110 pretty much have to be in a rally game for that reason. If a developer intentionally left out every popular rally car only for the obscure things, it'd be limiting its marketability.

    I'm not saying a dev should completely ignore left-field choices — I'd love to see the ECV or the Toyota 222 — there needs to be a balance. We'll see how it fares when more of the lineup is known.
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    Not to mention that not everyone is already playing DR2.0. What's available in that game is irrelevant to me.

    I'm on board with a car list offering something unique or unusual, but this is the rally game I intend to buy this year, and I'd like to drive those cars in the game I'm going to play -- hopefully among some others that are also in DR2.0.

    Anyway, I see no reason to be choosy when an official WRC game is actually extending the car list beyond current WRC competitors. :) Any historics are better than none.
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