Advice on setting up transducers and amp

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I am seeking advice regarding what amplifier I can buy that I can hook three transducers (bass shakers) to and the amp connected to the PC via USB. I assume I would need a four channel amp. I've seen many set ups using two transducers and a 2 channel amp but nothing beyond. I'm a newbie to all of this so the right amp that will be driven by SimHub is critical. Thanks for any assistance.
Have you seen this thread

Good place to start reading
Best to show me or list for me the hardware you are using for tactile.
All I have now is one DABS-1 Bass Shaker mounted under seat. The amp driving it is a Dayton Audio 70W Plate Amp SA70. This current setup is not connected to my PC therefore SimHub has no effect. I plan to obtain a 4 channel amp to drive 3 Bass Shakers directed from SimHub In this way I think I can separate effects to appropriate areas of my seat and pedals. I just need some direction in selecting the appropriate amp. Thanks