A-spec Beginners Level Non-Racing Car Challenge: Suzuka Circuit East Course

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    A-spec Beginners Level Non-Racing Car Challenge: Suzuka Circuit East Course

    A-spec #61 Beginners Level Non-Racing Car Challenge @ Suzuka Circuit East Course.png

    This is a repeated event. PLEASE DO NOT resurrect that thread by posting in it. THANKS.

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    Tunes for the events can be found at one of these links:

    GTPlanet Tuning Database - maintained by Jordan

    GT6 Tune Directory - maintained by XS

    Praiano GT6 Tunes - by praiano63

    Motor City Tunes GT6 - by Motor City Hami

    Team-Shmo GT6 tuning - by shmogt

    Exeter GT Tuning - by shaunm80

    Clueless, over The Hill Outlaws - by CyKosis1973

    Little Duckpond Under The Mountain - by Thorin Cain

    TUNERXANDE1959 & GT6/STREET CAR/RACE CAR - by xande1959

    Dante's gt6 tuning garage - by lldantell

    Bowtie's Speed Shop - by Bowtie-muscle

    The Devil's Playground - by demonchilde

    Brewguy Tunes & Brews Garage - by Brewguy44

    MGO Seasonal Tuning - by mgo

    Jeje6410 GT6 Tune Garage - by Jeje6410

    If you would like your garage to be added to this list, please message me with details.

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    Here is a really fun vehicle for this event.
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    This has been said over and over - but I'll add to the confetti - Thanks @nowcontrol for your indefatigable efforts at posting up these threads.
    You the man. ;) :cheers:
  4. Racin510s


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    Cappuccino did it for me.
  5. chillmazta


    '96 Elise @400PP was rock solid on this one!
  6. ishikawa2501


    I tested my sleepers against the NSX, all results are at 375pp SH, all tunes mine
    I just did a "reverse suspension transplant" from the Karmann to the Beettle as the share the same chassis (tell me if Im mistaken) and it worked like a charm.
    Also, these 3 cars can win with low PP, but there are other small cars capable of doing so at higher PP due to their respective limitations and the PP formula (whatever it is).
    Keep posting your times and rare gem findings :D

    OMFG you reallly had me laughing out loud there! I thought what does he mean by jelly van, the I saw the replay. Man! that wobbling its straight out of a monty python sketch, nice video

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  7. Racin510s


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    Stock '04 NSX This is my first attempt at filming a race with my Galaxy phone. I had to use a couple of video editors do that I could upload it. This replay is the auto replay you after the race is over. Now that I have the basics I hope the next one is much better. It is 8 minutes because I goofed and imported the file twice. Nothing spectacular just my first try.if you like it great, if not that's cool too.

    Edit: the dent in the hood came from pushing the Mitsubishi GT down the front straight.
  8. Gustavo Pires

    Gustavo Pires

    I won this event using the Honda Fit.