A-spec Beginners Level Japanese '90s Challenge: Special Stage Route 5

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    A-spec Beginners Level Japanese '90s Challenge: Special Stage Route 5

    A-spec #62 Beginners Level Japanese '90s Challenge @ Special Stage Route 5.png

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    Tunes for the events can be found at one of these links:
    GTPlanet Tuning Database - maintained by Jordan
    GT6 Tune Directory - maintained by XS
    Praiano GT6 Tunes - by praiano63
    Motor City Tunes GT6 - by Motor City Hami
    Team-Shmo GT6 tuning - by shmogt
    Exeter GT Tuning - by shaunm80
    Clueless, over The Hill Outlaws - by CyKosis1973
    Little Duckpond Under The Mountain - by Thorin Cain
    TUNERXANDE1959 & GT6/STREET CAR/RACE CAR - by xande1959
    Dante's gt6 tuning garage - by lldantell
    Bowtie's Speed Shop - by Bowtie-muscle
    The Devil's Playground - by demonchilde
    Brewguy Tunes & Brews Garage - by Brewguy44
    MGO Seasonal Tuning - by mgo
    Jeje6410 GT6 Tune Garage - by Jeje6410
    If you would like your garage to be added to this list, please message me with details.
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    Thanks to @nowcontrol for keeping us updated with the new seasonals. I'm going to really enjoy these.

    Edit: Even though this was yesterday and I was the last one to post I'll do it here. Won this one in the AE MX5. Sorry I didn't get the field. I'm sure I will be going back with a number of cars.

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    Have not driven GT6 since December of 15 so this was my first race in a long time. It took me three tries with my trusty 99 MR-S before I won over the Supra and NSX front runners. Nice to be back but sad to see that the online portion of the game will be going dark at the end of March. I will continue to use the single player and community generated maps after that for leisure fun and move to iRacing for my competitive fix.
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    Come and race in the AI HUB, it will still be running when gt6 goes offline, as long as we get people entering. We are in between events at the moment but new ones should be up soon.
    It's like racing online, we set challenges using different cars, tracks, PP etc.

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    I saved the link. Thanks.
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    Since you brought this up, These may go away too as you have to be online to use these maps. Even in test drive and arcade mode.

    That would be a bummer for sure.